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Weekly Happenings #316 (April 13-19)-- Packing Pods and Mockingbird Fun

second to last family picture in BK

Wow. I haven't blogged in over a week. I'm not sure when the last time that happened was. I'm sure I didn't slow down that much for either of the kids' births. Last February, when we moved up here, I let things go a lot on the blog, but even then I was more regular than I have been this past week. When we moved last time, I was at home with the kids by myself and then I was here by myself a good bit while Peyton worked. So when the kids napped and went to bed, I had plenty of time. This time, Peyton's taken off the last two weeks here and we've been on the go ALOT. I've just been exhausted by the end of the day. Anyway...

Last week was major. MAJOR. We packed the moving cubes with nearly all our stuff to send back to Mississippi and then this past weekend was the Mockingbird Conference. It was such an amazing weekend and I'm so grateful for it.

Peyton and I had stayed up until like three the night before packing and chatting and Monday started out kind of rough. We did our usual breakfast and shows and then the kids played. They have been spending a lot of time in their room (and in the apartment) with all the packing but they were so restless and needing something every few minutes. I got on the computer and emailed a friend and had breakfast and folded up the couch and then Minnie called. She had tried to call Graves on his birthday the day before but we kept missing each other. So I tried to let him talk to her. Um he ended up running to the fridge and trying to get a cupcake and then jumping in my bath water. WHAT?!? We called her back and then I took a bath finally. I played with the kids a good bit and they ate lunch and had rest time. I consolidated some things and packed and did dishes during lunch, While they "rested", I read a few blogs, ate my lunch and rested a bit. Then Graves locked all of us out of the bathroom. I managed to get the knob off and get us in and played with the kids until Peyton got home.

I was a little flustered and I knew we had a good bit to do. I stared laundry and the kids and Peyton had oatmeal for supper. He packed up some and they danced all around him (he's so laid back...I'm not so much). I read a little in the laundry room while I was waiting to change it over. The children finally went to bed and I ate supper and folded and put up laundry and we watched a show and did some packing and went to bed.
Moving is such hard work! 

Tuesday was a lot better. The kids ate breakfast and Annie wanted to watch a legit animal documentary. She asked me to please listen and "open my eyes". So much for dozing off! Haha, it was neat and I enjoyed explaining things to her that were harder to understand. The kids played and I talked to Ellis and texted with some friends and got on the computer. I took my bath and afterwards we worked on packing up more of the kids' toys. They had lunch and I did dishes, cleaned out a craft cabinet, and consolidated all our clothes we were keeping here to one closet. Graves and AP had rest time and I read a few blogs and ate my lunch. When they got up, I did some more packing and they had supper and I bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and read some and then Peyton got home. We had frozen pizza and watched TV and then packed until four thirty in the morning.
We spent most of the night packing and Graves got up and joined us at one point. But we did it! It was kind of an intense thing to get everything totally ready because the moving cubes could only be here for a few hours because of restrictions. 

Peyton actually got up before me at like seven something on Wednesday and I got up around eight thirty and we got ready for the movers. We spent the morning just consolidating things and directing the movers.
This thing was packed TIGHT. We used the same company as when we moved in and one of the movers was here both times and remembered us. They were really great. Our friend here told me that if I was going to Instagrom this to be sure and get his good side! 

Well that looks different (this was our living room/dining room/mine and Peyton's bedroom) 

I also swept and mopped all the floors and ran to Walgreens around lunch to get a some Cokes.
Moving day plus being flat out of Coca Cola means I was out in public in this clown garb. Living in NYC mean there'll always, ALWAYS be somebody with a weirder style than you even if you're wearing purple argyle trouser socks with coral Chucks, leggings as pants, and a janky but So!Comfy! eBay Northface from circa 1999 probably (I'm looking at you post guy in the white BMW and matchign white suti and hat atop the matching aqua shirt and huge studs in your earls and girl in knee boots, fishnet hose, and tiny piece fo floral fabric you're using as a skirt). Wonder how I'll radjust to the Land of Average Dressers. Probably not very well. Fair warning, Mississippi Target patrons. 

I fed the kids lunch and Peyton went to work. They rested and I rested and then we went outside and played with bubbles. We came in and they had supper and I got them to bed early. I talked to my mom and got on the computer. I did go to bed pretty early, but not as early as I should have.

Peyton was off all day Thursday and I slept SO late. I had a terrible headache pretty much the whole day. I got up before lunch and got going and took a bath and he went to lunch with our pastor from TGC, Rashad. I played with the kids, got on the computer, and cleaned up some. I just straightened and changed liter and folded up blankets. The kids played with Play Dough and I started cooking some chicken spaghetti.
Steggie has been to "The Pink Hat Store" here in Brooklyn. Annie tried this one on her and said "Ahh, that looks AMAZING!". I asked AP if her shoes were for the rain because we see doges here in little rain boots constantly. She looked at me like I was nuts and said "They're just to be fancy!". Then she saw me getting ready to Instagram the picture and I go to this filter and she gasped. She said it looked like a candle was shining on Steggie and oohed and ahhed so I obviously had to use it. She makes me laugh. 

Peyton got back (he had gone to the grocery store, too) and we talked and then ate and then we all got ready for Mockingbird!!! We dropped the kids off in the nursery and headed to the conference (the nursery was at Calvary and the conference was several blocks away at Saint-George's- two different churches make up the one parish). There was registration, a welcome time, one speaker, and then supper. We picked the kids up and it was almost ten and we had to go to Target. The kids visited with a lady on the train. They were so sweet and polite but I know she thought we were nuts since it was so late (especially since the kids looked sort of rough and Graves told her he was going to get WATER! at Target, ha). We hurried and got a few things and then came back home. My head was hurting SO bad. I went right to bed. The kids and Peyton did pretty quickly too.

Friday was the long day at the conference. We got up later than we should have and HUSTLED. We made it to Calvary to drop off the kids, but there was only one babysitter. Peyton stayed and I went on the conference. I was SO sad. I missed part of the first talk but I heard part of it, the second morning talk, and then got to go to a breakout. After that, someone came to help out with the kids and Peyton got to come to the conference. We had lunch and then went to the afternoon talks and breakouts. SO good!
Yes. Yes. Amen. Weep. {rinse and repeat} The Gospel is so good!

There was a big break, so we ran by Peyton's store. One of the girls texted Peyton that Graves had had an accident so we ran over and helped with that.
PZ entertaining the masses. Graves is a huge fanboy, obs. 

We talked to some friends and headed back to the conference to hear the keynote speaker and eat dinner.
Nadia Bolz-Weber. So awesome to see her speak. "It's really hard to know why the Good News is so good if we don't know why the bad news is so bad"- on why spiritual maturity looks like being open and honest about our personal sin.

We got home super late again and Graves fell asleep on the train.
worn out

AP ate some cereal and went to sleep herself.We went to sleep basically right after her.

Saturday was fun and busy. We got up and got ready quickly and headed back to the conference. We heard another speaker and a discussion and then had the closing time just before lunch.
What a weekend! Such a beautiful talk from Dave Zahl about "laying down your weary tune" (something I'm decidely bad at) and a couple fo resources to enjoy back is Mississippi. It was incredibly bittersweet but would have been inexplicably more so if Peyton didn't tell ever person he shook hands with that we were going to make this an annual trip. 

We picked up the kids and headed back to Brooklyn and ate at SmashBurger. On the way home, we stopped at the Brooklyn Flea and then we all came home and rested. I took a nap! Peyton left after a bit to go out with some of his friends/coworkers from his pharmacy. I cleaned up around the apartment and fixed supper for AP and Graves. I bathed them and got them to bed and then got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and went tobed pretty late.

Sunday was more fun and busy. We got ready and left for church. It was an AMAZING service with the Bishop's visit and lots of baptisms and confirmations. After church, we headed out to Coney Island for the afternoon. We had some snacks and let the kids do a bunch of rides with their birthday money. Graves got scared and ended up only doing two.
It was a little cold and windy for a boardwalk, but we had to get one last trip in! 

They had a great time, though! We rode the train to Target to pick up a few things and then came home and fed the kids supper. AP was falling asleep eating and Graves went down easily, despite having had a nap on the train.
Six year old in a Tula, yo! Annie went hard and was such a trooper. A (really inspiring) two hour bishop visit, a last trip to Coney Island, a Target run and ten hours later, we finally made it home. On top of packing/moving and Mockingbird, we were all bone tired but so very grateful. Graves had gotten a nap, so he was mostly happy to share with this worn out little one. 

I read blogs a bit and got on Facebook and went to sleep by midnight.

This week has gotten off to a great start. We have so much to try to fit in and I'm excited about these last days here. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog a bit more frequently in the coming days and weeks!

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