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Weekly Happenings #317 (April 20-26)-- Our Last Full Week in Brooklyn (SOB)

This was our last full week in New York. I don't know what to say except that it's been very bittersweet. And cold and rainy. Fortuantly, this week has been better in regards to the latter.

I slept super late on Monday and when I did get up I had a bad headache. It was raining and I desperatly needed to do laundry. I got that going and straightened some and talked to Peyton. It took me awile to do all the laundry and then I took my bath (we had no towels clean).
rainy day leftover packaging material fun (this is what Peyton did with the kids all day)

We had lunch and I ended up taking a nap when the kids rested. Peyton talked to his dad on the phone and cooked me eggs and then we all got ready and had an early evening trip to the library. We got home and fed the kids dinner and read to them and then got them to bed. We planned the next week some and I sent an email and went to bed.

Ways I'm weird: I woul pick an Orla Kiley collaboration ove ra Lilly collaboration any day. (An it's not even that I don't think Lilly is cute it's jut too predictable and too restor wear for me personally.) Whoops...did I just lose all my Southern girl cred??

Tuesday was a fun, full day. We got up and got ready and headed out to the Museum of the American Indian. 
Native Americans are one of AP's biggest fascinations. Here she's pictured with a Choctaw coat from Missisissippi. 

We spent a couple of hours there and then road the train up into Queens. We ate an early dinner and headed home. 
The second item on our agenda was another something off Annie's NYC bucket list. She had let us know many times that she'd like to spend some time riding as many of the trains that go outside as possible. The J is almost totally elevated (as opposed to being below street level in the tunnels) and it was a tri-borough affiar. We rode it from Downtown (Manhattan), all across Brooklyn, and into Queens! I enjoyd the bird's ey view of different neighborhoods myself! 

We ended the day with trying Tibetan food for the first time (suggested by Peyton's precious coworker who escaped over the Himalayas, NBD). 

I had such a bad headache and so when we got home, I rested a bit. Peyton got the kids fed and I read to them and we got them to sleep. I sent a couple of emails and read a few blogs and went to bed later than I mean to.

We got up earlier than usual on Wednesday and got ready and headed to the Bronx Zoo. We got there around noon and had a WONDERFUL time. 

Wednesday's adventure! (Plus we accidentally got off the train at the wrong stop and got to walke about a mile through an adorable little neighborhood we never would have aquainted ourselves with otherwise. So...Bonus Adventure!)

On the way to the zoo in the Bronx. Graves goes "Wait, WHERE are we??" This looks like Mississippi. Sweet city boy doesn't know what to do with trees and grass. 

One of these days I'll be a minimalist. This was certainly not that day. 

Right as we were getting ready to leave, around four, it started raining. We headed back to Brooklyn and stopped at Target for a few things. I had another headache and was really feeling awful. Peyton fixed the kids dinner and cooked some chicken for us and we had BBQ sanwiches and talked. I read to the kids and got them to bed and then got on the computer a bit. 

We had a really low key day on Thursday. We had planned to hit some parks in Brooklyn, but we ended up not going. I slept pretty late (Peyton had left open a window and I think I woke up shivering every twenty minutes) and then I got my bath, read some, and had lunch. 
I'll remember this tweet forever. It totally represtents everything about a really hard stage of parenting (and the ugly ways I often dealt with it). Graves had just been born (and was the only experience with a high needs newborn I'd had) and Annie was changing from a very sweet little girl into a moster who was so MAD at me for bringing this extra person into our family. Or so it seemed. And I was vague tweeting hurting things in my stress. I was so insecure in my parenting that I was legitimately paranoid. You guys know the rest of the story- Annie returned to normal and her Baby Graves is her best friend. Graves grew out of his dairy intolerance and can now us words to tell us what is making him sad. And my best friend- not only wasn't judgmental about anything, but was faithful to forgive the vague tweets...and to hold my hand through about a million other hard momma days and remind me of the incredible grace that is available every time I screp up. Thankfu for God's provision in all these areas. And for Peyton, who sitll brings me Cokes over ice when the world seems to be crashing down around me and I've lost all concept of reailty. Timehop, some days you make me cry. 

We got ready and were going to go over to the Piers but it was SO windy and cold. I was freezing just walking outside our building and we knew it would be colder by the water. And we had none of our heavy coats and stuff. We ended up going back in and reading books all afternoon and then ordering a pizza. 
Last Liberty Pizza! Graves was stripping down to his skivies on the side. Peyton needed to. He got grease all over his shorts. Poor Papa needs a table. And the sweet guy that we love there told Peyton "I know the Mississippi River....we have the Nile; America has the Mississippi River". 

We ate and played with the kids and got them to bed. I sent a few emails and went to bed. 

Parks and Rec on the laptop on the windowsill. Us on a pallet on the florr. Fancy. 

We got up Friday and were slow to get going. We had baths and breakfast and then Peyton ran in to the city to visit his old store one last time. I had lunch and fed the kids and wrote a blog post. He got home and we got ready and headed to the Hall of Science in Queens. 

One of these astronauts is inattentive. (Okay, two are. But one has had thirty two years to learn to manage it.)

Bubbles are Graves's love language =)

with a whole sheet of 'em!

We ate at the Tibetian restuarant again and came home and got the kids to bed. We watched a show and got to bed ourselves.

Saturday was a busy day. We got up and started getting ready. Peyton ran to the store to get some sand paper and sanded the closet where Graves had colored on it. After that, we left and headed to Penn Station to catch the LIRR to Long Island to visit our friends Barb and Kim. We had a fun time- we went to a dog agility show (the kids loved that!) and a farm and then picked up Kim's husband and drove down to Greenport which is sort of a vacation town on the shore.
"City kids" excited to love on a cow. S weird to try and think of it from a perspective of ture city kids who've always lived her versus my childhood (see also: grown friend who have never learned to drive versus Minnie who tried not to learn as a teenage and told her daddy "there'll always be someone to take me where I want to go"- she still had to). Such a different experience of childhood and adolescence. 

Sweet little baby lamb. I love Springtime newness!

We walked around and and ate dinner and then headed back for the train. By the time we got back to Brooklyn it was after ten. 
These jaws used to be a snow plow in front of a train! 

This picture is the essence of Annie! 

sleepy boys on the way home!

Anybody remember last year's trip to Long Island where on the way back at like eleven o'clock at night I was carrying Grave sand fell face first on the sidewalk of Clinton Avenue because he was so limp and like a sack of potatoes and wash't used to holding him without him "helping me"? This year was so much better. First of all, we got the Tula shortly after. Secondly, Peyton figured out a much better way to haul carseats. And finally, nobody is anal about holding Annie's hand everywhere anymore. 

We got the kids to sleep and I put up some pictures of the day and sent an email and got to bed myself.

Sunday was both sweet and sad,  as I knew it would be. We got up and got ready to go to TGC. Our land lady was coming by for an inspection that afternoon and we didn't really realized how much we had left to do. For one thing, I had to clean out the closet really well where the liter box was. I mean SCRUB the floors. We did it all, but ended up being a bit late to church.

She looked so funky (and so causual for church, but what can you do with a limited two week wardrobe?), but she got so many compliments on her bow. My little belle in Brooklyn! 

Sweet serious girl. And Steggie. Always Steggie. 

It was a great service and we got to say goodbye to a lot of friends. We rushed home to meet our land lady and fixed the kids lunch. She got here and it went really quickly. Peyton left to go to a baby shower for two TGC dads and I played with the kids. Annie had a big meltdown and we talked some. I had my lunch and then they colored and watched their shows and I read a bit. Peyton got home and we got ready for Calvary. Graves was SO fussy. He fell asleep on the way there and slept through half the service. I got really teary at the end. Jake prayed for us and we said more goodbyes. We ran by Target and then came home and fed the kids supper and got them to bed.
They wanted to practice "for ten hours" to get ready for the trip home. 

Well, Graves seems to have it down.

I fell asleep for a bit and then woke up and chatted with Peyton. I stayed up pretty late on the computer.

I cannot believe this is the week we're MOVING HOME. What? It's so crazy to me that it's here! I'm excited but also sad, of course.

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