Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #314 (March 30-April 5)-- Holy Week in the City, a Sick Boy, and a Birthday Girl

Last week was sort of strange. I had expected it to be really eventful with it being Annie's birthday and Holy Week. Obviously, there are lots of services at more liturgical churches (well, more than we're used to) and we wanted to take advantage. It ended up, though, with Graves getting sick. I didn't give the specifics on Instagram or Facebook, but it seems weird to talk about in a really detailed post and detail how we missed three church services and keep vaguely saying he was sick and dance around it.

Anyway, he just had a little issue with his penis hurting when he'd teetee. Like really hurting. And one night Peyton said there was a little blood in his teetee. We talked to Dr. Denney and he said that as long as he could walk and go to sleep and as long as he did keep teeteeing (which I mean he was going to...he was just going to have an accident if he tried to hold it!) not to worry. It was probably just some kind of scrap or abrasion and the urine stung it. We think that like he might have scratched it with his fingernail or something. He's fine this week but he's been telling us that he's "very afraid" to use the potty. He eventually ends up doing it and it doesn't hurt, but it takes some convincing and some patience. 

Peyton worked the early shift on Monday. The kids slept really late and when they got up I went ahead and started my computer stuff and worked on getting stuff on the calendar for Holy Week while they watched their shows and ate breakfast. I read a little, too. They also worked on coloring a thank you not to Peyton's aunt who sent them some money for Valentine's Day.

I got out this too small snow suit from last year to box up for the move. Graves immediately wanted to wear it. He loves to dress up in weird, random things. Also, he looks like such a baby to me here! 

 I uploaded some pictures and they played while I had breakfast, did chores, and took my bath. I played with them and we did morning school and then cleaned up their room. They ate lunch and I organized the pictures and then Graves had rest time. I ate my lunch pretty quickly and got on the computer and then started math with AP. Peyton got home and we finished up and then all got ready to go to a playground. It was still pretty cold, but better than it's been, so we stayed a long time. We came home and fixed the kids supper and got them ready for bed. I started some laundry and folded some that I had sitting around. I talked to Peyton's sister and got on the computer and sent an email. I went to bed earlier than usual.

Peyton worked again on Tuesday, but we had a good day. The kids got up and watched their shows and I fixed them breakfast. I took a bath, did chores around the apartment, got on the computer, and had my breakfast. I played with the kids and then we read and did morning school stuff. They had lunch and I did dishes and then read to them. Graves rested and I ate my lunch and read some blogs and recharged a bit. Graves got up and I did two reviews and two assessments with AP. It felt good to knock out four more math lessons.

Flapjack jams, too small Summer shoes, knight accessories, and snow boots dangling from each wrist: how Graves likes to play dress up. Also, notice the fair maiden in one of my lace nightgowns. Glad it's gettin' some action =)

We cleaned up their room and then I fixed them eggs and oatmeal for supper. They took a bath and I read a bunch. I got them to bed and Peyton got home. We ate and watched Parks and Recreation. I finished up a post and went to bed late.

We got up and got going on Wednesday. The auditor was coming over to look at the apartment, so we straightened and I took a bath. He was only here for a few minutes and afterwards we went to the storage unit and got EVERYTHING. Ugh. We finished up and had lunch (at like two) and Peyton left for work. I fixed the kids lunch and read to them and then they had rest time. I got on the computer and rested a bit myself. We got up and did math (good grief- division!) and then we picked up toys in the children's room and I fixed them supper. I had a headache all night and they were so crazy after I read to them and put them to bed. They were driving me nuts. I g-chatted with Mallory and worked on a blog post.

Annie, right before he fell asleep: "Graves decided he wanted to play in his bed and he let me play with him. Then I realized we needed some rest. He said I could stay and sleep beside him". (Then he started snoring and she left for her bed- she's so not a snuggler.)

Peyton got home and we talked and I finished the post and wrote an email. I went to bed late.

We all slept in on Thursday. It was Annie's birthday! We had a pretty simple day, but she enjoyed it. We got ready and then Peyton and I boxed stuff around the house a bit. Minnie called to wish AP a happy birthday and we headed to the park. We did bubbles and had lollipops.

SIX! And I can't think of a better birthday present for her than the first coatless day since October.

Celebrating six! 

One of his favorite activities in the whole world.

An enlarged outtake.  I don't think she's ever looked more like a Herrington than she does at six. I know we've been saying from day one that she's her papa's twinkie, but it's even more obvious these days. Actually, in my opinion, she looks just like a six year old version of Peyton's sister. I also see my precious father in law a bit in her sweet face. The funny thing is- and I say this often- while she resembles Peyton and Graves looks more like me- the parallels are the exact opposite with their personalities. My favorite example from this morning: she was telling me about a costume and she said she didn't like to put on part of it by herself. She said "One is because it's hard for me to reach the back and two is because the velcro pulls my hair". I told her I loved when she gave me more than one reason because it showed she was really thinking. She said "oh, what are some ones not from today?". This is so funny to me. Carrie teases me all the time because any time she says something about her own personality, a tendency of mine, a characteristic of one of her children, or really an other general reflection or observation she makes she knows I'll demand an example. Bet she'll get home and annoy Aubrey to death. LOLOLOL.

We came back home and a security guard we loved needed Peyton to walk with him to the bank to help him out with something (he wasn't an account holder there and we are). Well, a small piece of Graves's sucker broke and he lost it in the courtyard where we were hanging out waiting for Peyton. Right then, a friend from here called about getting together. I calmed him down and we went inside. Peyton got back and the kids took a bath. We really boxed a lot more and then Peyton picked up a pizza- Annie's birthday supper request. We ate and Graves wanted to go to bed. We were heading to church to "keep watch" for our hour at midnight, but he needed the rest. We boxed some more and got ready around ten thirty to leave. We made it to the church and it was the coolest thing- unlike anything I've ever done before. I wrote more about it earlier this week.

We left the church around one in the morning and Peyton stopped to buy fruit on the way home. We got home well after two and got the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves.

Peyton was off again on Friday. He and Graves got up around ten and AP and I slept until almost noon. Once we got up, I ate something and took a bath and then I started laundry and we packed some. I wasn't as productive as I could have been, but I knocked some stuff out.

We got everything out of the storage unit in the basement. Including some costumes we brought with us that were too small when we got here but that the kids loved so much I didn't want to leave. Annie in 18-24 mo. "Ellie" and Graves in 6-12 mo. "Hungry". I asked AP if it was a little uncomfortable and she said "oh, it still fits okay...even though I'm six". Haha. Love my tiny munchkins.

We were all going to get ready for church that afternoon but Graves seemed so tired and then had a huge teetee accident. We decided he was just exhausted and AP and I would just go and leave the boys at home. Since at that point I thought we would have two more services to go to, I had told her that she could decide if she wanted to go. She got dressed, but at the last minute decided not to. I left by myself and read on the train. It was a beautiful service and Peyton had told me to pick up dinner for myself.

 I was on the train when I saw I had a text from him: "Dr. Denney's number STAT". I panicked. Fortunately, it wasn't anything huge. Graves was sobbing when he teeteed and there was a little blood and Peyton thought he might have an infection. I got home and we called sweet Dr. Denney (after I realized I had lost his home phone number and called Sue).

This is hilarious and took SO much self control for me to not put on Facebook (#churchladiesbewatchin) but the kids like to have their window open now that it's not frigid (they have bars, of course) and Graves saw me walking up in the courtyard and YELLS down to me "You coming home now? Come look at my penis, Momma. It was all bloody!". 

We got the kids settled and I did get take out and finished drying my laundry. Poor Graves had a hard time getting to sleep and kept crying.

I folded ALL the laundry and finished a blog post and sent an email. We went to bed pretty late.

The kids slept late on Saturday and we had a lazy morning. Peyton had to work. Graves was still having problems at the potty, but he seemed to be a little better. I did my morning chores and got on the computer and took my bath and then the kids and I spent a couple of hours sorting and packing up toys. They had lunch and then Graves had rest time. I packed a little more, had my lunch, and looked for a blog design and quote of the month. I rested a bit and then the kids got up. I played with them some, packed more boxes, and fixed them supper.

Annie's naptime craft for the afternoon. I told her she could decorate the cross however she wanted. Makes me want to cry.

I had thought we might try to make the service that night, but I knew Graves wasn't really up to it. It was clear we were going to miss Easter too, most likely. Then our friend from Long Island called abut making plans and Peyton called from Target and was sort of frustrated with me and I ended up in tears. Peyton got home and talked to the kids and I made soup for us to eat and got the kids to bed while he chilled out. We talked and I worked on my blog header and post. We ate supper and watched TV and then labeled some boxes. I almost finished my post and went to bed.

The thing about the Easter service is that I knew I couldn't send Graves to Sunday School and the bathroom is RIGHT outside the sanctuary so I knew if I had to take him and he was in a lot of pain and crying it would disrupt the whole service. So we didn't go on Sunday. On Easter Sunday. On our only Easter Sunday here with a church we love so much. I was really, really sad but also joyful because I decided to focus on the big picture of the Resurrection.

I have a Savior who reigns victorious not only over small infections, but over DEATH itself. He is Risen!

 We had a very low key morning and the kids played a lot. Graves was pretty grumpy. I ate my breakfast and checked my email and then took a bath. The kids ate lunch and I packed up some more boxes. Graves rested, I got on the computer and ate lunch and rested a little myself. Such a typical day. When he got up we played and I worked on packing and kid "Easter eggs" AP had made out of paper. They both did some cutting and crafting. I fed them and got them ready for bed. I read to them and then Peyton got home. Graves had refused to clean up his mess from crafting and I told him that he'd have to clean it up before he could play with Peyton. Sure enough, Peyton got home, started playing with Annie, and he cleaned it up in about five seconds. The kids went to bed and I got on the computer a bit and then we did a good bit of packing after we ate supper. We chatted and I did a bunch of dishes and went to bed late.

I'm thankful that Graves is better and that we had a couple of days at the begining of the week with Peyton off. Today was the first day in a long stretch. He's working every day until Wednesday when we load the moving cubes. From there, it's basically just enjoying the city. I know I will feel better when Wednesday comes and goes and we are basically moved out.

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