Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #315 (April 6-12)-- Warming Up and (More) Packing Up

This past week was such a mix. We had some beautiful days but it was mostly rainy/cloudy. I felt like we made a lot of process towards the move, but I also felt really exhausted and stressed and just worn out and ready to be home.

Monday was a really good day. Peyton had to work the afternoon, but we made the most of the morning. We all got up around eight and got ready and met our friend Adam for brunch. After brunch, we walked to Prospect Park and talked a bit more while the kids played. We made it home just in time for Peyton to go to work and Annie was so upset because she wanted it to be "an outside day". I did feel bad because it was BEAUTIFUL and it was supposed to rain the whole rest of the week. I ended up feeding them lunch and taking them to Fort Greene park.
{Earmuffs for language} Signs your sun drenched stroll is occurring in Brooklyn: there's a dead rat in the middle of the sidewalk and a guy on the corner is yelling at people to "stop sucking the white man's dick". Totally worth it for two blissed out babes and a trip to the park that didn't involve snow. But don't think I'm not extolling the virtue of a backyard in the burds. 

We stopped by Walgreens on the way home and I bought a few snacks for myself. The kids had rest time and I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and laid down a bit since I had been up so late the night before. Annie played with Graves some and they had a bit longer naptime than usual. When they got up, I played with them a little and then did two math lessons with AP. I fixed them supper and bathed them and read to them and it was past ten by the time I got them to bed. Peyton got home and we talked and ate supper and then I got on the computer and did a few things.
Graves was here. Annie said "I was able to make sure he didn't get my panties, but I couldn't catch him before he snuck away and got his underwear. (He threw them all in a tub full of water. Ha!)

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we had a great day even though it was cold and rainy. We had a low key morning and then all got ready and dropped some books off at the library. We went back to Prospect Park and let the kids play and run around. We stopped for Mexican on the way home and the kids had a really late rest time. Graves fell asleep and Peyton decided we should just let him sleep. He woke up at like seven something. I did math with Annie and started some laundry. By the time we got them to bed it was AFTER ten. I called Minnie and got my laundry and we ate supper and watched TV while I folded. I got on the computer and wrote a post and then did my Bible study and devotion.

Peyton was off and we stayed home all day on Wednesday. Well, Peyton got up and tried to go get a NYC ID. The kids had breakfast and watched their shows and then I took my bath. I scooped liter and found a nasty spill under the kitchen sink that I cleaned up. I folded up the couch and ate breakfast and got on the computer. I started packing and Peyton got home. He played with the kids while I worked some more. I did laundry and ate lunch and returned some make up to Walgreens while the kids had rest time. When I got back, I got my laundry and we boxed up more stuff and labeled the boxes and I folded laundry. Graves took a bath and I did math with Annie.
With the exception of one lesson that requires an already packed measuring cup set, we finished math this week. And just like that Kindergarten (Round 1) is in the books. (We finished English months ago.) Educating Annie this year has been one of the most interesting, fulfilling, and joyful things I've done in my mothering jorney so far. Here's to a great year at the Schoolhouse in the City, a little respite, and the excited anticipation of first grade at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs. 

The kids ate and Peyton played with them. I had a bad headache. We ate supper and watched Parks and Rec. I sent an email and went to bed.
I've mentioned it a bit on here, but a few weeks ago we got an eviction notice (it's kind of complicated but we never went before the co-op board for approval- somthing Peyton had no idea we were supposed to do when he signed the lease and something our landlady didn't tell us- so we have been illegal renters). Peyton talked to the lawyer and since we're moving at the end of the month, we're fine. Also, the kitties recently started teeteeing in the laundry and on Wednesday one of them did it in a car seat. The cat thing is super frustrating, but minor, even if I do feel like I'm about to lose my mind. It just makes me feel really DONE. But the eviction could have been a HUGE bump in the road had it happened earlier. I talk a lot about how I've seen the Lord's provision so much this year and here at the end it's even more ovbious that His hand has been all over this. 

Peyton worked the full day on Thursday and it was a good day. I think it was the only day I didn't have a headache the whole day. Anyway, the kids got up and had breakfast and watched their shows. Then I got my bath and emailed a friend and straightened a bit. I made a list for the day and read my devotion and had my breakfast. I played with the kids and we read and did their devotion and then had lunch. We read some more and it was rest time (it was actually pretty late). I got on the computer and read some blogs, had my lunch, and laid down for a bit. Annie did the iPad with Graves part of the time and they did really well. When they got up, they played and colored and I packed several boxes (some of the last dishes, a few more clothes of mine, and some homeschool stuff we had just finished with). I fixed them supper and had to unpack a box looking for batteries. They had a bath and I worked on a blog post and straightened some and cleaned up their table. I got them to bed and Peyton got home. We talked and planned our last two weeks here some and I put pictures on Facebook. I went to bed earlier than usual.

Peyton worked all day again on Friday and I had a bad headache all day. I let the kids watch an extra show and then they had breakfast and I did my regular morning stuff. I played with them and read to them some and then we had lunch and Graves rested.
Annie was so sad when we finished up the massive section on birds. (Honestly, I was pretty relieved.) She told me that she just loved birds and how beautiful they are (she's very observant of real ones in nature, too) and that maybe we could get a book about just birds next because they are one of her favorite creatures. Bless her heart. A few pages after the end of the bird section, we got to this one. She stopped me mid page and asked if we could save reading about the warblers until the next day. [This is also a relatively recent peculiar quirk- she also loves to save parts of her lunch. Most every day I put a place with a small slice of cheese, a fourth of a sandwich, or some plantain chips in the fridge and add her dinner to it. She will ALWAYS only eat half an Oreo and save the rest. Wish I had her self control!]

 I emailed a friend and ate my lunch. I tried to rest a bit but my mind was in high gear, so I packed  up some boxes and when the kids got up I did dishes while they crafted. I fixed them supper and then got them to bed. The day felt so long. I laid down a bit and Peyton got home. I read a few blogs and went to bed but I couldn't fall asleep right away.

Saturday was sort of tough (moving is no joke and moving without Mick and Minnie is ROUGH) but a lot better. The kids slept late and I woke up feeling really good. They watched their shows and had breakfast and I actually worked on boxing some things. Then they played in their room and I got my bath and did chores and got on the computer. We went to the playground and then came home and they ate lunch. I got sort of frustrated with Graves and I overheard Annie telling him "You know no matter what you do, Momma will NEVER ever stop loving you. I mean, she will NEVER". I was simultaneously so happy she knew that and so sad she felt like she needed to tell him. They played together during rest time and I uploaded some pictures to Facebook, backed up some on the harddrive, and wrote a post.
You know you have the best friends when...[As an aside, yes sometimes texts go to my email. Because my phone is an absolute POS that thinks it's from like 2005. BUT we pay like $40 a month and you jokers pay hundreds. And I still use my iPhone for FB, IG, ect. when I have WiFi and take all my pictures on it. Basically, I use for everything except using the phone. Some days I want to throw the Motorola out the window, but in five years, total financial independence will be worth it!]

I packed more boxes and did dishes and then they had supper. I cleaned out the toaster and they took a bath. I straightened and got them to bed and Peyton got home. We had take out and watched TV and then did more packing. I cleaned the microwave and we boxed and labeled a ton of stuff. We went to bed pretty late.

Sunday was pretty laid back. I've been going to the early service at Calvary, but they weren't having the Forum and I knew I didn't want to attempt TGC by myself with the week I'd had so we just had a relaxed day and went to the six o'clock at Calvary. Oh and it was this guy's birthday:

The kids got up around ten and had cake for breakfast and I actually did a few things like scrubbing the kitchen counter where the toaster was. They ate and then we snuggled and watched their shows. I got my bath, packed up some lamp shades, played with them, and got on the computer.

Needed this so bad today. I laughed so hard. But it also made me really ready for home. Ellis does the best impressions and his Peyton voice is spot on. He says "Sweetie" JUST like P. It's hysterical. I just want to see my best friend. 

They had lunch and then rest time and I did a bit more packing/organizing and wasted a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. We got ready for church and headed into the city. The kids both had such a hard time and we ended up needing to help usher. When we weren't doing the collection (which was the ONE time they both behaved) I was literally sitting on the floor with them (it's a very casual service). After it was over, Peyton met us and we headed home. The kids ate and went to bed pretty quickly and Peyton and I relaxed and then set to work on more boxes.

The moving cubes come on Wednesday and I think I'll be really happy if we can just make it to then!

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