Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What I Learned in March

I'm linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky and sharing what I learned this month:

1. I actually can start and finish a book within a calendar month if I have some accountability. This really made me feel pretty good. I used to be an avid reader of books but since having babies (and really, more significantly, since beginning to read a lot online), I've neglected it. This month a friend and I committed to read a book together and I finished it just under the wire! 

2. Related, the way Eudora Welty desribes her childhood " "I learned from the age of two or three that any room in our house, at any time of day, was there to read in, or to be read to...she sank as a hedonist into novels. She read Dickens in the spirit in which she would have eloped with him.") is exactly what I want for my small people. Worth noting, also, was the reminder of a magical place Jackson can be on a Summer night with crickets chirping in your little girl ears. I needed that reminder this month. 

3. I love Parks and Recreation. Peyton and I usually gravitate more toward dramas (if we gravitate- the Internet takes over my show time a lot these days, too). Anyway, we started watching awhile back as America collectively mourned the end of the show. We LOVE it. The humor in it is so good and these days I find that difficult to find. 

4. Annie struggles on the days Peyton is off the whole day. I really noticed this alot this month. She enjoys having him home so much, but I think not having a routine really throws her off. She also wants him to play pretend with her and Graves ALL DAY. It's exhausting and I'm not even the one she's bugging. It's also really sweet, though. I think when we get home, we just need to find a way to add a bit more structure to Peyton's off days so she can know what to expect. 

5. Annie is capable of using one of her biggest strengths- her imagination- as a tool not only for dealing with sadness and anger, but with fear and worry. She told me and Peyton that "Steggy" (her toy dinosaur) had moved TWICE the other day (each move occurring within her room) and that she had a special person called a "Checker Becker" who comes and makes sure she didn't leave anything behind at a particular place. It was more than obvious to us that leaving something behind is a fear she was trying to process. And I was so proud of her creativity and intelligence.

6. Bus transfers don't work along the same route. We've always wondered about this. With the buses in the city, you get a "transfer" that allows you to get on another bus (or on the train) without paying again. Basically so your whole trip costs $2.50. Anyway, we've always been curious if you could just hop off a bus and say eat at a restaurant and then get back on the next bus as long as it was in the allotted amount of time. You can't. 

7. This Central Park playground, themed around "the ancients" because of  its proximity to the Egyptian wing at The Met, is one of the city's best. 

We had been meaning to check it out for awhile and never got around to it. The other day we were at The Met and it wasn't AS cold as it's been, so we gave it a shot. It was awesome! 

8. Shel Silverstein brings the perfect amount of of potty humor and nose picking to be hysterical to a restless four year old boy and still be delightful and endearing to his momma. We checked out Where the Sidewalk Ends this month and read it in its entirety. I think it's been Graves's favorite read aloud selection ever. 

9. We have a really special group of friends in Jackson. As we get ready to move back, I don't know that I've ever felt so supported and loved. I'm grateful. 

10. One thing I love about homeschooling is how the incredible flexibility of schedule it is- on a micro level and a macro level. In the micro sense, it really doesn't matter if we take our children to read Psalms at the Episcopal church in the city at one am during Holy Week because it makes no difference if they get up at seven or eight or eleven the next morning. On a macro level, it means we can just take Holy Week off entirely if we want to. We worked through the Summer last year and I don't see that changing. I LOVE how we do it- we work year around, but we allow for the breaks we need (sometimes that's a day off because I have a sinus headache, sometimes that's a week off because friends are in town, sometimes- like next month- it'll mean several weeks off while we move and get adjusted). 

11. If I'm having a stressful day, one of the best gifts I can give myself is an "afternoon recharge". I got in the habit of watching the snow fall from the window beside the twin bed in our half bedroom a month or so ago. I realized that it really helped me clear my head. Now, probably once a week, if I've having a stressful day or have a lot on my mind, I'll lay down and look out the window and just clear my mind. I'm typically not sleepy, but often it's a mental and emotional tiredness. I always set an alarm because sometimes, after I've worked through things, I end up dozing off. 

12. Painting my fingernails is actually kind of fun. 

There are so many reasons I don't wear polish on my fingernails (I wear it year around on my toes). Mainly, I look like I have the fine motor skills of a baboon (or maybe they're not that good) and I bite them so polish calls attention to them. Anyway, I slammed my finger in our apartment door. It is HEAVY. I guess from back in the day when Myrtle Avenue was called Murder Avenue. Peyton thought it was a great opportunity to get me to try some dark polish. He loves a trend!

13. A capsule wardrobe is an ingenious idea. But I LOVE clothes. I mean, I love lots of clothes. It simultaneously fascinates me and scares me to death. I know I'm doing a major purge when we get home and I might do a modified capsule wardrobe or something. 

14. It's supposed to snow again, and maybe forever.

These posts are some of my favorites to read and I'm really enjoying writing them! 

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Sarah @Sarah on Purpose said...

I'm working on a capsule wardrobe... but I really want a better one! You can do it! It's actually fun to mix and match your favorite things.