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Weekly Happenings #318 (April 27-May 3)-- Farewell, Brooklyn / Hello, Mississippi

Well, I'm finally back at it. I think I have four of these to catch up on. Whew! It took a long time to get the floors in and get settled, my dad took my computer to work to fix it, then our WiFi stopped working for awhile.

Also, I don't think I had the mental energy to do it even if that all hadn't been the case. And honestly, I'm kind of glad I'm just now doing this one in particular. It was hard looking at the pictures of Brooklyn as I uploaded them, but I know it would have been much harder a week or so ago. I'm at a much better place.

Reading back over this, I can't believe it's been a month since we drove back from Brooklyn. It seems like it was just yesterday, but also like it was a really long time ago. I have a bunch of pictures I took with our good camera, mostly on our last day there, and I'm going to post them separately later.

Anyway, our last half week in Brooklyn and our first few days back here (which of course was almost a month ago):

I had been so emotional on Sunday and had had a restless night and Peyton let me sleep late on Monday. He actually got up and started getting some things together for the trip home. When I did get up I cooked some chicken spaghetti and took my bath. We all had lunch and then got ready and headed to the Museum of Natural History one last time. We had a wonderful last visit and stayed almost until it closed.
last time to visit the condors

last time to visit the Native Americans

last time to visit the steggie 

Bonus: we got to see "Tiny Giants", an awesome 3D movie about mice and chipmunks and their adventures in the wild

After that, we headed to a new park I had on my list to check out. It turned out that it closes at five thirty. We picked up a snack and headed to the Piers to the "pirate ship playground". It was pretty late at that point but I looked online and it didn't list hours for that playground. I was pretty sure it was probably open until dark. The kids played for a bit and we had our snacks and then some guy came to clean up and lock the park (it was close to dusk). He told us he was actually forty five minutes late. So we had lucked out getting to play at all. We headed home and ate a little more and got the kids to bed. I did a load of laundry and got on the computer a bit and also straightened some.

On Tuesday we had a laid back day. We got up and got ready and headed to Cousin John's for our last brunch there. After that, we went back to the piers and played at some of our faovrite playgrounds- the one that's a huge sandbox, the swing playground, and the ones with the gigantic slides. We stayed a LONG time and I actually read a bunch while we were there. We came back home and bathed and fed the kids and Peyton met some friends for dinner. I got some stuff ready to pack and got the kids to bed and got on the computer. The kids were really restless and would not settle. Peyton actually got home before they fell asleep. I started more laundry and got on the computer and went to bed.

Wednesday was our last day. Peyton had some errands to run and the kids slept late. I  got up around ten and took my bath and then got the kids to pick up toys and trash in the living room and fold laundry with me. I packed some and Peyton got home and we did more packing. We all got ready and headed to Underwood Park for a bit and then to Fort Greene Park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and spending it in our neighborhood ended up being the perfect decision.
We didn't do anything we planned our last day in Brooklyn- instead we hung around the neighborhood and mostly pent it at Fort Greene Park. I took lots of pictures. It was the PERFECT day there- the weather was fabulous; a park ranger had recently been hired to share historical facts and give tours; there were people shooting yoga/acrobatics videos, a guy drumming, and some people walking on a low tight rope they had constructed between trees; and in the background someone was playing the bagpipes beautifully (I mean, really?). It was the epitome of our amazing, eclectic neighborhood. I'm so grateful we got to call it home for a bit. (And of course Annie found an eagle statue and talked to it and hugged it multiple times). 

We picked up cupcakes and Peyton made the kids french toast for dinner. He left for a last Olmstead Salon and I played with the kids and got them ready for bed. I packed up a bit more and got on my phone (we had already taken back our wireless router). Peyton got home and we spent a couple of hours getting everything ready for the next day.
Our last night of all this. I was so excited for the janky motel the next night (Peyton had already told me that it had mixed reviews and a Waffle House attached to it) and an actual mattress. Also, it's hysterical to me (especially given all the stuff I crammed into it) how Peyton's sleeping bag took up like 85 percent of the room). 

Peyton woke up on Thursday and got ready and then woke me up and went to get the van. I got ready and consolidated everything and then cleaned the fridge when I realized I had never gotten to it and Peyton was going to be later than we had guessed. I helped the kids get breakfast and then Peyton got back. It took us several trips to load the van and but we finally got on the road.
Farewell, Brooklyn! We loved you so. 

We made it out of Brooklyn and out of New York and through New Jersey. We had lunch and got stuck in a lot of traffic in Pennsylvania. We got back on the road and drove and drove.
Lots of talking to this guy about keeping his straps on and buckle buckled after being really out of practice. He asked us "Can Momma or Papa unstrap you at your stop?" We told him yes, we could when we stopped the car. He said "but I mean at OUR STOP". We finally figured ot that he thought that the van would make regular, predetermined stops like the subway train. 

The rental van was amazing, but I could have done without the underwear someone left in the backseat. Graves thought it was the funniest thing in the world, though. I love living with a four year old boy. 

Steggie at the helm (always Steggie)

 We left at ten that morning and stopped at a motel at two in the morning on Friday. I think we stopped for gas and potties about four times plus once for dinner (we had lots of snacks and produce in the car). It was a long day, but overall it went great!
I sobbed in Peyton's arms the night before we left and to my mom on the phone that morning. I had a terrible headache for the better part of the day and we hit some rain (predictable in regards to the headache) and were stuck in a bunch of awful traffic that really slowed us down. It might as well have been prom night all over again from the looks of my chin. I had no idea when we moved that saying goodbe would be so hard and take so much out of me. BUT these two angels were FANTASTIC. They spent fifteen(!!!) hours in the car and without any movies (because dumb momma was dumb and shipped them all ahead to Mississippi), limited snacks when we were actually driving (because we were in a rental), a a pretty small amount of toys (because we purposely didn't keep much in BK when we shipped our other stuff). Very little fussing and compliaing and shockingly we didn't hear much from the kitties either. These children are so much more flexible than I was as a little girl. Honestly, they're often more flexible than I am at thirty. Id'd love to take credit for parenting practices that encourage this, but more than that I think it's their sweet spirits and God's good grace. 

We got up and got ready pretty quickly just in time to be out of the hotel and on the road by eleven on Friday. We stopped and got gas and a Coke and got moving. We didn't hit any road work, it was a beautiful day, and we only stopped ONCE (unbelievable since it was a seven hour trip with two little kids).

She squishes her long legs up and all of a sudden I see a little bitty girl again. Also: I never thought I'd think seven hours in the car with two kids seemed like a fast trip, but after the day before it totally did. 

And this guy was a joy again!

Perfect first picture back in the Sip. Brooklyn Boy morphed into Huck Finn at some point after crossing the Mason-Dixon line. 

So far, we had heard "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow" and "Might Be a Little Dust on the Bottle" and apparently Brooklyn Dad morphed into David Lee Murphy. 

The trip went by quickly (again, blows my mind that I would ever say that about a seven hour trip with two kids, but after the day before it seemed short). We ate lots of snacks and listened to music and the kids did get a little restless, but not bad. We finally made it!
Hello, Mississippi! We missed you so. 

We got home around six and unpacked the van, visited with a few neighbors, and tried to drop off the van. Neither car would crank, so Peyton's dad came and picked us up and helped us get the van returned. He dropped us off at my parents' house and we had red beans and rice.
Friday night beans and rice!

We spent the night there so we wouldn't have to make my parents cart us back and forth and they were keeping the kids the next day. We all went to bed pretty early (well, eleven for the me and the kids and about nine for Peyton).

Saturday was a busy day. Peyton got up early and then got me up and we got ready and left before the kids even woke up.
Peyton snapped these beautiful shots. I was most assuredly NOT up to see the sun come up. 

My dad took us by Chick Fil A and dropped us off at home. Peyton called a locksmith because I only have an automatic clicker to open my car doors so we couldn't get them open and his car was blocked by the moving cubes. I took a quick bath and then Peyton's dad came over and helped us unload.
Tip of the iceberg

The guy came over to unlock the car and we got that taken care of. I sorted boxes while Peyton and his dad unloaded. We took a break for snacks and to visit some and then worked some more on the big stuff. Peyton's dad left and we got a lot of the kitchen stuff unpacked. We took the car to air up the tires, dropped by Walgreens to pick up some papers, and then headed to my parents. We ate supper with them again and then loaded up the kids to come home. Graves fell asleep in the car and we tranferred him and got Annie to bed. We did a little more work on the house and went to bed.
HBD to this adventurer. Glad I get to do it all with him. (Oh, I didn't mention it was his birthday? Ha!)

I was so discouraged on Sunday morning. I had gotten out the kids' clothes for church but I couldn't find some of mine (I coudln't find a bra that wasn't a sports bra and I was so flustered). I was also just really sad missing our churches in NYC. And I was SO tired. We decided to just stay home and I was somewhat better by lunch. We worked on going through stuff we had left in the kids' old room when we moved and they played really well. We fixed them lunch and then took them to drop them off with Peyton's dad. Peyton visited with his brothers for a good bit and then we headed out.
More grandparent time! I'm excited for shorts and no socks and he was exited to wear his John Deere shirt and play with his granddaddy and his papa's old toys. I'd be lying if I said this transition was easy (and I"m so thankful for friends who fill my ears with Gospel truth when I'm too weak and sad and anxious to go anywhere and hear it) but we are where we are supposed to be. And this feels right and true. For right now anyway. 

Peyton and I had a nice afternoon- we had lunch at Newks and chatted and worked on the house. I got a bunch of the kids' clothes hung up and then we picked them up. We brought them home and they played in the yard for awhile and then we got them to bed. I sent an email after Peyton finally got our Internet set up and went to bed around midnight.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of our last month's adventures and I'm glad to be back in my blogging routine!

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