Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Chronical of our Court Jester: Letter to (Four Year Old) Graves


     You're so full of joy, energy, and spontanaety....and I LOVE IT. You're our little jester who always keeps things light. If things get too serious, no matter if it's because your sister is being a bit too obsessive about justice (read, "it's not fair! What's the punishment?") or if she's just generally asking too many consecutive deep questions; we know we can depend on you to poke your head in and say something as if it's within the scope of conversation ("purple, because the sky has mushroom food"), though it's utterly indeterminable to us how you think it fits in so well, so we all just laugh with your little smirk leading the way. Without joy, life seems dim. With your presence we can be fully assured we'll always have joy. Thank you for your gift to us.

     You've grown so much over the last year, but still have the charm of a young child. You're sweet, explorative, and impulsive. You love it when your sense of touch is stimulted. What does that mean? Well, let's just say if there's no fuzzy blanket to be found at bedtime we'll all be suffering together. I don't know that you still have an attachment to a specific blanket (usually), but it MUST be soft and fuzzy to the touch. Similarly you also enjoy people holding or snuggling with you, especially if you're hurt or sleepy. We love the sweet young boy you are, and we hope we can hold onto this aspect for a bit longer (especially mama).

     In Brooklyn you made many strides towards independence. You walked ahead of us a bit on the sidewalks when AP was with you (to remind you to stop and to generally be your control officer), and you often took on this new responsibility with a corresponding seriousness. It's exciting to see you beginning to become more independent. You don't venture out into new relationships with others lightly. You have a scowl that you present when you first meet someone new or when you see someone you're a little scepticle of (read: most people). Josh Encinas and you had a great stare-down on your way to communion at Calvary St George's. Josh said you won quite handily! After you meet people and become comfortable, you're basically the energizer bunny of talking. It's difficult to slow you down or even interject a word in the conversation.

      You're also our little explorer. You're a bit daring and you talk a bit bigger than what you can deliver. Last time we went to the pool, you declared that you'd go off the diving board! When we arrived you backed of- no big deal. Last night you told me you'd go off the diving board "all the day at the pool". You presently believe this I have no doubt. Confidence abounds within you and this is great, it's charming, and it keeps up your joyful demeanor from becoming over-run with doubt and uncertainty. I look forward to more years of your charming and joyful nature my young son. We love you!

Papa (and Momma)

P.S. Your t-shirt is a 3T and your jeans are a 2T (they were getting too short but were finally perfect around the waist).

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