Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals and Happenings

I found a new background site, so that was fun. I was running out of ones I loved at The Cutest Blog on the Block and something happened at Shabby Blogs. There are still a good many, but some (including a lot I loved) seem to have been pulled. I like it when the quote stretches out more, but overall I love the header. The Mississippi pictures are actually do feel like home and that finally being the case makes it easier to breath.

I seriously cannot believe it's June and that means we've been back a month. I feel like life is finally starting to look normal, but we still have a lot to do around the house as far as getting things back on the walls and such. I also can't believe that just over a month ago we were Brooklyn residents. It seems like another lifetime and there is a lot of sadness in that. But I'm learning how to live here again, I'm really enjoying Summer, and I'm looking forward to good things on the horizon.

May was a crazy month and a lot of it consisted of getting resettled. But we also had a blast spending time with old friends and soaking up moments with our families.

Coming up in June:
- I'm hoping to spend a lot of time at the pool. We finally rejoining Briarwood (the pool where Peyton and I met as lifeguards) and that's really special to me.
- Our house is basically functional now so I'm hoping we can have friends over soon.
- My niece is having her third birthday party this weekend. I'm so thankful we are able to be here for these celebrations and spend time with people we care about.
- I made plans to meet a friend to walk once a week and I'm excited about that.
- I think we may do the Summer reading program at the local library.
- We are splitting up one weekend and going to two different weddings. I HATE that because I love attending weddings with Peyton, but we both felt like we needed to be at both of them.
- Peyton's regular schedule should start next week and it will be nice for that to be more predictable.

Since I didn't even do a Goals and Happenings post in May, here are my old April goals:

1. Engage in Bible study consistently. I actually did alright with it until the move. I'm going to be honest and say after the move it's been awful. I'm glad I sort of really discovered what Grace means in New York because I could really be (and am sort of tempted to be) super upset about this. But I'm not. I trust the Lord and I know He is near. I'm going to put this back on the list for this month. (Faith)

2. Pray for our extended family. Again, this didn't happen as much as I'd have liked. (Family) 

3. Mail a thank you to Aunt Beth for sending the children money for Valentine's. I did it before we moved! Hence, it actually got done. (Relationships)

4. Practice patience. I think I did pretty well with this. A lot of that has to do with the children (and Peyton) being very flexible and very patient with me. (Health)

5. Finish A Family of Readers and For the Love. Nope. And nope. And that's okay. (Education/Edification) 

6. Do not make a single impulse purchase. Yep! I did buy a bed skirt for our bed when I realized I didn't have one to match our new bedding and I got Annie two new pairs of pajamas when I put up all her Winter ones and saw she had one Summer pair. But I didn't spend money on anything that was just an impulse. (Finances)

7. Allow myself space to think and breath this month as things get chaotic and crazy. Refuse guilt over the things we aren't able to make time for. I did pretty well with this. It was harder than I thought it would be, actually. I think I just wanted to get things back to normal in our house so I pushed myself and didn't allow myself as much me time as I generally do. About a week ago I slowed down and have been spending more time relaxing (and things still keep getting done, shocker!) and it's been really really beneficial. (Simplicity) 

8. Daily express thankfulness over at least one thing. I didn't do great with this and I'm keeping it on the list to try again. (Joy/Gratitude) 

9. Pack everything to move home- Did it! By the grace of God. (Additional Goal)

10. Get out the calendar and plan for the last two weeks we're here. We did this and our last two weeks were absolutely wonderful! (Additional Goal)

And now June's goals:

1. Engage in Bible study consistently. Trying this again. (Faith)

2. Set a few manageable Summer goals for the children. (Family)

3.  Prioritize people over "accomplishing things" and never let a dirty house hinder issuing an invitation. This is one of my yearly goals and I think I'm ready to really put it into practice. As I mentioned, our house is finally at a place where I feel comfortable inviting people over (read: you can walk around in it without tripping over something or bumping into a random piece of displaced furniture). I know it's not perfect, but I don't want to allow myself to wait until it is. (Relationships)

4. Walk with Mallory once a week and also begin to incorporate some sort of other sustainable exercise program into our lives . Peyton really wants to start exercising together and as much as I hate the idea, I know it will be good for us. We'll see how intense we are (listen, it's almost certainly going to be somewhere between light yard work and brisk walking). (Health)

5. Finish For the Love and start one new book. (Education/Edification) 

6. Determine what homeschool materials we will need this year and purchase them. (Finances)

7. Continue purging items from our home and sort things into what can be sold and what should be donated. This is going to be a never ending thing but I hope we can get the bulk of this first purge finished this month. (Simplicity) 

8. Daily express thankfulness over at least one thing.  Let's see if I can turn this into a habit this month!(Joy/Gratitude) 

9. Begin helping Peyton teach the children to swim. This is for sure going on the goal list for both kids. (Additional Goal)

10. Catch up on the blog. I need to write several letters to the kids and I want to share my Weekly Happenings posts from the last month. I'd like to be totally caught up and back to normal by the end of the month. (Additional Goal)

11. I usually limit myself to ten goals (my eight focus areas and two additional ones) but this one is just for fun so I decided to add it- Finish Parks and Rec and pick another fun "Summer" show to start. I may write more about this but there are certain shows that feel Summery to me (I think that may just be code for nostalgic, I'll have to explore this some more). (Fun Goal)

Here's to June. A month where we continue the tiring and joyful work of restoring our home and recultivating our relationships. May it be a fresh month of bright beginnings and sweet continuations.  

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