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Weekly Happenings #322 (May 25-31)-- Purging and Uncovering

Well, it's almost July and I'm finally at the end of May with my Weekly Happenings. I'm sure I'll get caught up at some point and I feel good that I'm at least not dropping further behind! This particular week, we really started to purge some stuff and we uncovered some treasures I hadn't seen in YEARS!

Monday was Memorial Day. I got up and took my bath and had some oatmeal. I went through some pictures and decorations and just piles for a lot of the morning.
voluntary simplicity

Peyton cooked for his dad's retirement party that was that afternoon. Mid afternoon we got ready to head to Elizabeth's. We had a great time seeing everyone and Peyton's whole family was there. I can't remember the last time all his brothers and Elizabeth were together. It was great! After that, we got gas and came home and put the kids to bed. I worked on putting up homeschool stuff and some of the kids' cups and plates. I organized pictures on the computer and went to bed.

I woke up with a headache on Tuesday and the kids watched their shows in bed with me. I got up and cooked them oatmeal and started some laundry and put up dishes. Then they played and I took my bath and got on the computer really quickly. They played outside and I organized the last of their books and got a basket out of the attic. They had lunch and I went through pictures and tried to decide what to hang in each room. I cleared off some shelves (they had picture frames and other decorative stuff on them) and then put our books up. The kids rested and I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I took a short nap and Peyton got home. We visited and then he cut the yard and the kids played outside some more. I organized the boxes better and took some pictures of some armoires to sell. I uploaded the pictures and posted them in a yardsale group on Facebook.

The kids and Peyton came in and all took baths and then ate supper. I did dishes and texted with a friend. I uploaded all my iPhone pictures and got ready for bed.

I got up pretty late on Wednesday (I had actually planned to meet a friend for breakfast early but she ended up getting sick). Peyton cooked breakfast and then got ready to go meet his brothers to hang out. So rare, but they were all three in town at the same time! I stared laundry, organized some, and took my bath. Around noon Minnie came over and helped me figure out some things around the house.
I found this sweet canvas my precious friend Ashley painted for Annie on her first birthday. I loved it so and am determined it will hang somewhere even if we don't have a real nursery again. Many people know this, but The Runaway Bunny is one of my very favorite books of all time ever. Finding this reminded me of another, still more beautiful, story. The one where the devoted shepherd leaves the ninety nine others and searches tirelessly for the one lost lamb. The one where the gracious father awaits the return of prodigals far less wholesome than that rascal runaway protagonist. The one where we see a father who waits patiently and also pursues relentlessly as we foolishly try on different identities and run from the one who loves us most. 

Annie got so upset because she had wanted to show her some chalking she had done outside and I hadn't understood what she kept asking about and then it started raining and washed it away. Poor thing. Minnie ended up staying while I ran to the grocery store and Old Navy.
Annie has been so upset because Graves has animal pajamas and she doesn't. And actually she only has one legit pair of pjs that fit (she's been wearing random tshirts and her clothes to bed). We're flexible about gender roles with stupid stuff like jams (which anyone who thinks dinosaurs are just for boys can excuse themselves from my life right now). Plus, financial independence goals mean I'm going to pick things she can hand down to Grave Train when I can (sidenote: she finally agree if we eventually have another girl she'll share her rompers but not her dresses, um...not your decision, Girlfriend). 

She left when I got back and I fixed the kids lunch. They had rest time and I got on the computer, ate my lunch, and took a short nap. I cooked supper when rest time was over and washed a bunch of dishes and finished clearing stuff off the buffet and organizing it. The kids ate and I finished cleaning up the kitchen. We did their bedtime routine and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We watched Parks and Rec and I folded laundry.

We got up and got ready met our friend Owen for breakfast on Thursday. We hustled and made it just in time. We spent a LONG time visiting at Chick Fil A and had a great time. And the kids had a lot of fun and didn't get restless until the very end (I mean, the play area helped). We came home and Peyton got ready for work. I started laundry and the kids had lunch outside. I played with them a little and then they had rest time.

Annie set up her little play camera on top of the dragon and said that it takes pictures of anyone "coming up to the castle" and then Socks (the sock monkey) "reviews them for safety". Feudal society meets twenty first century technology and it looks an awful lot like co-op living in Brooklyn. 

I got this print (and some others) for the study. Graves asked me if it was Darth and then told me she was resting and she'd hiss at him if he bothered her. But the he said that the picture was "totally cute" (fwiw, I think that's Peyton's big fear with what I'm doing in the study). 

 I wrote a blog post and laid down for a few minutes and then the kids got up.
Annie set up her sleeping bag and sit it's the water and the wood floor is the mud and you do NOT want to get in either. I guess kids are all the same because I remember playing a variation of this with Cookie in our childhood kitchen on Minnie's blue and white checkerboard tiles.

They played outside some more and I fixed them supper.
She's a redneck but at least she's a redneck in a big bow.

They've eaten two of three meals that day outside and I ate one of mine out there. Probably would have been three but we had breakfast at CFA. We had to seize the (sunny!!!) day. Also, their new favorite thing is eating meals in their fort. An easy yes that makes the no's more tolerable. 

One more of my little thinker. Favorite quote that day was when I asked her if she wanted a pink Pop Ice and she said "well, I've had the pink ones multiple times". 

I hung out outside with them some and then gave them baths and got them to bed. I got on the computer a bit and then I cooked a tomato tart and some brussel sprouts for me and Peyton. He got home and we ate and chatted and went to bed.

Peyton worked a double on Friday. The kids got up around eight thirty and they watched their shows in bed with me. They had breakfast and then I took my bath and started laundry. They played outside a bit and I organized some and went through boxes.
stuff we're getting rid of

Finally did it. Got rid of my old college binders. Or actually not. Just the notes from inside of them. Because Peyton Herrington is the type of sick indidual who wants to make darn sure there is absolutely not possibility he will EVER have to buy binders or Tupperware again. So to the attic they go. Along with the approximately fifty already up there. Voluntary simplicity would be a whole lot easier if he's let go of the damn binders. 

Guys! Look what I found! College doodles. I'm keeping them forever. 

Even better! Documentation of the most wonderfully perfect abysmal failure of my life. I teared up, truly. So thankful I was the absolute worst at NFP. And so thankful for Peyton not being able to take it and saying "Sweetie, you think EVERY night is a risky night". Annie was the best wedding present we could have ever given each other! And the Lord knew just when we needed her. 

 I fixed them lunch and then they had rest time. I got on the computer and also finished putting books on shelves. When they got up, I did some dishes and we got ready to go to my parents'.

We had such a fun time visiting and having beans and we got home late. Graves fell asleep in the car. I got on the computer and Peyton got home soon after us. We talked and I finished a blog post and emailed a friend. Graves woke up a ton in the night and was feeling awful. I knew we weren't going anywhere the next day and it was going to be a long one.

Peyton worked on Saturday and Graves did in fact feel awful. It wasn't as long of a day as it could have been, though. The kids and I slept late and then had a slow morning. Graves actually did okay most of the morning but complained a lot about his head. I gave him some medicine and he moped around a bunch. He didn't really want lunch and he played some during naptime and then fell asleep.

I couldn't tell if he was legitimately sick with something or if he had a weather headache. But he was in a lot of pain and was as pitiful as this picture is hysterical. My poor little boy! 

Annie cleaned her whole room by herself (since Graves felt too bad to help) and then we snuggled up on her bed and and watched the rain fall out her window and she told me all about the birds she saw that morning before Graves and I got up. I really enjoyed the time with just her while Graves took a rediculously late nap that I was hoping would just turn into bedtime since he was up so much the night before. 

Well, that didn't happen. When he got up, he seemed to be doing a lot worse. He moved from bed to couch to chair and fell asleep off and on for the rest of the night. Annie had supper and he had a popsicle and she did a "show" with her stuffed animals for me and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home and we talked and ate supper. I helped him get his stuff together because he was going to Natchez after work the next day and we sorted more stuff and went to bed late.

Besides the NFP charts, the best thing from the purges is AIM conversations with old boyfriends-- "I had to leave Metalfest it succked so bad. I got really bored and also there were some really really weird people there (tryin not to be judgmental) and alot alot alot of second hand smoke...and then to make things worse I fell in a puddle"- SD, 2002 [Look, there's gonna be smoke at Metalfest. And weird people. But I'm not judgmental.]

Look! It's Baby Graves getting into mischief at the end of the table! (Just kidding, it's Peyton.)

Good grief, who even are these tan, attractive young people? All of sudden, thirty feels old. But at least I learned scrapbooking is not a skill set I have. And man, I had a smokin' boyfriend. 

Peyton worked on Sunday and of course we opted not to go to church anywhere with our germs. Graves did seem to be better and I think it must have just been a fever virus. He and AP slept late and watched their shows and then we all had breakfast. I had a pretty productive day. I got my bath and got on the computer and then while the kids played I moved a bunch of stuff to hang out of the back of the den and the stuff to hang in the kids' room off their closet shelf. I got all the toys we're rotating put up in their closet and got all the stuff to hang in the study in two small areas. It made such a big difference! I also put our china back in the china cabinet and organized some things in the buffet.

 The kids had lunch and rest time and I got on the computer and ate my lunch and then worked on clearing off the kitchen table (a pretty big job). I went through a pile in the den and Graves got up. I played with the kids and texted my mom and then fixed them eggs and oatmeal for dinner. I broke the glass lid of a pot and had to clean that up and I did all the dishes. We did their nighttime routine and I bathed the kids and while they were playing in the tub I got the last of our books put up in the study and set up a few decorative things. I was tired! I got the kids to bed and talked to a friend online and then started putting a bunch of stuff in the attic. I got a lot more stuff up there than I thought I could and Graves woke up in the middle of it because he had a bad nosebleed. I finished up, ate something and went to bed.

Like I said, it feels good to have wrapped up May. Onto June next!

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