Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #319 (May 4-10)-- Back Home in Mississippi!!!!

Picking up where I left off, near the beginning of May. This particular week was pretty hard, but I don't think it was the hardest. Probably because I prepared myself for it to be really hard. And also because Peyton was home the vast majority of the week. He went back to work that Saturday and I REALLY struggled.

Monday was good and we knocked out a lot. Peyton got up before me and the kids and ran some errands and then I got up and got myself and the kids ready and he picked us up (he also randomly washed his car really quickly). We dropped the kids off with my mom and headed to Jimmy Lyles to discuss floors. We made a quick decision and picked up a few groceries. We came home and started more unpacking. We took a break for lunch and did some more. I texted with a few friends. I got all the kids Summer clothes hung up and started on my Summer dresses. We headed over to my parents' and on the way out ran into a neighbor and talked to him. My dad cooked hamburgers and we hung around for awhile. We dropped by the Madison pharmacy so Peyton could talk to the pharmacist there and Graves had to teetee while we were waiting. We got home late and both kids were asleep.
The house was still suck a train wreck because we were trying (are still trying) to majorly purge the stuff we didn't need for a year and a half in BK, the kids' old room (now our room) was FULL of all the stuff we left here, and we were waiting to really move everything until the floors were done. So we set up camp for our little adventurers in our old closet and we all lived mostly in the master bedroom (and at the grandparents' and in the backyard, let's be honest). I was SO proud of how well they rolled with the punches! 

closet campout

We watched Parks and Rec and I went through some shoes. I emailed a friend and stayed up too late on the computer.

We got up on Tuesday and got back to work. I unpacked more boxes and the kids played. I took my bath and ate breakfast and did more boxes. Around lunch Peyton's mom came over to see the kids. She played with them in the yard all afternoon. I got through a lot of my clothes and Peyton unpacked the kitchen. I also got a bunch of kid clothes sorted and ready to go to the attic. I visited with Peyton and his mom and then got ready to go meet Carrie for supper. We met at Julep and had a great dinner and then got coffee at Whole Foods. Then we talked in the car. All in all is was about a six hour date. Long overdue! I got home late and talked to Peyton in his sleep (convos with him while he's asleep are so funny) and went to bed.

We got up on Wednesday and did a little unpacking and then I got ready to go meet Mal for Mexican. We had a delightful lunch and visit and then I got my hair cut.
I had been wanting a little pixie cut for awhile but getting it cut in Brooklyn terrified me. Of course I trust our hair stylist, Mandy, with my life so I decided to go with it! 

I came home and my mom came over and played with the kids. Peyton and I got a good bit more done and when she left it was time for supper, baths, and bed for Annie and Graves. We watched Parks and Rec and did a little more unpacking, chatted and went to bed.

We got up and hustled to get ready and Peyton's sister and her kids came over to pick us up for a trip to Granny's on Thursday. We all rode down in Elizabeth's van and it was really fun. We had lunch and stayed most of the afternoon.
Annie and my sweet nephew. Those cousins love each other so much. They were inseperable. Funny sidenote: Annie is several months older than Simeon but I think he's been taller than her since she was about nine months old (and he was three months).

Peyton's dad was also down there doing some farm work and it was fun to see him (and fun for the kids to watch the tractor!):

We got back into town around five and the kids played and then had supper while we unpacked and sorted. I did some laundry and we got the kids to bed. We unpacked more and watched TV.

Friday was Peyton's last day off before going back to work. We all got up and got to work sorting things and the kids and I got ready to go meet Morgan and her kids at the park. They were running late so Annie and Graves played outside with Peyton and I tackled a box or two. We headed to the park and Darlene was there, too! It was so much fun but the park was really busy. After the park, we had lunch. We tried to go to CFA, but it was SO crowded so we split a pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Haydn stopped by and then so did Peyton- nice little surprises!
So much fun with these cute girls and their brother!

I think Sarah Beth was smitten with Baby Graves. I think these two together would be a force to reckon with. An awfully cute one, obviously

Peyton went to the grocery store and I came home with the kids. They watched their shows and I went through boxes. Peyton got home and we worked until it was time for beans and rice. We enjoyed that. We headed home right as Pepsi Pops was ending and barely beat the traffic. The kids fell asleep in the car and we didn't last long ourselves.

Peyton went back to work on Saturday and I had a HARD day. I had a headache the whole day and was so emotional. I spent a good bit of time outside with the kids after my bath and their shows and they spent most of the day out there. I did manage to get the kitchen totally put up (even though some cabinets need organizing better) and the counters cleared. Ellis and Minda stopped by mid afternoon and the kids played in the hose. I bathed them and fed them supper and got them to bed. Peyton got Newks for us on his way home and we ate and I fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday was better. I actually got up pretty early with Peyton. I took my bath and got the kids ready and they watched their shows and had breakfast. I called my mom and ate something too and then we headed to church. We tried St. James and it was nice and welcoming. The kids went to Sunday school together and I joined my friend Sarah and her husband in their class.
Y'all remember when we used to tease him and call him Brother Graves? At this rate, I think we're going to have Father Graves before it's over. He told the priest at the church we visited today "Thank you. That service was GREAT" and shook his hand. It was good bit more high church that the service we typically attended in Manhattan (my friend who is a member prepared me beforehand) and I think he loved it- that's just part of how he already encounters God (he's super kinesthetic). He did sass me a bit when I told him to turn down the volume and said I "wasn't letting him worship!!!". Of course I told him there were more respectful ways to talk to me, but if Imma get sassed whil solo parenting at an unfamiliar church on Mother's Day, at least sass me about interfering with your worship. 

After church, we came home and had lunch outside and played some more. I went through a few boxes and got things put up. Mid afternoon my parents came by and picked up the kids because they were out our way to visit my grandmother at the nursing home. They took them to their house and I worked through some more stuff and tried to make a return to Target. It didn't work so I headed to their house for supper. We got back and Peyton was home from work. The kids played with him and he got them to bed.

I'm actually enjoying going back and doing these. It's fun to look back at our weeks and it's unbelievable to me that this was only a month ago!

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