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Weekly Happenings Post #320 (May 11-17)-- Floors and Friends

Well, June's not quite half over and I'm past halfway through May with these, so that's progress? This was the week we had new floors put it. It took a long while after that to get completely back to normal, but this definitely felt like the start of an upward trajectory.

Peyton was off again on Monday. We were planning to go over to the Howie's for a play date, but on the way Carrie texted me to say something was wrong with Franice and she was screaming and acting strange. She called the doctor and right when we got there, David got home and they left to take her to the ER together. I kept the big kids and we had so much fun playing the rest of the morning. We all had lunch and Carrie's mom got there to take over. We loaded up and headed home.
When you're Highly Sensitive, nothing your momma says is going to convince you that saying goodbye to your best friend for a week or so is different form saying goodbye to your best friend for eight months. And then you spend half an hour crying buckets and another half an hour decompressing. I get it, though. It's not unusual for me to spend half an hour getting worked up and the remainder of the hour recentering myself. I doubt I look as beautiful as she does in a state, though. 

I talked to Peyton and then drove through McDonalds for my lunch and worked on making my return again. I actually got it done but it took like an HOUR. I ran my Kroger and then came home. We decided to all walk to the park. It sprinkled a little but we had fun. Peyton fixed waffles for supper and we got the kids to bed. I talked to his sister on the phone and chatted with Peyton and we went to bed pretty early.

Tuesday was my first full day at home by myself. I was sort of dreading it, but it ended up being really nice and helpful to get back to feeling normal. Annie and Graves got up and I did some stuff on the computer (emailed a friend and uploaded some pictures to the blog from my phone) and then took my bath while they had breakfast and watched their shows. Then they played and I got to work in the den going through boxes. We took a break for lunch and did more of the same that afternoon. I hadn't really played with them in so long, so we had a "fancy party" with their stuffed animals. Peyton got home and we had a snack and then went for a nice walk. We ate supper and got the kids to bed and then worked really hard at moving some furniture around and basically making the den ready for the floor guys to come through. We watched Parks and Rec and went to bed.
See that dude beside me the day before our high school graduation? I had no idea what he was going to do with his life and was unsure if it would even require an more diplomas (there would have not been a THING wrong with being a permanent goat herder on a farm in the Ozarks or whatever you did that Summer). But he is so smart and creative and it's wonderful to see the hard won recognition. A PHD is no easy thing. For a million other reasons, but this too, I am so proud to call Dr. Purdie my best friend. 

Wednesday was a fun day and it ended up being a little crazy. First of all, Peyton had to work in Philidelphia, which is an hour and a half commute. The kids and I got up and got ready to head over to Elizabeth's house.
Annie's BFF told me "we (the Howie children) are so silly. And Graves is so silly. But Ann Peyton is serious. She was a hundred percent right. But lately we've been seeing more of a goofy side where she gets lost in a moment. I treasure them.

We were planning to eat lunch and play. We got there around eleven and played for an hour and then had lunch. We ended up staying most of the afternoon since the cousins were playing so well and nobody naps anymore. About the time we were getting ready to leave, Peyton texted me and said we had been bumped up and Jimmy Lyles could come install our wood floors on Thursday and Friday instead of Monday and Tuesday of the next week. I was excited but we had a LOT to do. We had planned to paint one room and we quickly nixed that idea. The kids and I ended up staying awhile longer at the Roots' so that I could drop them off with my parents after they got home from work. I dropped them off and came home. Peyton got home a little after me. We moved some things that needed to go to the attic and cleared out the bedrooms and study entirely.
Peyton pulled the carpet out himself because it saves several hundred dollars. 

We got back to my parents' around nine, ate supper with them, bathed the kids, and headed home. Graves fell asleep in the car and Annie didn't take long. Peyton didn't either. Ha! I stayed up pretty late drafting a blog post, sending an email, and ordering a bedskirt.

Thursday was my thirtieth birthday and while it wasn't super eventful (minus the floors) I felt like things were starting to move in a more normal direction. FINALLY. Peyton left super early to go discuss a pharmacy manager position with the district manager and I got up and got ready for the floor guys. I had a terrible headache and went back to sleep after my bath and before the kids got up. Graves got up right before Peyton got home. The morning was pretty low key. Peyton cooked biscuits and played and worked outside with the kids. I didn't really do much. Peyton cleaned up the kitchen, too, and we talked some. I did get all the clothes out of the closets in the rooms that were being floored. Peyton got ready and left for work and I cleaned up the bathroom some (it was a mess). I  fixed lunch and then hung out outside with the kids most of the afternoon while the floors were getting put in. I texted with some friends and just enjoyed the kiddos. My mom came over to the see the floors and then I fed the kids supper and we FINALLY went in for baths and bedtime.
That day was a record. They were outside for TEN hours with no real breaks in that at all. I ended up writing a whole post because ten hours in the backyard seemed like just the confirmation I needed that we were where we needed to be. 

So apparently keeping them outside for ten hours is the golden ticket to the fastest bedtime since before Graves could walk. (And yes, I moved them from the closet to the hall.)

I blogged a bit and Peyton got home. He brought me a burger (it was the only thing open in the area at that hour). We ate and watched Parks and Rec and then chatted and went to bed.

The kids and I got up and got ready on Friday and Peyton fixed oatmeal. He got ready and left for work and then my mom got here to supervise the floor installation. The floor guys got here and I talked to Minnie some and then finished getting the kids ready and unloaded some dishes and headed to get their haircuts. We got back and Minnie left and the kids played in the yard for a few hours. They ate lunch and I put up more dishes and folded clothes. I ate my lunch and sat out there with them. The floor guys left and I tried to set back up our router. It started raining so the kids came in and took a long bath. I planned out how we'd set up furniture and emailed Carrie. The kids watched a show and I started a post, washed dishes, and put all the clothes back in our closets. Some guys got here to take some of our old furniture to my parents' storage unit and then we were able to leave for beans. Peyton meet us over there and we hung out and played some and then came home.
Minnie got the BEST presents for my birthday- an NYC pillow, some McKenzie Childs, and these fun earrings! 

 Graves fell asleep in the car.
Floors done. The children moved into the master. And if you look closely, MonkMonk already found herself a window seat. 

We had a big day with moving stuff on Saturday. We all got up and I had a bad headache, but I pushed through it. Peyton's dad got here and helped us set up some stuff and move the furniture. He spent a couple of hours doing that and then took the kids home to his house. I got the bed made and then Peyton and I ran to Newks for lunch.
You guys! I'm so excited. We did things in a very slow and deliberate way and I don't regret it for one minute. But for five years, I never loved the master bedroom. In fact, I mostly hated it and was embarrassed by it. And for nearly a year and a half we didn't have a bedroom. And then we had a really long month where we didn't even have a bed. So I was almost teary when the day got here. It's good to have a little more space that's just ours. And I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out! 

Everything I wanted to make fit in our new room did and without looking absurd. I already love this little "sitting area". 

FInal quadrant complete. Can't wait to share some details. I've put some frames up and I took the ticking off the chair (Mickey covered it RIGHT before we moved when I decided at the last minute Graves NEEDED a rocking chair in his room, but it had a perfectly good rose colored velvetish fabric under it). 

SO here's the deal. Our wood floors we had put down in the den and halls several years ago have been discontinued. We went back and forth from Brooklyn with the guy from Jimmy Lyles. We sent MInnie up there and he came to our house. Then we decided to just wait and make the decision ourselves (which is why our house was nuts for two full weeks). We got a sample and put it next to our old ones and it looked great. Anyway, I had hoped it would be the kind of deal where you wouldn't notice the different between the original ones and the new ones. Um, no. At least it looks like we didn't even attempt to match them. I'm glad it wasn't a "near miss". Just a complete and total one. I do think they're pretty. And I have good friends/a good Minnie who did talk me off a ledge about it. 

We came home and unpacked boxes and put up stuff until Peyton's dad brought the kids home. They played and we worked and then my headache got way worse. I rested, took a bath, and then ended up going to sleep early.

We all got up on Sunday and got ready for church. We were running late for Sunday school (we were going to St. Peter's by the Lake) and when we got there, there was hardly anyone there. We ended up going back home for a bit and then coming back for the service. It was a nice service and we got Mexican afterwards. We came home and worked on the house more and then Peyton took the kids to the park and I went to get coffee with Darlene (okay, I had a Coke). I got home and unpacked more and straightened and Peyton fed the kids and got them to bed. We ate and talked and went to bed ourselves.

More Happenings posts to come!

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