Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weekly Happenings #323 (June 1-7)-- Back to Briarwood!!!

I'm trying to get back at these a bit, while keeping up with other stuff, too. Anyway, this was the first week of June and it was a great one. We joined the pool, spent lots of time outside, celebrated my sweet niece turning three, and had dinner with Mick and Minnie a couple of times. It really felt like Summer!

Monday was a good day. Graves seemed completely better from the little fever virus he had had the previous weekend and we slept pretty late. I fixed the kids breakfast and then put up dry dishes and worked on some small stuff. I cleaned off the vanity in the kids' bathroom and moved some junk off it, I poured soap in the actual dispensers in the kitchen, and I put away the extra trashbags to line the trash cans. I ate breakfast and took my bath while the kids watched their shows. I hung the shower curtain up in their bathroom and started laundry and stripped our bed. I also got out the stroller and aired up the tires because I knew I was taking the kids walking the next morning with a friend and I didn't want to forget to do it later.

The kids played while I did some things on the computer and then they had some time in their room. We ate lunch late and then had rest time. I worked on my blog design and emailed a friend. The kids cleaned up and we headed to my parents' for dinner. We had a good time and surprisingly nobody fell asleep on the way home. We brushed teeth and they went straight to bed (but did not fall asleep right away). I got on the computer and then listened to a podcast while I sorted some old photos and linear notes to old CDs. I went to bed pretty late.

I got up around eight on Tuesday and got ready and then woke the kids up to get ready and have breakfast. It was supposed to be my first time to walk with my friend Mallory. I wasn't usually going to have the kids, but this time because of Peyton's schedule, I did. She couldn't find her stroller for her little boy, though, and we ended up just letting the kids play in the backyard all morning. When they left, I fed the kids an early lunch and then they watched their shows while I went through some boxes in the sunroom. They had rest time and I worked on a post and took a nap. When rest time was over, we cleaned up and then headed to the playground. We had a great time and then went to the grocery store. We got home and they ate supper and then I brushed their teeth and did the nighttime routine. I got on the computer and cooked hamburger corn pie for Peyton. He got home and we talked and went to bed.

Wednesday was a fun day. Peyton was off that morning and we all got up and had a slow morning and then headed to the pool. It doesn't open until eleven so we had plenty of time to get there. We had breakfast and got our suits on and left for Briarwood a little before eleven. Peyton had to sign us up for a membership so he went a little ahead of us and we met him there since he was going to have to go straight to work anyway. We swam for a couple of hours and then Peyton headed to work and the kids and I headed home for a late lunch and rest time.

I guess the whole head lifeguard has still got it. Especially when he's teaching my other best guy to swim. It was such a special day, after a decade away, rejoining the sweet community pool where P and I met as lifeguards! 

Can you guess which one loves to enforce the rules and which one loves to test them?

He skipped his lunch and screamed for half an hour because he wanted to wear pajama PANTS I had put up for Summer. I tried to him through it Annie style but he wasn't having it. Finally I just let him sob in my arms until he passed out. Pool will do it to you, man! 

I got on the computer, ate my lunch, and rested a bit. When Graves finally woke up, I took the kids outside for a bit. I grated some soap for laundry detergent and they played and had supper.
Summer is for...grating Zote outside your back door.

I played with them some and we came in and read and then they had their baths. I got them to bed around nine. I got on the computer and worked on a blog post until Peyton got home. We ate supper and chatted and went to bed.

Carrie and her kids were coming over on Thursday and Peyton left early for work. I got up around eight when the kids did. I moved a few boxes out of the den and straightened the kids' room while they were watching their shows and eating breakfast. Peyton came home because he had switched with someone and they didn't communicate well. He helped me hang some curtains and I took my bath and swept. He left and I started laundry and did dishes. The Howies got her a little before eleven and we had a great visit. The kids played outside a ton and ate lunch. When they left, AP and Graves had rest time. I ate my lunch, read a few blogs, and took a nap. The kids got up and I folded laundry and went through a bag of stuff in our room. I went outside with the kids a bit and hung up the ironing board on the back of the laundry room door (that was a project!).
Summer is for...watering your vegetable garden and your blueberry bushes in your pineapple romper. (I'm fairly confident this is what Six is for, too.)

I fixed them supper, did dishes, and cleaned the kids' play kitchen and they played and ate. We came in and had baths and read and then they went to bed. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home we ate and went to bed.

Peyton was home on Friday morning and we got up and got baths and then he made potato salad and got rid of some boxes in the carport. I got stuff on the calendar and made a game plan of what we needed to try to get done for the next few weeks. I got on the computer and started laundry. Peyton left and the I went through a box of clothes and a binder and tried to tidy up an area in the kitchen that had become a big mess. I fixed the kids lunch and did a bunch of dishes and they had rest time. I read some blogs, ate lunch, and tried to figure out how to order some prints to frame. Annie and Graves cleaned up their room and we headed to my parents' for beans.
He asked me for the "Kroger thing". After a minute, I figured he wanted the receipt. He saw the logo and identified it. Early literacy people with recognize this pre-reading skill as noticing environmental print. I'm not surprised he recognized it; I'm surprised my Busy Bud noticed it at all. I remember distinctly his sister's first time to identify some environmental print. I love celebrating milestones the second time around!

We had a wonderful visit and Graves fell asleep on the way home.
Summer is in your grandparents' backyard.

If you're Graves and haven't developed a healthy fear of the water, you wear a floatie to fish from a boat on dry land. If you're Annie, you fish with the seriousness of a cabinet meeting the night before a war declaration. 

I got AP to bed and unloaded the car and then got on Facebook. Peyton got home and we went to bed.

Saturday felt like such a long day. We got up and did our normal breakfast and shows and then I took my bath. The kids played some and then had an early lunch.
They were getting ready for an impending tornado. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day. AP said "full closet, empty beds". 

cover shot, unsurprisingly. She's as sweet as she is beautiful. 

I did laundry and went through a pile in our room and then they had rest time. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and took a nap. Minnie came over for a bit after rest time and the kids were both loud and disobedient and ended up having to go to their room for a bit. She left and they had supper and played outside a bit. I bathed them and got some things together for the next day and texted a friend. Peyton got home with take out and we watched a movie and went to bed.

Peyton was finally off on Sunday. We got up and got ready and I got a few things ready for my niece's birthday party that afternoon and we headed to church at Bellwether.
Summer is for...toenail polish. For whoever wants it. I had planned to take it off Graves before the pool and certainly before church. But I decided if I'm going to make this work and if I'm going to have any real sense of happiness here, I'm going to have to live like I did there. And I'm almost positive I wouldn't have taken it off in Brooklyn. Not because I thought people would think it was some grand statement on gender identity that they agreed with. Actually, precisely because I don't think most people would see it that way. I think most- strangers and our friends alike- would see a little boy who loves vivid colors, who adores his sister and shares everything with her, and who lives unaware of a world plagued by artificial gender expectations. And that's all. they wouldn't make assumptions about what it says about my opinions or values regarding anything else. And maybe that's the case here. I'm going to try to live fearlessly like I would there and when confronted by differences of opinion engage gracefully. But that's scary. Brooklyn tough and Dixie brave.  [I think I really want to write more about all this.]

We had a nice time and met quite a few people. We came home and changed and headed to the birthday party. We all had so much fun and stayed a good while. Graves fell asleep on the way home and we transferred him to his bed. I went through some papers and AP played with Legos. I got on the computer and Graves woke up. The kids watched The Lion King and I went through more stuff.
The purge continues! I found a hospital/bringing home baby list that someone "edited" for me so I'd know what I'd actually need for AP. I can't remember who this sweet friend was (or even that this occurred) but it's so precious to me! PTL for the village or I'd probably have even more stuff to chunk! 

The kids stayed up pretty late and we finally got them fed and to bed. I had supper and emailed a friend and went to bed.

Once again, my goal is to be caught up with these by the end of the month. We'll see if I can knock them out!

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