Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekly Happenings #325 (June 15-21)-- Summer Weddings and Pool Time

The kids got up around eight on Monday and Peyton was working. I got up and reheated some oatmeal for them and then made my bed, looked for a lost remote in our room, and started laundry. I put up dishes and washed some more dishes and then looked for a lost remote in the den.

Peter and Tinkerbell dressed PigPig up as Tiger Lily in my old pillowcase Indian costume. Never grow up, guys. 

They watched their shows and I got on the computer. I worked more on backing up pictures and took a bath while they did kinetic sand. The kids wanted lunch a little early which worked out perfectly since I was shooting for an early rest time. We all ate lunch and then I played with them and read to them.

They had rest time and I finally finished the back up. One folder wouldn't move and I had to move each of the subfolders manually. Uggggh. I finished that and skimmed my Reader and then tried to do a healthy survey thing for Walgreens. I ended up messing it up and was so frustrated. I read my Bible a bit and texted with my mom and called Peyton and then the kids got up. They played so well and I went through some stuff to go to the attic and purged some for Goodwill. I made up their beds and then got them started cleaning their room. I made some pesto and did dishes really quickly. I got the kids ready and fixed them a snack while I got ready and then we headed to the swim meet where Peyton was timing at Briarwood. We had a good time but it ended up getting called off early for rain. We stopped at Hickory Pit and ate and then came home. We visited with our next door neighbors for awhile and then came in. The kids were hungry again (we had split some stuff at the restaurant) so they ate and then I helped them get ready for bed while Peyton did some stuff. I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and then we went to bed.
When we moved to Brooklyn, we somehow forgot to pack glasses. We bought a very basic set at Ikea mostly for when we had guests and I treated myself to this little pear cup. I thought it was so cute and I literally drank out of it everyday. I thought about buying a backup but never did, and it wouldn't have been true to the experience anyway. Having my one personal glass I handwashed each day seemed quintessential Brooklyn. It broke that night and so did a few days streak of no tears and (less) heartsickness. I'm thankful to be in a better place now, but there are still so many hard days. 

I got up and got ready before anybody was up on Tuesday and left to go walk with Mallory just as everyone else was getting up. We had a nice walk and visit. I got home and talked to Peyton a bit and then he left for work. I made the bed and started laundry and then fixed the kids lunch. I played with them and read to them and they had rest time. I got on the computer, ate my lunch, and rested a bit myself. When they got up, I folded laundry and helped them clean up their toys and then I played with them some more. They ate supper and I did dishes and then read to them. They had baths and I got them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and we all slept late (well, Graves woke up but he and I fell back asleep in the living room). Despite that, I was frustrated all day. We got a slow start after breakfast and I got my bath. I did take a bunch of stuff to the attic and then helped Peyton put the new legs he ordered on the couch. We all ate lunch and I vacuumed a rug we were going to put in the attic and took a second shower and got ready to go to the pool. We stayed at the pool for several hours and we saw the Howies there so that was fun. After we got home, the kids ate and I straightened some and then we got them ready for bed.
We had a lot of snacks at the pool, so for dinner Peyton just handed the kids these hug broccoli "trees". AP and Diplie (the Diplodocus) finished hers off, leaving nothing but the trunk. 

They went to bed and we ate supper and got on the computer and went to bed ourselves.

Peyton didn't have to go into work until one thirty on Thursday. We were all tired from the pool and slept late. Peyton and the kids made muffins and I slept really late. We all had breakfast and then I folded laundry and did dishes while Peyton mowed the front and back yard and the kids played outside. I got on the computer and straightened a little and swept and then Peyton left for work. The kids watched a show and I took my bath and then vacuumed a bit while the kids had lunch. Minnie came over and talked to me about the house and the kids played with her a little. They had rest time late and I ate lunch and got on the computer and uploaded pictures after I searched for the cord that connects the camera and an easel for a plate. After they cleaned up we watched some of a Planet Earth dvd and I folded laundry. We played and then I fixed them supper. I ironed a bunch while they ate and then bathed them. It was almost ten by the time they went to bed. Peyton got home and we talked and fell asleep watching Parks and Rec.

Peyton got up with the kids on Friday and then I got up and made the bed and had breakfast with them. I started some laundry and talked to Peyton and then I had my bath and cleaned up the kitchen. Peyton left and the kids and I watched another documentary and I got out some decorative stuff for the top of the refrigerator and sort of moved things around.
Making Mickey proud (I mean, I don't think he's ever *not* proud of this guy). Our little engineer got out his tools and built a "diving board" for Early (Annie's favorite Beanie Baby). 

We had lunch together and then they had rest time and I worked on a blog post. I did my Bible study and read a little and then we all cleaned up (toys for them, dishes for me) and got ready to go to Mickey and Minnie's. We headed over there and visited a bit and then had supper, visited a bit more, and came home. Graves fell asleep in the car and AP followed quickly after we got home. I got on the computer and worked on the post I had started and then Peyton got home. We stayed up LATE watching a movie.

The kids got up and I handed them breakfast and got back in bed on Saturday. They ate and then Peyton got up with them. It was a weird day- Peyton was taking AP and going to a friend's wedding out of town and Graves and I were going with my parents to another one in town. I got up and Peyton helped me put some platters and pitchers and baskets on top of the bookcases in the den. I started laundry and then bathed the kids. They had lunch and I did dishes while Peyton got ready and then I took my bath. I helped him get Annie ready and they left for their wedding. Graves had rest time and I started another blog post. I read some blogs and then fixed Graves a snack and got ready. Mickey and Minnie got here to pick us up and I dressed Graves really quickly and we left. The wedding was beautiful and Graves has seriously never been as well behaved for any other forty five minutes in his life. He did so well!
Two of my classmates' weddings were that same night (actually three of my classmates, two of them were marrying each other!) and Peyton and I both really felt like we needed to be at both. We split up and he and AP drove to Tupelo to see a special friend from our lifeguarding days get hitched. And this guy was my date to the wedding of a fellow Bicycle Club member and a friend I've known since I was littler than him. Such a fun night but we sure did miss our Sister/Sweetie!

We had a wonderful time and I saw quite a few friends at the reception. Mickey and Minnie said they were going to pick up Newks and did we want to come over. Bud, of course, said yes. We needed to pick up my car and I came in and did a few dishes and changed clothes and we left. Graves almost fell asleep on the way over there as it was close to nine. We ate and came home and he did fall asleep on the way then. I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed. Peyton and AP got home after I fell asleep.

We hadn't decided where to go to church on Sunday but I got up and took a bath and got ready. I was dressed and everything but we couldn't make a decision and we ended up not going anywhere. We had a low key morning and then I cleaned out the laundry room. I organized a bunch of stuff on top of the washing machine and went through a few boxes of cleaning supplies and consolidated them. Peyton worked on some shelves in the study. I also did the floor of my closet in the kids' old room and half of the top shelf. Then we all had lunch and went to the pool for a few hours. We got back home and had supper and played some and then we got the kids to bed. I worked on a couple of blog posts and texted with friend and went to bed.

Things continue to feel more and more normal, but it still feels like we have a long way to go before things are settled and I'm really longing for that. Some days (like today) it just drives me nuts. I have to remind myself that this has everything to do with priorities and I'm not willing to sacrifice a fun Summer, relationships, my own self care and mental space, school with the kids or numerous other responsibilities. And the thing is, once we get the whole house done, we have to do the ATTIC. Which is basically a nightmare. But one day at a time!

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