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Weekly Happenings #326 (June 22-28)-- Herringtons Do the Beach on the Cheap

This last week in June we went to the coast. Peyton was working two days down there and he asked Walgreens if they'd book him a hotel near the beach so he could bring his family. It ended up being kind of crazy for a variety of reasons, but it was fun having the time together! As I read back over this, I realized what a crazy busy week it was! Wow.

I got up before anyone else on Monday and got a bath, started laundry, and left as AP was waking up. I headed over to Darlene's and she made me breakfast and we talked for a couple of hours. It was so refreshing and wonderful. I came home and changed over the laundry and Graves actually hadn't even been up long. I got the kids breakfast and Peyton left to work in Philadelphia and I uploaded some pictures from my phone and made a collage for Graves's monthly letter. I played with the kids and then they watched a show and played themselves. They had lunch and I did dishes and then they had rest time. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and took a nap. When they got up, they cleaned up their room and I folded a lot of laundry and they helped me pack. They ate supper and I messaged a friend on Facebook and folded laundry. I read to the kids and they took their bath and I packed some more and cleaned up supper and did dishes. I finished the laundry and got it put up and got their bath finished. I worked on a post and the kids were both still awake when Peyton got home. We took out the trash, fed the cats, finished packing and got the car loaded. We left around eleven and got to Gulfport at two. We were finally settled in my three.
Having a midnight (or midmorning) snack once we got settled into the hotel at three AM. Peyton made these muffins that morning while I had breakfast with Darlene; drove to Philadelphia, worked, and drove home; packed; and then drove to the Gulfport where he was working and we enjoyed a (nice!) hotel on Walgreens' dime. Super Dad deserves a shout out! And it is the *Mississippi* Gulf Coast and the water is, of course, about as crystal clear as the Reservoir but you take what you can get. 

The kids slept late on Tuesday and Peyton didn't have to be at work until ten. Graves didn't wake up until close to eleven and I got my bath and checked my email and they played. We waited around in the hotel a bit because they were supposed to switch us to a room with an ocean view. We ate lunch and then got ready and straightened a bit headed on out to the beach. The lady at the desk said our room would be ready in an hour so I figured that was perfect. We got out to the beach and were literally out there for about ten minutes and it started thundering.
We were on the beach for like ten minutes and it started thundering. It's probably for the best, though. Because I'm not even kidding, there was bacteria in the water. But they were really excited about how their first time to try Salt and Vinegar potato chips turned out and our hotel picnic that consisted exclusively of junk food excepting the whole bell pepper Bud ate. One thing that I've always been terrible at and that I want so badly for both of them is the ability to be flexible and roll with the punches and stay positive. Related: the only Coke in this hotel was $2.50. I hardly ever paid that when I lived in one of the most expensive cities in the nation, I sure as hell didn't intend to pay it here, Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

We waited a bit and it got pretty dark so we came in. Our room was ready so we packed up everything on a cart and wheeled it up to the second floor. I was sort of in a hurry and the kids were helping me. We got settled in our new room and returned the cart and I washed off the kids' legs and sent an email to a friend and FB messaged another friend and we all had a snack. The kids got sort of restless and I realized we had left a pillow in the other room. We went down to the desk and then talked to several housekeeping people and it literally took nearly an hour to track it down. But at least we only had one more hour until Peyton got off. We came back to the room and did button art until Graves started throwing the buttons. We literally started reading the magazine about the Gulf Coast that was in the desk. The kids would see an advertisement for a casino with a frog and they'd talk about the cute frog for a few minutes. Whew. Peyton finally got back and we realized I had left some of his work clothes in the closet so I went down again and tracked those down and then we all went back down to the beach. It was really nice and a little cool. It had been such a sweltering, stormy day but the evening was really beautiful. We talked to some people visiting from Arkansas and then came back up.

It was too late to go for dinner so Peyton got a few groceries and some McDonald's fries for the kids (AP really wanted fries). They watched some animal shows on the Nat Geo Wild channel and fell asleep. I ate supper and fell asleep, too.

We all slept pretty late on Wednesday and Peyton realized ANOTHER thing had gotten left in our first room. I found it and took a shower and we just played in the hotel room because it was too late to go to the beach or lunch. Peyton left for work and I got on the computer a bit and we all ate lunch. Annie and Graves actually decided they'd rather do the pool than the beach. I knew there was a storm coming and we'd probably only have time for one, and they decided for sure. We got ready and we only lasted a bit longer at the pool before the storm blew in. We had a good time for a little bit, though. We came back to the room and had a snack and I read some and got on the computer.
Annie took this picture of the Gulf as another storm was about to blow in. She told us the day before that "playing in the sea was really what was important to me about the beach" and then on the way back she told Ellis and Minda that they didn't get to get in the water much because "momma was worried we might have an open wound". But when we asked them about it, she and Graves both said they had a great time (watching cable and eating snacks for meals, I guess) and were glad we went. There are things I'll do differently next time, like planning better and bringing a car that's not a standard so I can drive it (or learning to drive standard-more on that later) but I'm glad we went too and I'm so thankful for my sweet little family.

The kids played and then we ate supper and read a bit and I got them ready for bed. They watched tv but never fell asleep. Peyton got back and the restaurant he was going to get take out from was closed. It was eleven something at that point and both kids were awake and WIRED. He ended up taking them to get me a burger and them fries again and I emailed a friend. They got back and we all ate and went to bed.

We slept late on Thursday and then got up and got showers and packed up our stuff. We checked out right before eleven and stopped for lunch at the Blow Fly Inn. We got on the road and headed to Granny's. We spent a couple of hours at her house visiting and then met Ellis and Minda for supper in Hattiesburg. We got back on the road around seven and the last two hours were HARD. The kids were just so restless from being trapped in the car and in the hotel for two days. We got home and put them in their room and I unpacked most everything. They took forever to go to sleep. I got on the computer and finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton and I got up and chatted on Friday and then I went back to sleep for a bit. It was going to be a busy day. I got up and started laundry, took my bath, and ironed a dress while Peyton helped me bathe and dress the kids. I made the bed and got them some snacks together and we headed to Carrie's house for a play date. We had a great time and the kids really played SO well together. There was hardly any fussing and Graves didn't stick around me and Carrie the whole time (sometimes he prefers the adults to the other kids when we get together with friends). We came home and I quickly grabbed some lunch for me, put up dishes, and changed over the wash. Peyton was home all day and had been working around the house. I left the kids with him and ran to get coffee with our old associate pastor, Owen. I had some things I needed to talk about and it was good to speak to someone who I respect so much spiritually. I ran by Hobby Lobby on the way home.

I got home and did a bunch of dishes while the kids cleaned their room and Peyton put up his tools. We all got ready and headed to my parents' house. I was worn out but we had a great visit and it was nice Peyton got to come. Graves fell asleep on the way home but Peyton had promised Annie we'd play some more. So we played for like twenty minutes. At ten thirty. Whew. I got on the computer and then went to bed.

The kids slept late on Saturday and Peyton was working. We got up and all had breakfast and then they watched their shows and I took my bath and started laundry. Slyvie (my new sister in law) came over because she's selling knives. She did her presentation for me for practice and that took a little while. She left after a couple of hours. The kids had lunch and I did some laundry and dishes. They rested and I finished a blog post and talked to a friend on Facebook. The kids got up and we all played and then I put up more dishes. They had supper and cleaned their room and I hung up clothes. I read to them a bunch and got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We watched a movie and went to bed. Graves got up several times and ended up in bed with us.

Sunday was a nice day. We got up and got ready and headed out to visit the Lutheran church. I really, really loved it. We came home, ate lunch, and got ready again and headed out to the pool. We got to Briarwood and it was closed because of algae in the water! Ugggh. Anyway, we decided to go to the Reservoir Y and we had so much fun. It has a graduated entry and like a there was a whole end of the pool that was two feet deep. The kids enjoyed that and were able to really play plus we practiced swimming. We got home and I did dishes and Peyton got ready to go meet a friend for supper. The kids had a snack and (a late) rest time. I got on the computer for a bit and worked on some things. When they got up they played outside and I put up dishes and did laundry. I talked to Minnie on the phone and Peyton got home while they were eating supper. He cooked a sweet potato pie and sweet potato casserole with the kids (we had a ton of sweet potatoes that were about to go bad). I listed some stuff on Craigslist and then we played with the kids and got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton fell asleep reading.

Now that it's almost the end of July, I'm about caught up to July. I'm glad to not be falling behind anymore, but I wish I could get more caught up on these! Oh well, so many blog posts, so little time!

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Next time you go to the MS coast take the ferry out to ship island. Much better than the other beaches. Or just get a great hotel pool :)