Friday, July 31, 2015

Weekly Happenings #327 (June 29-July 6)-- Vegetable Picking and Honey Harvesting

So here we were, in July, and I was determined to finally get back in even more of our regular routine this week.

Everyone slept late on Monday and I stayed in bed until around nine even though I was sort of restless. We got up and Peyton sent the kids out to pick blueberries. I made our bed and folded some laundry and started some more.
Summer is for...gardening

 The kids came in and Peyton left for work and I took my bath and made a list and got on the computer. For some reason, all that took longer than usual. They played a bit and then I did our morning school stuff with them (calendar, memory work, read aloud, and devotion) and we had lunch. I did dishes and we ran to Hobby Lobby and to Kroger. I ran into three different people I knew at Kroger. We got home and I unloaded groceries and the kids had rest time. I got on the computer and read blogs and started a post and then did some critical thinking and English with AP. The English took FOREVER. We finished that and picked blueberries before it got dark and then we started math. I could tell Annie was tired so I fed them supper and did more dishes. I sent a couple of emails to different businesses (the hotel we stayed in and Logic of English about a replacement thing). They finished eating and we brushed teeth, read, and played. I got them in the tub and Peyton walked in about an hour earlier than I was expecting him. I finished bathing the kids and got them to bed. I got on the computer again and then cooked us a tomato tart and made a salad. We finished a movie and went to bed.

This was the week Peyton shared some hard stuff on the blog. It feels like a long time ago and yesterday all at the same time. Either way, it feels good to have it out there. I want to feel comfortable talking about this in all my spaces (insomuch as one can feel comfortable with this stuff). Ever since I started this blog one huge priority in my writing has been a sense of transparency and a willingness to allow whoever was reading to see our struggles as well as our successes, our failures alongside our triumphs, and our pain in the midst of our joy. this is without a doubt one of the hardest things (if not *the* hardest thing) I've ever walked through and blogging without mentioning it for several months was so hard but I didn't have the emotional reserves, with the move home and all the processing that entailed, to put it out there. That said, I'm a huge believer in dragging things into the light and the time came to do just that. It really did help lift some of the heaviness of it. 

I was supposed to go walk with Mallory on Tuesday but I woke up to thunder. We cancelled our plans and Peyton and I chatted before the kids got up. I responded to a couple of Facebook messages and emails, ate breakfast and made the bed.
Don't let the profundity be lost on you. 

I planned school for the day and AP and I finished up her math lesson from the day before. There were still toys in the tub so I cleaned those out for Peyton and made his lunch while he played with the kids. He left and the kids watched their shows and I took a bath. We did their morning school next. We worked on memory work, did our calendar and then I read their devotion and Bible and part of a book about birds to AP. They wanted to play dinosaurs but they first wanted to read some in the dino book so we did both and then we all had lunch. After lunch the kids had rest time but really they played together for an hour. Then Graves played solo while I did English and some critical thinking with AP. He got up and we had a snack and I thawed some chicken and then read our Five in a Row book. They cleaned their room and I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen and den (they also played "train" with the kitchen chairs) and got the chicken in the crock pot. We played Super Heroes and I fixed them supper and did dishes and they ate. I got them ready for bed and read to them and then got on the computer for a bit. I cooked some corn and potatoes to go with the BBQ. Peyton got home and we ate and talked and then I finished a post and went to bed.
I don't believe anything about our situation is irretrievable or that any beloveds are lost for good. (Okay, sometimes I do but that's when I look at our circumstances instead of toward the cross. When I focus on what Marthas can do (not raise dead men that's for sure) and not on what Jesus can do.) Also, now that it was out in the open, I couldn't stop thinking about how grateful I am for the people who were here when it wasn't. Who showed up in my life, day after day- filling my ears with the Gospel, texting me Indelible Grace lyrics, engaging in Brene Brown level breaking down/building up, fixing me breakfast on a Monday morning because of such a deep investment in my life it was clear I had had a hard weekend, reminding me that all I can do is pray and love hard, telling me on Fathers Day that my children are very blessed regardless of how anyone in this family self identifies, hurting deeply when I hurt and being protective over me and the children, helping me identify in a very real way my own feelings as grief, letting me compartmentalize enough to just laugh and be ridiculous and for a few minutes not think about any of it, pointing me again and again toward the cross where God's character is seen most clearly, and being unafraid to be present in my pain. Surely I would have kept breathing in and out (I think?) but I know I would be despairing deeply without these saints.

We got up on Wednesday and had planned to go swimming but AP wanted Peyton to just play with them. We talked about it for a good while, and I took a shower, and we decided I'd take them to swim later in the afternoon. I collected laundry and washed out some soap dispensers we weren't going to use and also fixed a poster frame in the kids bathroom that was bent- it felt good to really have the bathrooms almost complete.  The kids played pretend with Peyton and read some library books. I ate lunch (I skipped breakfast) and planned school while Peyton mowed the front yard and the kids played outside. They came in and we had lunch and Peyton left. An old friend from my Summer missionary days in Tahoe, Melanie, messaged me that they were going to be in town in a couple of hours. I had thought they were coming through the next day! I quickly explained the change of plans to the kids and scrapped the pool. I also cancelled all of school for the day. It's nice to have the luxury of doing that every once in awhile when it's needed! They had rest time and Graves actually fell asleep. I uploaded and organized some pictures and read some blogs. I rewashed my hair because I hadn't dried it and it was a mess and then I got AP ready.

Graves woke up right before I was about to have to get him up. We grabbed a snack for him and headed to the park to meet our friends. We ended up staying for over two hours! We had a blast catching up and the kids had the best time.
She came up to me and whispered, her eyes so very wide, "Momma. Nature is cool." (She had just seen tadpoles with arms in the creek bed at the park.)

When we got home they played in the hose a bit and had supper and then I read to them and they had a bath. They didn't go to bed until about ten and didn't fall asleep until midnight. I got on the computer and then cooked a veggie dinner. Peyton got home and we ate. I cleaned up the kitchen and got back on the computer and went to bed.

I didn't sleep great but the kids slept LATE on Thursday. We got up and had breakfast and I made the bed and started laundry. I looked over some school stuff and talked to Minnie. I read some emails and took a bath.
Summer is for...squitos that seem to agree with me about who the sweetest little boy in all of the South is. Poor Bud. 

We did our morning school stuff and math and then had lunch.
She is so funny. The kids picked these beans from the garden and I boiled them and then threw them in with some butter, oil, and roasted walnuts. They turned out great and Graves got seconds twice. AP got them about four times and I finally just gave her the rest of the batch in this container. She told me they were one of her favorite foods and there was "another great thing about them". I asked her what that was and she said "well, probably, like, we won't waste as much money on them at the grocery store since we grew these ourselves." You know, because buying supermarket green beans is wasteful. She's her papa's daughter for sure! 

I got the kids settled for rest time and finished my lunch and then worked on a post and read a few blogs. Peyton got home and we all got ready to go to the pool. The water was really cold and I didn't even get all the way in. After the pool closed, we headed to Roosters for supper. Fondren felt a whole heck of a lot like Brooklyn except that I got to meet an old classmate's family and hug a former teacher. It's tooka solid two months, but it felt so, so good.

We came home and got the kids to bed. I read blogs and tried to finish my post but it didn't really happen. I changed over some laundry and went to bed, too.

Friday was such a big, fun, exhausting day. Peyton and AP got up early to go to a friend of Peyton's house to help him harvest honey from his bee hives (we just weren't sure how Graves would do with literally thousands of bees and if he wouldn't be calm enough or if he'd be completely terrified, so I stayed home with him). I got up around seven and straightened, typed up the previous day's happenings, collected laundry, and took my bath. A guy from Craigslist came to pick up a rug and then Mallory and Brennan came over to play. We hung out in the backyard some and Mal brought chicken biscuits! We came inside and talked and the boys played some more and then Peyton and Annie got home.
Peyton said Annie did awesome and wasn't afraid or anything. She was super interested in it all and I think it turned out to be a great educational experience for her.

 Mallory and Brennan left and the kids ate lunch and I washed dishes. Peyton left for work and the kids had rest time. I read a bunch of blogs and ate my lunch. We all straightened and then left to go over to play at Elizabeth's house. We had a fun visit and then headed to my parents' house for beans. We had the best time and everyone did really well. The children both fell asleep on the way home. I got on the computer for a bit and Peyton got home. I went to bed pretty early by my standards.

Saturday ended up being so rough. I woke up with a terrible headache and it never went away. I got the kids breakfast and did some chores and then I got my bath. We did morning school and math and then they had lunch and rest time. I ate and got on the computer and rested, too. I was determined to do English with AP and we did it but it took forever. I fed the kids supper and bathed them and then Peyton got home. Some neighbors were shooting fireworks so we let the kids get back up and all went outside to watch. I ended up going to bed pretty soon after that because my head was hurting so bad. I woke up super early and Peyton and I chatted and went back to sleep.

We went back to St. Peter's-by-the-Lake on Sunday. It was a nice service and they had an indoor picnic afterwards. We stayed for a bit and then picked up a pizza and headed home. Our friend Rob came over and ended up staying for several hours. I was so tired and emotional after he left. I started laundry and bathed the kids after they finished playing outside and then Peyton played with them and I started cooking supper and doing dishes while he got them to bed. We ate and I got on the computer a bit and then went to bed early again.

I'll pick up with the second week in July next time!

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