Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #324 (June 8-14)-- Rain and Headaches (and Legos and a Low-Key Anniversary)

Picking back up where we left off- mid June! It was a pretty good week but there was some kind of massive front because I had a headache for three days straight.

Peyton was off on Monday and we had a relaxing morning. He cooked us all breakfast and we ate and I got on the computer for a few minutes and then got my bath. I cleaned up the whole kitchen (which was a BIG mess) and Peyton worked on something else. Then we hung a bunch of stuff (but not near everything). A lady who found an armoire we were selling on Craigslist came by and the kids watched their shows. Peyton got ready and left to go time at a swim meet and the kids and I organized a bunch of Legos that they'd been playing with since Peyton got them from his parents'.
thirty year old Legos. Not as cute as the sets today, but our kids are obsessed! 

 They ate supper outside and I played with them a bit and then we read some. Peyton got home and I bathed them and got them to bed while he ran to the grocery store. I finished a post and ate supper and then uploaded some pictures to Facebook.

Peyton was home on Tuesday morning and that's my morning to walk with Mal. I got up and took a quick bath and drank some water and left. We met at her house and walked around her neighborhood while her little boy rode in the wagon. We had a good time and came back to her house to visit and drink some sweet tea. We talked and I ran out because I thought Peyton was going to be late for work. It turned out my clock on my phone had reverted to New York time. Peyton got ready for work and I made beds and started laundry and then we all ate lunch together and he left. I did a bunch of dishes and then played Legos with the kids and read to them. They had rest time and I got on the computer and read a little. When they got up we cleaned up their room and played Legos some more. We organized Legos and had supper. I read to them and we did their nighttime routine and they went to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed, too.

Peyton was off on Wednesday and we had a great day. He made breakfast with the kids and then we all ate together. I got my bath and got on the computer a bit and he ran some errands. When he got back we all went to the pool. We stayed almost FIVE hours. We had so much fun. When we got home the kids rested and had an early supper. It started raining and they played in the rain some and then we bathed them and got them to bed.

We chilled out and talked some and then we decided to hang some pictures. We ended up working until one in the morning hanging pictures in the kids' room (while they were sleeping in there).

Peyton had to work on Thursday afternoon and was meeting a friend for lunch and we all got up late so there wasn't much morning together. Peyton fixed pancakes though and he got ready and left. I talked to Ellis and worked a bit of the top shelf of the kids' closet. The kids and I ate while he cooked the last batch and then I started dishes. There were a lot. I did those while the kids played and then they watched their shows and I made beds and got my bath. I uploaded some pictures to the computer and checked my email and then I organized the last bit of the kids' closet. I started laundry and the kids had lunch and I started an email I needed to send and folded some laundry. The kids had rest time and I had my lunch and worked on a post and sent another email. I rested a bit myself and when they got up, I folded a bunch more laundry. My friend Emily who was buying a piece of furniture I was selling on Craigslist came by with her husband to pick it up and we visited a bit. I put up the laundry and helped the kids pick up toys and then they had supper and I put up the dry dishes. I read to the kids and got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and then talked to my mom until Peyton got home. The kids STILL weren't asleep. We ate supper and they finally went to sleep. We chatted and went to sleep ourselves.

Peyton got up and heated up pancakes for breakfast on Friday and I got up with a headache. I had a Coke and Saltines and felt a bit better. I made our bed and the kids' beds and they cleaned up their room. Peyton had started cleaning the burner covers because he had spilled something on the stove and then he got his lunch together and got ready and left for work. I straightened around the house and got on the compute while the kids watched their shows. They played with Button Art while I took my bath and got dressed. I put some more decorative stuff out and cleaned off the kitchen table and put up some laundry of Peyton's. We got a shipment of Five in a Row books and the kids looked through those while I got lunch ready. I vacuumed in the den and did dishes. I swept some in the kids' room and then vacuumed the kitchen. I decided to mop it since I had already moved the chairs. The kids played while I did that and then had a very short rest time because the cousins were coming over. I had my lunch and uploaded some pictures for a blog post.

Elizabeth and her kids got here and we had such a fun time playing with them. It was kind of a gloomy afternoon so it was nice to have friends over to enjoy our inside time with. They stayed for a couple of hours and when they left we got ready to go to Mickey and Minnie's. When we got there, Annie spent about forty minutes working puzzles by herself in my mom's room. I peeked at her and she was quietly singing "Found the missing piece, found the missing piece, oh oh oh! Should we celebrate, should we celebrate? no no no!" each time she found a piece. I think she just needed to decompress. She's such an introvert. Anyway, we ate and played and then we headed home. Graves fell asleep in the car and AP went to sleep soon after we got home. I got on the computer for a minute and then Peyton got home and we talked. I sent an email and went to bed.

The kids slept late on Saturday and I woke up with a headache. I was determined for another productive day, though. Annie was a WRECK. I think she was still exhausted but she was just so emotional all morning. I started their shows and took a bath and checked my email and then I hung up a shower curtain my mom had had fixed and did a few other things to make the bathrooms look prettier. I also took out the bathroom trash and stocked them with extra toilet paper under the cabinets. I started some laundry and fixed the kids breakfast and we ate and I straightened a bit. I did dishes and folded some laundry and then I worked on my chalkboard in the kitchen. The kids ate lunch and then had rest time and I got on the computer and had my lunch. They played some and I did a few more things around the house and then we ran to the grocery store for like two things. We got home and picked up toys and then they had supper and I put fresh sheets on our bed. I wrote out my kitchen quote and then I cleaned up the kitchen and played with the kids for half an hour. I read to them and they had a bath and then I got them ready for bed.

I had a headache all day on Sunday, but it still managed to be a great day. We got up and got ready and had decided to go for a return visit to St. Peter's By-the-Lake. The service started late because someone got ill, but it was a great service. Peyton told me on the way home that he really enjoyed the sermon. We grabbed my phone (I had left it in a rush) and headed to his parents' house to visit. When we got there he told me that they were keeping the kids and we were going out on a little lunch date for our anniversary. We ended up going to Broadstreet, then browsing at Lemuria, and then driving around looking at old neighborhoods in Fondren. Perfect date!

We picked up the kids and headed home after really visiting some. We saw a bike on somebody's curb in our neighborhood and after we changed we went back to check it out. By the time we got there, the people were in the yard. It turned out it needed new tubing for the wheels but that was it. And we visited with our neighbors we had never met for like twenty minutes! We watched a documentary Peyton bought a long time ago on birds which was perfect since AP loves them so much. After that, I started working on this huge process of (somewhat) organizing and backing up everything on the computer to get ready to wipe it out. It's such a mess. I did that for awhile and Peyton fed the kids supper and then we all played and got them ready for bed. I made some egg salad and ate it and got on FB and then went to bed.

I'll be back soon for the next installment =)

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