Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Goals and Happenings

This is my favorite header/background in a really long time. I'm kinda obsessed with our Summertime pictures, I love the colors and the sunshiney feel, and it just makes me feel good. The quote is from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I was recently telling a friend how it's my favorite book (and was long before we actually lived in Brooklyn) and so it occurred to me to check GoodReads for a quote. I found some really good ones, but this one seemed fitting because it's so where I am right now- just focusing on the little things that make me happy.

July was a fun month. We didn't do a whole lot and Peyton actually worked a ton. But we made it out to the pool as much as we reasonably could and the kids and I got a lot of school in.

August should be pretty low-key:
-The biggest thing is that Peyton is starting a new schedule. I'll blog more about it soon I'm sure, but I'm really excited for it, although I know it will require some adjustment.
- We (the kids and I- that's part of the deal with Peyton's schedule is that he'll be working Sundays) are still going to be visiting churches.
- And we'll still be practicing standard (more on that in a minute).
- It's the last month for the pool and they have reduced hours, but we're definitely going to try to make the most of it!
- We haven't figured out what we're signing the kids up for in the way of extra-curriculars for Fall, but we a lot of them start pretty soon so we're going to make a decision and sign up this week, hopefully.
- Hopefully we can also get in some early morning park trips before it gets really hot.
- We have several fun things with friends already on the calendar and I'm hoping to add several more!

Here were my  July goals:

1. Start and end each day with a devotion. This is a SHOCKER, but I did pretty well with my morning one but not so much with the evening one. It's not that I like the morning one better and honestly, I am such a night owl so I don't have that for an excuse. I think I just forgot mostly. (Faith)

2. Go out alone with Peyton at least once. Sadly, this didn't happen. We did have a couple of take out date nights like in Brooklyn which I do enjoy. It was just going to be rough trying to work something in with Peyton's schedule. We'll do it another month! (Family)

3. Prioritize our children's friendships. I'm going to be honest- it's hard to find the balance with this with school. And I only have two kids and we don't do a whole lot else. Some of it also definitely had to do with Peyton's workload and being down to one car. Overall, I don't think I did great. I will say that Graves's best little friend (really, his only little boy friend his age) had a birthday party and MY MOM ended up having to take us. It was sort of hysterical. But it was so important to me, after missing several of our best friend's birthdays, to be at this one. I was so glad we could work it out to be there. (Relationships)

4. Plan meals and cook regularly. I felt like we had gotten started with a good habit and then came all those days Peyton picked up (look, I'm going to blame everything on those darn extra days) and it just didn't happen like I wanted it to. (Health) 

5. Finish For the Love and start one new book. I literally have the "conclusion" to go. I'm counting it =) (Education/Edification) 

6. Make a list of any (small) final purchases for the house, purchase them, and be DONE for awhile. I've done this and I'm really happy with where we are. Well, I made the list. I haven't bought everything, but that's okay.  (Finances)

7. Sort the entire contents of the sunroom and attempt to donate or sell everything (and put a few pieces of furniture in my parents' storage unit) by the end of the month. This didn't happen and I knew it wouldn't about halfway through the month. I just kind of immersed myself in homeschooling and didn't really make time for it. (Simplicity)

8. Daily express thankfulness over at least one thing. I didn't make note of it like I said I would, but I did do it mentally a good many days. I'm planning to blog a bit more about this.  (Joy/Gratitude) 

9. Catch up on the blog. I feel like it's finally happening. I'm not SO behind on the Weekly Happenings and kids' letters (I still have work to do) and I'm mostly posting things like this on time. (Additional Goal)

10. Research and figure out what our new car will be! Welllll....this is a post all its own, but we're really considering just being a one car family for right now. It has a lot to do with Peyton's schedule, but I think we can make it work. Now, we're just trying to make sure I can manage learning standard of if we need to sell Peyton's car and buy an automatic. (Additional Goal)

11. Print pictures for all the empty frames around the house. Nope. I thought about it once or twice. Does that count? (Additional Goal)

12. Finish Parks and Rec and pick another fun "Summer" show to start. Nope. Because we realized there's another session that isn't available to stream yet but we put it on our DVD queue. (Fun Goal)

And now, August's goals:

1. Finish my current Bible study and figure out a new one. I'm towards the end of this one and I'm sort of thinking I want to do something different this time. I've been using the same series for a few years and I love it, but I'd like some variety. (Faith)

2. Ease into Peyton's new schedule. [This is basically me saying I'm going to try not to flip out because I know it's going to be ALOT of change. Good change, but still, change. (Family)

3. Have at least one family over for dinner this month. This is really out of my comfort zone and strangely (since our space was so much smaller and well, weirder) it seemed a bit easier in NYC. I guess I just didn't put as much pressure on myself because almost everyone we knew lived in tiny shoebox apartments and still managed to extend lots of gracious hospitality. Anyway, I was talking to a friend about how hard this is and then we actually went over to some other friends' house later that week. And it was so much fun! So I really want to push myself here. (Relationships)

4. Plan and cook regularly. Giving this a shot again. (Health)

5. Consider, and plan for, the Fall semester. Since Peyton's going to be home more, he's planning to do some science with the kids. Just little experiments and that sort of thing. I also want to consider exactly what I want for Graves and think specifically about what I'd like to add in.  (Education/Edification) 

6. Attend at least one local free or low-cost activity or event. (Finances)

7. Figure out what our weeks will look like with this new schedule and meet weekly to plan. I know a lot is going back to this, but it's a pretty big change. I know Peyton and I will both be happeir if we have a plan and having a "meeting" weekly seems to do that. (Simplicity)

8. Blog about what I'm learning about thankfulness (this may be more than one post). (Joy/Gratitude) 

9. This TOTALLY belongs in the Education/Edification category and I almost got rid of the one in it and put this one there but that seemed dumb. Anyway, learn to drive standard well. Peyton's going to have plenty of time and I'm giving myself to the end of the month to see if it's something I can do. Then I'm going to give myself a few months to see if it's something I can handle long term or if it totally drives me nuts. (Additional Goal)

10. Make good use of the pool when it's open and really help the kids continue to develop their swimming skills. (Additional Goal)

11. Get a couple of sno cones before the Summer ends. I really wanted one all Summer in Brooklyn last year and they were so hard to find. Now, I could get one anytime and I haven't thought much about it. I've got to change that! (Fun Goal)

Here's to August, a month in which we enjoy the pieces of Summer all the more, knowing they are fleeting. May we immerse ourselves in the bright beaming sun, the cool blue chlorine waters, and the happiness found in being home. 

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Bech and Marley Evans said...

I used to really struggle with having people over. Our first year of marriage, Bech and I fought about it a lot because I was so worried about making sure everything was perfect. But after living in so many places and in such a variety of places, I have had to just get over that. I still want to create a good meal for people. But it doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't have to be perfect. My only goal is to make sure they feel welcome and don't feel like they are stressing us out (because I have been at people's houses before where I felt like all my visit did was stress them out). My goal is to have the sort of home and life and mindset where Bech could call me at 4:30 and say he invited someone for dinner. I'm not totally there but I'm getting closer every year. I think you should just focuse on how much you enjoy being a guest at another persons home and how little you worry about how perfect it is!