Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter to (Three Year and Three Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

We've been having a fun Summer- you are loving the sunshine and the long days. You are just like your papa in that you go and go and go and then CRASH. 

We've had a pretty low key Summer. It's felt long and lazy and I tend to like it that way. I think you do, too. You're such an easy going little guy and that seems to fit in well with an unscripted season like Summer. 

I will say that the squitos seem to agree with me about who the sweetest little boy in all of the South is and you have gotten eaten up. Poor guy! You've also helped me take down a wasp or two with some kitchen spray, a hard cover book, and a piece of toilet paper to flush him in. 

I had two classmates getting married the same evening (actually three of my classmates, two of them were marrying each other!) and Papa and I both really felt like we needed to be at both. We split up and he and AP drove to Tupelo for one wedding and you were my date to the one here in town. You were pretty sad and miserable when Papa and Annie left but fortunately Mickey and Minnie were going to the same wedding we were so that made you plenty happy. You sat SO still in the church and were very, very quiet. Truly, I think it was the quietest and stillest waking half hour of your life. 

We did take a trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There was bacteria in the water and it stormed nearly the whole time. And I sort of nearly lost my mind. But it was fun having lots of time together, the four of us. You did keep me laughing...when I wasn't pulling my hair out. 

We finally got your side of your's and Annie's room FINISHED. The clown, Wild Thing, and acrobats on your wall are no accident. You are all those things so unapologetically, and while bold colors and vintage motifs and nods to literature are certainly peeks into my loves, I hope this space feels so perfectly yours.

You guys are the most insane sleepers, in all the best ways. And there's not a day that I'm not thankful for it. Annie was confidant a Duplo piece was stuck under you while you were asleep and she wanted us to get it. Instead, Papa taught her how to safely (and gently) roll you over. She literally rolled you all the way over, got the piece, and rolled you back. And you never woke up

It was a working vacation for Papa and that was part of what made it hard to navigate. One evening he came in and turned right back around and took y'all to run get food at nearly midnight (yes, y'all were still up and yes, he's so dear). I stayed behind in the hotel and I heard y'all in the parking lot when y'all were coming in. Especially you. No, that's not a drunk college beach bum. That's just Baby Graves out for his midnight McDonalds run.

So much about you makes me laugh right now. You know you're married to a huge dork when your four year old names his toy dinosaur "Podcast" but you certainly did just that. 

I tried to do a little interview thing with you and AP (like asking you guys how old I am and what my favorite color is). Honestly, your answers would only make sense if someone really knew you (the rest wouldn't make sense if they did or not).

You love to build things and take things apart. You are our little engineer! Recently you got out your tools and built a "diving board" for Early (Annie's favorite Beanie Baby).

You are so sweet. I told yo recently that may NOT say "Oh my Lord!" but he could say something fun instead like "oh my pineapple!" or "oh my hula hoop!" One night at Mickey and Minnie's house you corrected Minnie and told her she should just say "Oh my sweet kids!". I asked for clarification, but of course you were referring to yourself and AP. There are so many things I adore about you. 

Another night you spread out a bunch of pjs on the floor and said "now there's lots of Gravesy-es".Still another day, you did something for Annie and you told me "I just wanted her to say 'Sweet little Gravesy'". Gosh, you melt my heart.

I'm pretty sure the end is nigh. Minnie parted your hair one afternoon at her house and told me that you were so "beautiful" it might be time for a "little boy haircut" (instead of his signature Buster Brown).

You are growing up so much, Bud! I'm so thankful for your sweet and carefree spirit and the joy you bring to all of us.


Momma (and Papa) 

P.S. Your jammies are a 3T. They have mustaches on them and they are some of my favorites. You know this and you often put them on, grin wide, and say "Do I look cute?".

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