Saturday, August 8, 2015

Undignified Honors and New Adventures

We took the Buick in about a month ago for a couple of things and when Tony called I could tell it wasn't good and I passed the phone right to Peyton. Peyton told me he said, in his sweet country voice, "Mr. Herrington, I'm going to be honest with you, that car isn't safe for your family to ride in" (sidenote: Tony Jr. is precious to me and part of falling back in love with the South has to do with people in various industries who make you feel genuinely cared for). Anyway, Tony handed Peyton five hundred dollar bills that afternoon and sold it off as scrap metal the next day. I was pretty anxious about not having a car I could drive (Peyton has a standard) until we could figure out what's next. But I was mostly just sort of sad. The Buick was nearly always the dorkiest car in any parking lot I frequented. But it was special to me because it belonged to my grandmother, who was literally one of the best friends I ever had, while she was on Earth. Because it was hers, driving it was sort of an undignified honor (in my opinion, like wiping baby bums and wetting your pants a little every time you cough, these are sometimes the most profound). One thing I know for sure, Bump would be so proud of our adventures. Onto new ones! 

We now know that one of those adventures is, at least for the time being, becoming a one car family. It feels a little crazy and I like to be in control and this sort of puts me in a position that is mostly the opposite of that, but as we ease into Peyton's new schedule (more on that to come) a second car seems more and more like an unnecessary extravagance. So we're working together more to coordinate activities and errands, we're prioritizing effective communication, I'm learning a new skill, and we're spending more time together. When I look at all the additional benefits, it becomes hardly even a burden at all. 

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