Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weekly Happenings #331 (July 27-August 2)-- Productive

[one of our craziest to date, I think!]

Looking back over this, goodness, I was PRODUCTIVE. Peyton was working a good bit, so I managed to get a good bit done around the house. Sometimes it's so hard to find the balance. I wouldn't want this every week but it's GREAT when it happens from time to time. Also, look at me catching up to the first week of August while it's still August! Whew!

Peyton was home for a bit on Monday morning and he let me sleep late and cooked muffins with the kids. I got up right before he left and ate my breakfast and started laundry. I took out the trash and made the bed and I deleted a bunch of pictures from my phone and uploaded some. I took my bath and planned school and our day. We did morning school and the kids had lunch. I took some pictures of things to sell and did dishes and then they had rest time. I ate my lunch and got on the computer. Peyton got home early and we visited and then he and Graves went outside to work on something and I did English with AP. I got ready and Carrie came over and picked me up and we went to Amerigo's. We had such a great time and then got Frostys (because Wendy's was the only place open) on the way home. When I got home, I unloaded laundry and folded some and then went to bed.

Peyton and I woke up and chatted on Tuesday morning. I had a headache so I went back to bed. I slept late and then had breakfast and got on the computer as Peyton was leaving. I took my bath, made our bed, and planned the day and school. We did morning school and the kids had lunch. I started laundry and they had rest time.
I told AP NOT to ask me a certain question again. Left the study for a few minutes and came back to find this on the desk. She gives me a run for my money.

I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I read some blogs and then they got up and I did math with AP. They cleaned up their room and the kitchen table and I organized my shoes and straightened a bit. I dusted a little and swept and scrubbed the bathroom floors. They ate supper and I did dishes. I read to the kids and then popped them in the tub and vacuumed the den and kitchen and mopped in the kitchen. I got them out and took their monthly pictures and then made a tomato tart and organized pictures on the computer. Peyton got home and we talked and I wrote a post and read some. It was super late and then my college roomate texted me because she saw I put something on Instagram. Her alarm system had gone off and she was wide awake so we talked for half an hour. It was after two by the time I got to bed.

Same exact position and it's their papa's favorite, too. He loves to hike his leg and sleep diagonally. Basically ensuring anyone else in the bed is miserable

The kids slept super late on Wednesday and we got up with just enough time to get ready and make the beds. Peyton dropped me off at Banner Hall around eleven thirty and took the kids to the pool. I just enjoyed some quite time and then met my friend Emily at Broadstreet. We had such a wonderful visit. Peyton picked me back up and we came home and he got ready for work. I found cat throw up in the laundry room and cleaned that up, gathered laundry, cleaned up some leaky kitchen trash, put up dishes, cleaned out the microwave, put up dishes, got on the computer, and did more dishes. The kids played for an hour while I did most of that and then had lunch. They played with play dough and I edited and backed up pictures on the computer. They had rest time and I sent an email and a FB message, listed items on a garage sale page, and read a few blogs.

I did English with AP and Graves joined us. They had supper and I cleaned up the kitchen and then I read to them and did their nighttime routine and they watched their shows right before bed since they didn't get to that morning. They went to "bed" and I worked on a post until Peyton got home. I had started to cook supper and cut into a squash that was rotten. I was gagging and my eyes were watering when he got home. He offered to get me take out but it was so late and nothing good was open. He ended up scooping up the kids, mid night party, and taking them to Kroger. I finished the post while they were gone. They went to bed (for real) and Peyton made us sandwiches.
Look, goofball, I know you want to do "tricks" when you grow up (which basically means be a gymnast/acrobat) and I'm sure this will encourage flexibility, but it's really no way to get good rest.

We ate and went to bed ourselves. It was pretty late.

Everyone slept late again on Thursday. Peyton had to work in Vicksburg around noon, but he made pancakes with the kids. I ate with them and cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then took my bath, got on the computer, made all the beds, and planned school. I kept finding little things that needed attention (cleaning out the filter in my hair dryer, the dust on the very top of the tub "wall"- like the part that's waterproof and cuts off before you get to the ceiling). I let the kids watch three shows and then we did morning school and had a late lunch. They had rest time and I read some blogs and ate my lunch. I did math with Annie and then the kids cleaned up their room. I fixed them supper and listed some stuff on Craigslist. They had a bath and it ended up being a major ordeal. AP scratched Graves and we had a big talk and then she got upset with him again. I came in there and she started to reach out to hurt him again in front of me. I abruptly washed her off and ended the bath for her and she LOST IT. I won't give too many details but there was tons of tears, screaming, and her trying to run herself a new bath in the sink. Good grief. I felt like I handled it well and I ended up locking the door so I could finish with Graves. I got him out and she finally calmed down. Peyton got me Newks and we ate and then I finished a post and went to bed.

Graves got up earlier than usual on Friday (Peyton had already left for work). He snuggled in bed with me and played with a thermometer (oops) and then had breakfast. Annie got up and they watched their shows and I made up the bed and actually went through some piles of stuff and organized in our room. I got on the computer, ate breakfast, and took my bath. We didn't do any school that day and we mostly had a relaxed morning and then ate lunch.
Annie has set up her nightstand as a home for Steggy. The top is her apartment and the bottom is her "storage unit", according to Annie (basically, she just throws epic amounts of crap down there so she can keep her studio neat and minimalistic; as you do). She also attached the little wooden box to be a porch and she told me that Steggy often has her friends over for a party on the rooftop like at Calvary-St. George's. Fifteen months of city living really had an impact in this girl 

I got them settled for rest time, ate my lunch, and got on the computer. Towards the end of rest time I had them straighten their room and get stuff together for the pool and my parents' house. I got dressed and we all had a snack. Peyton got home and I ran up to the attic to look for something and ended up hurting my back and getting in an awful mood. We went to the pool and had a nice time, but it was closing early for a party. We still got an hour in and then headed to my parents. We visited and ate supper and then got the kids ready for bed and headed home. We left earlier than usual since Peyton had to work the next day but Graves did fall asleep in the car. I read blogs a bit and went to sleep.

Peyton worked on Saturday and we had a nice day, overall. The kids got up and played and then I fixed them scones for breakfast.

If you're a words of affirmation person, you migt want to get on this guy's team. 

We all ate and I took my bath and made the beds. I got on the computer and then we did morning school and math.
It was a hard morning for this sweet pea. Lots of tears. The all important "best friend" Steggy got left in the car (the one car we currently own right now) and Peyton was working a twelve hour shift. Towards the end of the morning, she proudly showed me this new gal she constructed herself who is "everything like the real Steggy". Annie seems pretty content with the temporary replacement. Six is beautiful because it's hard for a long time, but not the whole time. There was a time in her life when I'm confident the whole twelve hours would be filled with off and on tears. I'm so proud of how she finds solutions herself and how emotionally healthy and competent she is.

I fixed them lunch and put up dishes, did more dishes, and changed over the laundry. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer and ate my lunch and prepared for English.
What??? (She did ask me how we'd remember that was HER sandwich and I reminded her that she's the only person in this family who saves food from meal to meal like this. Guess that didn't provide Miss Priss with the assurance she'd needed.)

We did English when they got up and then they had supper and cleaned up their room and we read and played and I got them ready for bed. They went to their room and Peyton got home and we all loaded up and went to Target (I wanted them ready for bed even though I knew we were going). I couldn't find the thing I was looking for so we headed home and Peyton played with the kids a bit.
Apparently Annie has specific shoes she wears "at night on quick trips with Papa". Yes, I made him take the four of us to Target after he'd been gone for fourteen hours and had two techs not show up. Price you pay to be a minimalist, yo. One car family and all. 

I got on the computer and Peyton and I talked a lot and then we cut up a big watermelon and ate some and went to bed.

The kids woke up and played on Sunday and I got up and got them breakfast, made the bed, took my bath, and got on the computer while they watched their shows. I had decided we wouldn't do any school, so I played with them a bit and then worked on a bunch of stuff in our room- I went through a box of VHS tapes, a box of tote and cosmetic bags (these were in addition to some I already had organized in my closet), and then a bunch of random stuff (some of my old toys for the children, some random stuff like a handheld fan and a massager device thing I got for labor and childbirth). I also organized the top of my closet a bit more, tried on some clothes a friend had given to me and then I organized and put up all my old yearbooks that had been in the sunroom in the study. I started some laundry and the kids had lunch.

I did dishes and then they had rest time and I ate my lunch, read and did my Bible study, and read blogs.
The latest note of interest. This is for when Graves yells "Rude Girl!" (his favorite insult when he's beside himself angry). Clearly, this is becoming the preferential way to communicate. I was thinking of maybe needing to add some supplemental "composition work" this Fall because handwriting isn't an areas she's strong in, but guess she's got it handled.

The kids got up and had a snack and I finished getting my closet completely organized and changed over laundry. We played and then cleaned up their room and then they had supper and I swept in the bedrooms and the study and vacuumed just the rug in the den. I sent two emails and then I read to them and brushed their teeth and popped them in the tub. I talked to a friend on FB and started working on my header for the month. Peyton got home and I finished the kids' bath and then finished up the header and wrote a post.
[Coney Island Night Party, guys]

I read some blogs and ate supper and went to bed around midnight.
Found them just like this: in the reading nook (closet), with the door closed and the lights on.

Next up, first full week of August! I can't believe how fast this Summer flew by.

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