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Weekly Happenings #332 (August 3-9)-- More Purging, More Annie Notes, and a New A.C. Unit

[Annie told me she loves this picture and that she thinks it's so sweet because "the kiss!". She is honestly one of the least (physically) affectionate people I know. It doesn't bother her, but it's not super natural for her. She shows people how much she loves them in lots and lots of other ways. But I think it says something that she enjoys the photograph so much- children gain a lot from watching the people they look to and admire the most love each other well. There are so many imperfect things about mine and Peyton's relationship and honestly we are careful TO let them see that some too. But I hope they do see, often, how deeply we love each other and how deeply we love them.]

I woke up on Monday with an awful headache. Peyton cooked breakfast before heading to work in Philadelphia. We all ate and then I planned school, made beds, and straightened. Peyton left and I took a bath and got on the computer. We did morning school and math and then I made the kids lunch and did the dishes.
Graves had a nosebleed in the middle of the night last night and I thought I got everything cleaned up. Then he showed me more of the aftermath on Hulk's arm. Of course we eventually had to clean him up but I thought he looked so legit and suggested we play with him just a tiny bit first. I cannot believe how far I've come as a boy mom. 

Doing his hulk face. And that hair! Little mushroom head.

They rested and I had lunch and got on the computer. I finished a post and rested a bit. My head still hurt so bad.

We did English, had a snack, and read our Five in a Row book. The kids straightened their room and then had supper. I talked to a friend on Facebook and read to the kids, played with them a tiny bit, and got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We had supper, watched an SVU, and chatted. I was proud of myself for making it through that day!

I still had a bad headache on Tuesday. Grrr. We were getting a new heater/AC unit and so we were without air all morning. That didn't really help.
We sure picked perfect day to get new AC unit. Our air was fine, but the heater broke and it's all connected. And Peyton had a day off. And he wanted to use one of those credit cards with credit rewards if you spend a certain amount in four months (he's into that game now). We were all a little sweattttttie. 

I got up, took a bath before the workmen got here, and went back to bed. Peyton was already up. We ended up having to wake Graves up when they arrived. The kids watched a show and I actually snuggled with them. Then I worked on going through stuff in the sunroom. I sorted several boxefulls of stuff into donate/sell boxes. I even went through a huge box of shoes.
I'm no minimalist. Not even close. But this is a giant step. [FIFTY FOUR pairs and I still have a pair or more for any occasion I can think of. This kind of waste (in the time it took me to switch them out each season, the money squandered, the emotions used when these shoes yelled at me that our sweet house was not enough) is really disturbing. Lord, forgive me for my sin.

I ate breakfast and Peyton and I took turns watching the kids outside (the workmen were in the yard doing stuff with the outside part, too, and we didn't want them getting hurt or in the way).
A little ice water on the front porch in an effort to keep these ragamuffins out of the way of the workers.

Peyton spray painted curtain rods and repainted the mailbox and weeded around it. I did a little more work on my closet since I found some more stuff that needed to go in there.

We had lunch (Peyton picked up a pizza!) and the AC guys finished up. I cleaned out the desk in the study and then went through the big box of stuff I had put aside to keep. I got most of it to it's correct home. Then we all got ready and headed to the pool. We ended up going to the Y near our house and AP swam so well in the shallow water. We left there and headed to the library to recheck books and vote. It ended up that our subdivision votes at a different spot now. We headed there and then came home and ate supper. The kids had a bath and Peyton put up the curtain rods. I folded some laundry and dried the curtains and then used wrinkle release (I really didn't want to have to iron them). I got them hung up and got the kids out of the tub. I brushed their hair and teeth and read to them and then Peyton played with them a bit. We talked some, ate something, and I went outside and practiced shifting the car. I got on the computer briefly and took another shower (I felt so sticky and gross!) and went to bed.

Wednesday ended up being a little weird because we had some things planned that fell through, but it was still a fun day. We got up around 8:30 and we had a quick breakfast and Peyton and the kids headed to the library to check out some books. I stayed home to get some things done. They ended up staying for story time and I feel like I accomplished a lot. I took out the trash and then spent half an hour hanging (and rehanging) several things in the kids' room. I straightened and made beds in our room and the kids' room and planned school and then got on the computer. I did some dishes and they got home. I finished the dishes, Peyton got ready to meet a friend for lunch, and the kids played. We did morning school and English and then they had lunch. Peyton got home just as they were finishing and we talked while they played some more and then got ready to head to the pool. Well, it ended up thundering on the way there (bad planning on our parts). We ran by the grocery store because we were going over to some friends' house for dinner. We got home and were starting to get ready and Haley texted me to say one of the boys was sick. Bummer! The kids watched their shows and I organized some stuff Minnie had sent over, made a trip to the attic, and took a second bath. Peyton rode his bike to Lowe's twice (he forgot something the first time) and then we ate pretzels and ice cream (and I had tuna and avocado). We played with and read to the kids and got them to bed and then they said they were still hungry. They had eaten a huge "snack" and we were just going to call it supper, but that didn't work. We fixed them some veggies and they ate and went to bed. I read some blogs and finished a post and then went to bed myself.

 I found these cards I used to love about eighteen years ago. We checked to make sure they're all appropriate and I can't wait to share them with Annie. I know she'll think they're just as awesome as I did.

I got up a little after nine on Thursday and Peyton and the kids were making breakfast. I got my bath, made beds, and straightened the kids' room a bit. I ate and started cleaning up the kitchen and Peyton went to meet my dad to take a look at their storage unit (we were moving a few things in there).  I got on the computer and planned school. I finished a book and then we did morning school. I've added a few new things (we have a little magnetic mood thing and the "power thoughts" cards). Plus, I've been talking to Annie about what the Lord's Prayer means now that she has it memorized. The kids played some and I went through some more stuff in the sunroom.

This stuff went to Repeat Street (a consignment store)...

...and this stuff was donated to Gateway Rescue Mission. I hope somebody can use all this! 

I have a weird quirk where I like to take pictures of stuff before I get rid of it and there was noway I was taking pictures of every dinky toy and baby bottle we were donating, but I did want to do the clothes and shoes and a few other things. I did that until Peyton got home and then he played with the kids while I finished. He and Graves went to the grocery store and I had lunch, texted with a friend, and did math with AP. She helped me put up some math manipulatives and I popped her in the tub (Graves had taken a bath the day before due to a potty incident) and started cleaning up the kitchen.

"Calshin", y'all! (Graves slipped and told AP it was "all her fault" because she had just gotten out of the bath and dripped some water. She didn't even fuss back, just ran to the kitchen to create this. I love the way she's used art to help her deal with her emotions in the past, and it makes me grin wide to think writing might be a similar tool for her. 

Peyton and Graves got home and we put up groceries and I worked some more on cleaning the kitchen. I realized I had a good bit to do and I wanted to really clean the floors because they had gotten so gross when the air conditioning guys were here (they cleaned out the vents and they mostly cleaned up the mess but they kids had been having dirty feet and Peyton reminded me that was why) and I had laundry I needed to work on. Plus, I wanted a little time to just sit, to be honest. So he took the kids to the pool and I stayed home.

I finished up the dishes, changed over the laundry, ran up to the attic to get something, popped on the computer for a minute, and then got to work on the floors. I vacuumed in the kitchen and then scrubbed them on my hands and knees. I did the den with suction tools and then did the big areas. Then I did the bedrooms and office and then did the suction tools on them. Whew! I folded some clothes and the kids and Peyton got home. We got ready and dropped the kids off at Peyton's parents' house. Peyton and I got sushi and then went to Fondren First Thursday and had a really fun time walking around. We picked up the kids a little after nine and came home and put them to bed. We loaded up the car with stuff to send to Gateway. I wrote a post and went to bed.

Graves joined us at some point the night before so we woke up on Friday and snuggled and talked. Annie woke up and I got them breakfast and got the trash can from the street, folded some towels, and put up dishes.
Annie's latest note was for the garbage men- "watch out messy trash"- it was leaky and pretty disgusting

The kids watched Reading Rainbow for the first time and I popped in and out. I handed them their clothes and made beds and ironed the shorts I was going to wear and then jumped in the tub. I dried my hair and fixed Annie's and then did dishes and got on the computer while the kids finished their shows. Carrie and her grew got here and we had a wonderful time visiting. The kids ate lunch and colored some but they mostly spent the whole time outside even though it was SO HOT. The Howies left a little later than usual because they got here a little later than usual and the kids brought in stuff they had taken outside. I helped pick up their room (which actually wasn't very messy at all) and they had a snack and then had rest time. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. I had a sandwich and we talked and then we loaded up and headed to Mickey and Minnie's house.
[styled by Annie]

We had a really nice, relaxing visit and got home earlier than usual- around nine. We're trying to get out of there a bit earlier since Peyton's going with us and has to work the next day. We got the kids settled and I wrote a post and read some blogs and then did my Bible study and went to bed.
She told me that she loved the day =)

Graves woke up on Saturday and I fixed him breakfast and laid back down. Annie got up and joined him and then I got up and gathered laundry, unloaded some stuff Minnie had sent, stripped the beds, and took out the trash. I organized the stuff Minnie had sent (some disposable and cloth diapers she had been holding onto forever) and then unpacked some curtains I had gotten down from the attic. I took my bath, planned school, and started laundry.

[also known as "disciplining Graves"]

now, that's more like it! 

We did morning school and math and then had lunch. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer and had my lunch. After rest time, we did English and read our Five in a Row book. Then they ate supper and I put the clean sheets on all of the beds. I read to them and played with them and then Peyton got home. I put them in the tub and sprayed wrinkle release stuff on the curtains and hung them up. The kids finished their bath and went to bed and I read some blogs and talked to my friend Mal. I ate supper and went to bed.
This girl could sleep through ANYTHING. I plucked her unibrow for ten minutes and she just stirred a little. [About the unibrow: when she was an infant I bleached it with Hydrogen Peroxide but I stopped when she got old enough I knew she'd ask for an explanation. Plus, it didn't seem so bad to me. This past year, two people have mentioned it. The first was a gorgeous Guyanese girl who told Annie she had one when she was her age. The second was a little boy in the South Bronx who asked Peyton "why you daughter have a unibrow?". Peyton realized the little boy was probably used to a different cultural environment and had different expectations of beauty than our then five year old. He told him "Well, she's always had it and I think she's beautiful. She's just a little girl and we don't want to do something that will make her self conscious and worried about her appearance". Such a good and wise Papa. (And, FWIW, I don't think it was a deal breaker for the little guy- he told Peyton the next week "your daughter's cute" ) Lately, though, it's gotten INTENSE. When I uploaded her monthly picture a couple of months ago I was shocked how strong it was. And Minnie let me know that she and Cookie were "concerned". Peyton was still adamant she not know anything about it for now and I agree. But the midnight plucking procedure seemed like a good work around.] Sidenote: I'm never doing it anywhere but the reading nook chair; it worked perfectly! Second sidenote: I wish there was such an easy fix for my thumbs I mutilated became I but them so bad when I had anxiety at her age. Too bad that's a permanent condition.

Sunday was such a nice, relaxed day. I had absolutely no agenda and the kids were mostly cooperative. They got up and played and I felt terrible- my back hurt and I felt sort of sick at my stomach. When I got up, though, I felt a lot better. The kids had breakfast and I took a bath and straightened a little, had breakfast, and gathered and started laundry.

I got on the computer and they watched their shows and then I read to them some. They played and then had lunch and I put up clothes and did dishes.
There was a fly in the house and they put out these half eaten sweet peppers to "attract" him so they can catch him and put him outside. Totally unaware they're not everybody's favorite food.

I read a lot of blogs at rest time and started Their Eyes Were Watching God. They got up and played some and had a snack and I swept up play dough and sand from the morning, put up dishes, and folded a ton of laundry.

Annie has gotten more and more serious about her part in the instruction in homeschooling. She created an original tracing sheet for Graves. It reads "a baib (baby) ran awae frum its momma". She told us that needs to get back to his momma dinosaur (which Graves's little face is blocking) and it needs to not bump into the meat-eaters on either side of the path.

I did their nighttime reading and played with them and then cooked supper so we could all eat together when Peyton got home. I even cut up a massive watermelon. We all ate and I got the kids to bed and cleaned up the kitchen. Peyton and I sort of planned the week and talked and then I read some more blogs. I went to bed pretty late.

[Annie in her reading nook after bedtime, just really deep in a good book.]

I can't believe I'm caught up enough to be only two weeks behind of these! Whoo-hoo! I still need to write the kids' letters for this month and catch up on my Smorgasbord posts, but I'm feeling a lot better about the blog! 

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