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Weekly Happenings Post #328 (July 6-12)-- Saying Goodbye to the Old Buick

I realized when I was working on this post that it's been basically a FULL MONTH with only one car. And a car that I can't even drive. It's been really  rough at times and I still miss my Buick (that deserves its own post), but we've managed. Peyton's schedule has really, really improved so I'm planning to get a lot more time in the driver's seat and hopefully be driving it confidently in the next week or so! 

Monday was a fun, busy day. I got up and had breakfast and got a bath and got dressed. I got the kids ready and we headed to Morgan's house for a little play date. Peyton was already up and doing lots of chores and projects and making the most of his day off. We had a WONDERFUL time visiting and Annie and Graves had fun playing with John Stuart. We got home after lunch and Minnie was at our house to help arrange some things. She helped with that and then left and the kids cleaned up their room. They had supper and I played with AP while Peyton and Graves cooked muffins. I ate something and then we got the kids settled and I read their Bible story to them. They went to bed and we picked blueberries in the backyard. I started some laundry and got on the computer. I went to sleep around midnight.

Our heater is broken and Peyton wanted to get it fixed before Winter so someone came over to discuss that on Tuesday. I slept late (I got up right before the person got here) and then took a bath and started laundry. I planned school and got on the computer and then we did our morning school routine. The kids ate lunch and I did some laundry and sent some emails and texts and then started dishes. They ate earlier than usual and wanted to play together in the den in a little "house" they made with the chairs.
Summer is for...not the faint of heart. A slug crawled on my foot when I went in the laundry room without turning on the light and then the next day a wasp got in the house (honestly, the slug induced a lot more screeching and wailing). I got the wasp with the counter cleaner and Back to Mississippi hardback. The hardest part was distracting this overly brave fella who really wanted in on the action.

I let them do that and finished the dishes and then I read to them and they had rest time. I made an egg salad sandwich and they ended up playing together. I got on the computer and read some blogs and then did critical thinking and English with AP. Graves got up and we did math and then they cleaned up a bit while I did laundry, swept all over the house, and scrubbed the bathroom floors. We played animals and read our Five in a Row book and they ate supper and I finished cleaning bathrooms and put up dishes. I gave them a bath and then got on the computer and cooked Peyton and myself a tomato tart. We ate it with fresh watermelon and blueberries and then I folded a TON of wash and we watched several episodes of Parks and Rec.

Peyton was off again on Wednesday and it was super busy and also really fun again. We got up and got ready and dropped my car off at the mechanics. We came home and I did dishes and then Carrie and her kids arrived. We had a nice play date but Peyton was home doing projects, Minnie called with an urgent question about pot plants, we got an unexpected update about my car, and we had another company come give us a quote on the heater. Whew! Carrie and her kiddos left and I straightened a bit and then Minnie came over and Peyton and I went and met with the priest at St. Peter's By-the-Lake. It was a good meeting and I left with a really wonderful feeling, but I'm not sure it's THE place. I'm not sure THE place is here, though :-/. After that, we went back to the car place and cleaned out my car totally so it could be sold as scrap metal the next day. We came home and Minnie left and we decided to take a walk to Lowe's since we needed to go anyway. It was almost seven and we got back around nine. Peyton fixed the kids super and I got them ready for bed. They fell asleep fast. I was super tired, too and I fell asleep but then woke back up. Peyton worked on a project and I finished a post and then we chatted. I had some cereal and we watched an Unsolved Mysteries episode and went to sleep.
Graves set all this up and said "now there's lots of Gravesy-es".

The kids woke up pretty late on Thursday and then played in their room. We had breakfast and got a slow start. I got on the computer and took my bath and called my dad. I made the bed and straightened some and then played with the kids. We did morning school plus math and then they had lunch and I did dishes. They had rest time and I got on the computer and ate my lunch and Peyton got home. We talked a bit and then got ready to drop the kids off at my parents' house and head to a fish fry fundraiser for our friend Haydn who is running for Chancery Court Judge. We had a wonderful time at the fish fry and saw so many old friends. We picked up the kids and headed home and put them right to bed. I got on the computer a bit and rehung some of the plaques that looked off and then went to bed.

I was supposed to walk with Mal on Friday but she got sick so we ended up cancelling. Peyton and the kids had already headed to the park so I got ready and checked something I was selling on the computer, did my devotion, made a list for the day, and went through my Reader really quickly. If I was ambitious, I would have planned school, but I wanted to enjoy my people and the sunshine. I walked over to the park and met Peyton and the kids and they played a little more and then we walked back. The kids had lunch and Peyton and I discussed car options and then he left and I took a shower while they watched their shows. I did morning school stuff with them. They rested and I got on the computer, rested a little myself, and did English and critical thinking with AP. Graves got up midway through and we had a hard time. He was so cranky for some reason. We cleaned up their room and then did our Five in a Row book. I fixed them supper and they ate. We read and they had baths. I got on the computer a tiny bit and Peyton got home. We ate and watched TV and went to bed pretty early.

Saturday was a pretty good day. The kids got up late and they ate breakfast while I responded to a Facebook message. They watched their shows and I got a bath. They did get into a big fight and that took some time to work through. I put up some laundry and started some more, looked over school stuff, and went through my reader. We did morning school and math and had lunch.
AP: "Arbor" (the dinosaur) night-shifts at the castle. Seal makes sure he doesn't fall asleep by using an "uh uuh uuh" (very realistic seal noises) alarm".

The kids had rest time and I ate my lunch and got on the computer and then took a little nap because I could feel a headache coming on. I woke up feeling a lot better and we all went to the kitchen and did Annie's English. I fixed some green beans and cut up a watermelon and they ate. I started cleaning up the kitchen. They finished and I read to them and Peyton got home. He helped me brush their teeth and we took the family picture and got them to bed. Graves fell asleep pretty fast but Annie had a hard time (and a big meltdown). I ate some pizza Peyton had heated up and put up the green beans and we actually went to sleep shortly after she did.

I didn't sleep great that night and I really hadn't the night before for some reason. I woke up with a headache on Sunday and took some medicine really early and went back to sleep. Graves woke up after Peyton left for work and I fixed him breakfast and laid back down for a little bit. He came and got in bed with me and we talked about super heroes. He wanted to do some kinetic sand so I got up and started laundry and put up dishes. The kids played and I took my bath and made up the bed. I got on the computer and read my devotion and then did some dishes.
Y'all, Graves named this rabbit Peter Corn Rebel. I am so thankful the Lord gave him to me because he reminds me every day not to take life so seriously.

 I fixed them lunch and then they had rest time earlier than usual. I got on the computer and ate lunch and took another nap. When they got up, they cleaned up their room and I vacuumed in the den and kitchen and mopped the kitchen. I did a few dishes and packed a supper and we headed to the park.

Summer is for...sweating our tails off. Peyton had been working loooong days and we still hadn't figured out the car sitch. I told Annie we'd "have" to walk to the park if we went and she said "Of COURSE that's no big deal, Momma. We don't have a car to use but really there are two others reasons to walk: one- it's healthy for our legs and two- the park is so close to our house. She's right of course, but geez it was hot! Anything for that goofy, care-free grin, though! 

Also, Summer is for...milking the jon jons for all they're worth. Anytime it let him choose his own outfit, he picks this whale number that belonged to his cousin. I'll probably call it quits after this Summer (or maybe we'll still do them for church from time to time at five, we'll see ) but I'm grateful Peyton has NEVER given me grief about what I put him in. And that he still looks like such a baby so I get away with a ton (people always guess he's two and AP's four and I'm sure it's partly this get up). And that he's never asked to stop wearing "baby clothes" (perks of homeschooling but it probably also has to do with a solid half of the priests/pastors at churches we've visited and attended telling him they'd like his outfit for themselves; gotta love a good-humored clergyman). 

Can I help you with that water bottle, Dude?

We ate and played and walked home. We read and then I put them in the tub. I got them to bed and got on the computer. Peyton got home late (he went to visit his brother after work) and I made pimento cheese and took a shower. We chatted and went to bed late.

Up next WH post: starting to learn to drive standard and another low key week at home!

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