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Weekly Happenings Post #329 (July 13-19)-- Starting to Learn to Drive and Missing New York

{least favorite family picture of myself in a loooong time...just keepin' it real}

To be honest, this was a rough week. It really snuck up on me, but I was super homesick for New York. Like badly. Worse than I had been in awhile, and honestly worse than I thought I'd ever be again. There was a lot of really hard crying. This was also the week (literally a month ago) that I started learning to drive Peyton's car (it's a standard). Tonight was the first time I drove by myself. So, all that to say-- it was an emotional, exhausting week. 

I had a headache all day on Monday and was super ahem, hormonal. I slept later than I meant to and then I took a bath and had breakfast and we got started practicing driving.

We practiced in a parking lot and then went to my parents' neighborhood for a bit. We stopped and saw my mom and then practiced some more. We came home and I took a good nap and then we went to Briarwood for a couple of hours. We got home and Peyton took a nap. Ha! I fed the kids and did dishes and then he got up and brushed their teeth and listened to AP read. I read them their books and Bible story and Peyton picked up Newks for us. We ate and watched Unsolved Mysteries. He went to bed and I stayed up way too late reading old posts, stalking Calvary people on Facebook, and listening to the old songs. I got so homesick for NYC and I went to bed in tears.

Peyton left for work around nine something on Tuesday and I got up around then (the kids got up a little before and were playing in their room). I started some laundry and ate my breakfast and got the kids' fixed. They watched their shows and I took a bath, planned the day, and planned school. I read my devotion and then I straightened some and also reorganized some stuff in the laundry room. I took a few pictures for Craigslist and then the kids had lunch. We did morning school and math and they had rest time pretty late.

Lately, AP has been joining Graves in their room for half of rest time (she does school the other half). I sort of pushed back at first because I feel like solitary time is good for all of us and really it's the only break he gives her. But, these days, the alone time happens more naturally: Annie wakes up early and watches the birds and she usually stays up later than him reading. My alone time is incredibly more satisfying when he has a playmate and it's calling me for something every ten minutes. And Mr. Social does have about an hour where he's forced to be alone with thoughts and imaginings because Annie and I need it for school (he usually joins is at the end of rest time and we do more school). Still, I was shocked when this became a daily thing because AP is a true introvert. I asked her why she always wanted to be with Graves and she said "I like him so much". I said "Oh yeah, he's your best friend, right?" And she said "Momma. He's not *just* a best friend. He's a brother." As an unrelated aside, his vocabulary cracks me up. I told them I wanted to take a picture and they started "hugging", which was really more like wrestling on the floor. Then Graves said "No, No! Let's do a lovely hug". I asked him what he meant, assuming he meant a more gentle one. He said "one where you can see our faces" and flashed his flirty smile.

I ate lunch and got on the computer and did a few things. I did critical thinking and a bit of English with AP and then Graves joined us for the rest. We finished up and they had supper. I read to them and they took a bath and then I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed.

Peyton was working again on Wednesday afternoon but he didn't have to be there until two. I got up a little before nine and took a bath and got ready. We all got dressed and had breakfast and then practiced driving. Annie and I had haircuts at eleven and Peyton and Graves ran to the grocery store while they were there. We came home and Peyton mowed and started laundry and put up groceries. I fixed the kids lunch and did dishes and worked on organizing the laundry room.
They love to get down their suitcases, pack, and take pretend trips. Annie put together a map puzzle of the United States and she keeps it under their dresser (so Graves don't destroy it). They pull it out and decide where to send their dinosaurs and themselves to visit. My little adventurers!

Graves's favorite game is "bakery" and making pretend pastries (the other day we were talking about hobbies and he told me his "bestest hobby" is cooking with Papa). Here he's putting "pink maple syrup" (at one point it was pretend salad dressing) on a cookie he made at the bakery.

Peyton left and the kids had rest time. I wasn't in the best mood and I decided to just let them play the whole time and do school later. I talked to some friends on Facebook and read some blogs. When rest time was over, we did morning school, story cubes, and read a Five in a Row book. I was planning to do a lot more but the kids wanted to do a "show" for me and after it was over I looked at the clock and it was seven. I fed them supper and we read and played pretend some. I got them to bed and worked on a blog post. Peyton got home and we sorted some stuff in the sunroom and ate and went to bed.

Peyton worked all day in Hazlehurst on Thursday. The kids got up before me and played a bit and then I got up and we had breakfast, I got on the computer, straightened, and cleaned ups some pillows and stuff from where Graves had had a tee tee accident the night before. I took my bath and read my devotion, planned the day, and planned school.

We did morning school and math and then the kids played a little more and we had lunch. I vacuumed some baking soda off a chair cushion (another accident from the day before). I did laundry and dishes and framed something and the kids had rest time. I got on the computer and had my lunch and then did critical thinking with AP. Graves joined us and we did English. They played and then I read them their Five in a Row book. They cleaned their room and I straightened and folded more laundry. Haydn's brother came over get some stuff we were giving them for a garage sale to raise money for the campaign and the kids ate supper. I read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We talked and I read some blogs. I read and did my Bible study and went to bed.

Friday started out kind of crazy but it ended up being a good day. Peyton was off that morning and I slept late and then hustled and got ready. We were going to buy a birthday present, practice driving, and then swim a bit. Well, we went to Walmart but we couldn't find the present we wanted. Peyton called to see if he could come in late and he realized he actually needed to go in early. The kids were so disappointed we weren't going to get to swim. We decided to get Chik Fil A and have a picnic in the backyard. We picked it up and came home and ate. Peyton got ready for work (and to pick up the present at a different store) and the kids played in the kiddie pool. I hauled the trash and an old box springs to the street and worked on the sunroom a bit. I started laundry, got on the computer, and planned school and the rest of the day. The kids came in and we did our morning school stuff and played pretend and they had a little snack while I did dishes.

 I read to them and they had rest time and I got on the computer. I finished a post and read some blogs and then did my Bible study and took a short nap. I did some critical thinking with AP and Graves joined us for English.
One of Annie's activities in English was constructing this really long, sort of absurd sentence that started with "For my birthday I want..." And then the student is supposed to cut out and add all these silly compound words ("a seashell", "a rainbow", ect.). Annie was stopping me throughout the whole exercise, giggling hysterically and saying things like "Why would he- or she- want a flagpole? Do you think he or she had some sort of little flag? Why did he or she have a flag?" She is so literal and was taking this funny little thing so seriously (like she was laughing about it but I don't think it occurred to her it was just a silly thing that was created that way on purpose) and she's so inquisitive and just can't stop with the Q&A sessions all the time and she's so compulsive and has to use both pronouns every time. She's so basically just like little girl me. And for some reason- I guess because her sense of humor seems sort of immature the way this just had her in stitches- it made her feel little to me. I love it when she gets tickled. (Also, she STILL has baby hands. I'm going to sob when she doesn't anymore.)

We finished that up and they colored some and then we read our Five in a Row book.
AP pulled this out of the trash and told me it's a dinosaur bus (a B60, to be exact) with a Coke advertisement on it. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but....

I started cutting up a watermelon and it smelled so bad. It turned out it was rotten. I fixed the kids supper and went outside and picked a bunch of blueberries and got rid of the watermelon in the compost pile. I read to the kids and they took a bath. I got on the computer and finished the post, listed some stuff on Craigslist, and uploaded pictures. I started listening to a Mockingbird talk and Peyton got home. We ate and watched Parks and Rec and went to bed.

The kids slept pretty late on Saturday and then played for about half an hour. I got up and we all had breakfast and I took a bath and started laundry. We did our morning school and math and then the kids had lunch. I did dishes and wrapped a present for sweet little Jude Howie. The kids had rest time and I ate lunch, read some blogs, and took a quick nap. We all got ready and Minnie came over to pick us up and take us to the party. She dropped us off and went over to visit with one of her friends that lives in Carrie's neighborhood. We had a wonderful time at the party and stayed for about an hour (Minnie had worked all day and I didn't want her to have to wait around a long time for us). We rode over to her house and hung out and had supper. Peyton got off at eight and met us there. We left a little before ten and Graves fell asleep in the car. We got home and I started laundry drying and AP and Peyton went to bed. I finished the Mockingbird talk and put some pictures on Facebook. I also uploaded some to a garage sale group and then I went to bed.

The kids slept pretty late again on Sunday and then I laid in bed and listened to them play for half an hour- my favorite. We all had breakfast and then I took my bath, made the bed, collected, laundry, planned the day, got on the computer, and made a grocery list. We weren't going to church obviously and I hadn't planned to do school so I decided I'd get some stuff done around the house. The kids watched their shows and then played and I dusted and swept in the bedrooms and study and cleaned the bathrooms. I emptied all the trash cans and swept and scrubbed the bathroom floors and then the kids had lunch and I did dishes.
First this was the Math House, then the School House, then the Picnic House. Shhh....don't tell Peyton. I don't want them to mutiny and relocate us to a Tiny House.

They had rest time and I ate my lunch, read, got on the computer, and took a nap. A lady came by to get something I had listed on Craigslist and I reorganized some in the kids' closet. I worked on the sunroom some and the kids played some more. I fixed them eggs and oatmeal for supper and did more dishes. I popped them in the tub and dusted in the den, swept in the den and kitchen, and vacuumed the den rug. I was about to get them out and Peyton got home with groceries. I put them all up and then finished bathing the kids. Peyton and I ate and I got on the computer. I FB messaged with a friend and Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Hopefully, at some point I'll be less than a month behind on these!

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