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Weekly Happenings Post #330 (July 20-26)-- School and Pool

Peyton worked a TON toward the end of July and early August. This was one of those weeks. That said, it ended up not being too bad at all!

Graves and I got up so late (apparently Annie had kissed Peyton goodbye about an hour beforehand when he left for work) on Monday. Carrie and her kids were coming over and fortunately she texted me and said they were going to be a little later than usual. I got the kids started eating breakfast, cleaned up some in the kitchen, picked up the kids room a bit, put up their gingerbread playhouse that had been out since the day before, collected laundry, and took my bath. The kids watched a show and I got on the computer and finished getting ready. I got out their clothes and they got in a fight about what to watch next. I ended up letting AP watch what she wanted to in our room while Graves watched in the den and explained it was just this time. I consolidated some dishes in the sink and Carrie and her kiddos got here. We had a great visit and the children had a lot of fun.

After they left, we all cleaned up and the kids had a little snack and then had rest time. I got on the computer and did dishes and made the dessert to take to some friends' house that evening.

a little bit of Annie's art of the digital variety. Love it when she makes typos on "pink camera" (A Beautiful Mess).

Peyton got home and we all loaded up and headed over to our friends, Beau and Amy's house. We ate hamburgers, laughed a lot, and just enjoyed the time so much. We stayed pretty late and put the kids to bed right when we got home. I got on the computer and read a few blogs and finished a post.

Tuesday was more low key. We all slept really late and then the kids baked muffins with Peyton. We got ready and headed for the pool. We were going to practice driving but we decided to just do a longer pool day that day and drive a lot the next day, rather than trying to fit both in on both days. We had a good time at the pool and then hurried home for Peyton to get to work. The kids watched their shows and I got on the computer and planned school and the day. We did part of our morning school and I started laundry and brought in the trash can and the kids had lunch. They had rest time and I worked on a blog post and finished organizing my closet and tried to put a tiny dent in the sunroom. I did critical thinking with AP and then Graves joined us for English. We read their Five in a Row book and AP read to us and then they had supper. Ellis called and we talked and then I got the kids ready for bed. We read and I played pretend with them a bit and then got them to bed. I cooked supper for me and Peyton and he got home and we ate. I got on the computer and cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

Wednesday was busy but great. I got up before anyone else and got a quick shower and Mallory picked me up and we went walking down by the Reservoir. When we got tired, we sat on a pier near the water. We had the best time and I just loved it so much. Mal dropped me off around eleven and I took another shower (the first one was totally unnecessary obviously, but I feel gross without it). I ate something and got ready and we headed out to practice driving. We did about an hour and I actually really started to pick it up. We left the huge parking lot I've been practicing in and ventured out into our neighborhood. We got home and I planned school and Peyton got ready for work. He left and I started laundry and put up dishes, took out the trash, vacuumed a bit in the laundry room, and straightened some. Annie did her calendar time and memory work and I fixed the kids lunch and did dishes and then we read their devotion. Minnie called and asked about dropping by and I told her of course. I started a blog post and the kids played. We had a great time visiting with her and the kids had some dessert while she was here. She left and they had rest like almost five. I worked on a post mostly and then I did math with AP and Graves joined us.
Toward the end of our math year, Annie had her biggest struggles. And it wasn't fractions, or telling time, or counting money, or division fundamentals (good grief, kindergarten ain't what it used to be!). It was playing "winning games". Poor thing did not like games where she could maybe not win. I felt like the moving process (before we left Brooklyn) was a lot more stressful for her this time, so I didn't push it much and basically figured out ways to make the games not competitive for the tail end. But she's going to have to learn that it's okay to "not win" (she doesn't even know the word lose). It's not just the competition that bothers her, I've realized, it's that it means, basically, she didn't do something perfectly. She was telling me the other day about her Triceratops toy and she goes "his name is Try-er" because he tries and tries until he gets something exactly right". I was like "um, you think she has some anxiety about getting things exactly right?" And Peyton was like "You think??". Bless her heart. We played our first game of the school year (a memory game where you match doubles facts with their sums) and she just happened to kick my tail (to be fair, I was really distracted by Graves). I will say that I love so very much what an intimate role I get in educating her and how when an issue arises, I'm the one who has to (gets to) figure it out.

They ate supper and I did more dishes and straightened. I read to them and played pretend with them a bit and then gave them a bath.
He told me "please wash my hair 'the natural way'" (meaning laying in the water like this, rather than dousing him with a cup). 

I got on the computer and read blogs for a long time. Peyton called and told me his brother was going to spend the night with us. He did tell me he'd turn the air down. OMG, have spend the night company every night then! Anyway, they got here and I fixed something to eat and visited with them. It was pretty late by the time I got to bed.

We all slept late Thursday morning and then had breakfast and got ready to go to the pool. Andrew came with us and the kids had so much fun.
Summer is for...squinty, squeezed goggle faces; Mississippi days so insufferably hot the pool water feels warm; and the way the scorching sun wears you flat out even if you really didn't do much of anything while you were under it.

We got home and Peyton got ready for work to drop Andrew off at his parents' house (he lives in South Mississippi and was here for a few days). I planned school, started laundry, put up dishes, took out trash, and did more dishes. The kids watched their shows and had lunch and we did our morning school stuff and then they had rest time. Graves actually fell asleep. I ate lunch and read blogs and uploaded pictures. I did critical thinking with AP and woke Graves up. We did English and then they had supper and then cleaned up their room. We played Silly Sentences and read the Bible and they went to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and took some pictures of things to sell and cooked some bacon. I got on the computer and then read and did my Bible study and went to bed. Peyton got home a bit after that.

We got up and got ready on Friday and headed to the pool. AP and Graves both had some attitude going on. We made it, though, and had a good time. We got home and I started laundry and fixed them lunch. I did dishes and Peyton left. We did morning school stuff and had rest time. I read some blogs and took a short nap. They both were so cranky and tired during rest time. I did critical thinking with AP and then started math. Graves got up and we finished math and then they ate supper. We read and then played a little. They both had some major meltdowns before going to sleep. Annie was upset I wouldn't play more with them and she told me she was going to wake up at one o'clock and wake everyone in our family up to play. OMG. I got on the computer and read a few blogs. Peyton got home and we ate and I got back on the computer a bit. We chatted and went to bed late.

The kids slept until close to nine on Saturday but I felt terrible and had such a bad headache. I heard them reading their dinosaur books and then they wanted breakfast. I fixed them cereal and laid back down and when they finished I helped them get out kinetic sand and some paper and markers. They moved on to playing school and Annie helping Graves with letters. That extra hour in bed did take the edge off some and I called Minnie and got them started on their shows, made the bed, got on the computer, and took my bath. I finished a Weekly Happenings Post and then we played for a full hour. AP had been so upset the night before and we determined that playing for an hour the next morning would be sufficient. We played lions, birds, and some other things.
AP: (brings a toy dino into her "nest"): "let's pretend this is a dead animal. Early (her bird beanie baby) likes to plump (gouge?) our their eyes and pretend they are berries for practice." Girlfriend is just like her momma and doesn't do anything halfway.

Then we did morning school and math. We had lunch and I made up their beds, did dishes, and put the cushions back on the couch from earlier. They had rest time and I ate something and got on the computer and then did a little English with AP.
During rest time Annie gathered up an armful of stuff, including this alphabet page she created this morning, and proceeded to their room, because after two days of working with Graves on identifying the letters, she decided it was time to "teach him how to put the letters together". "Great determination of purpose", as Mick would say. 

We all got ready and Minnie came over to pick us up to go over to their house. We finished cleaning their room and getting stuff together and left. We had a really nice visit with Mickey and Minnie. I had planned to bathe the kids and I made sure they were fed and bathed before Peyton got there. He was so tired and I knew he'd be ready to get home. Annie forgot to bring extra panties and she accidentally got them wet and had a meltdown and ended up wearing damp panties home after Minnie dried them for a few minutes so they weren't soggy. We got home and both kids were still awake. We put them in their room and I organized some books Minnie had sent home and then got on the computer and went to bed.

I got up around seven thirty on Sunday and got ready and then woke up Peyton and the kids and got them ready and we practiced driving a bit (and picked up donuts!) before church. We tried a church in Clinton and I really liked it. I also felt really good about my driving.

We got home, ate lunch and rested a bit. Peyton worked on draining a valve on the washing machine because our clothes have been smelling so gross and I did dishes and gathered laundry and straightened. We got ready and headed over to Peyton's parents' because Granny was in town for a doctor's appointment. We visited with her and then came home. Peyton played with the kids, fed them, and got them ready for bed. I texted Carrie, talked to Mallory, and Ellis called. It was nice to catch up with everyone. I got on the computer for a bit and started a post and then we watched SVU and ate supper and went to bed. I had a hard time going to sleep.

Next WH post will finally bring us into August. I think it will be the first time in a LONG time I've published one in the month it actually occurred in.

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