Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Letter to (Four Year and Four Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You are hysterical and sweet and precious and delightful. 

For example, your recently named a gray stuffed rabbit Peter Corn Rebel. I am so thankful the Lord gave you to me because you remind me every day not to take life so seriously.

You had a nosebleed in the middle of the night last night awhile back and I thought I got everything cleaned up. However, the next day you showed me more of the aftermath on Hulk's arm. Of course we eventually cleaned him up, but I thought he looked so legit and suggested we play with him just a tiny bit first. I cannot believe how far I've come as a boy mom. 

A few weeks ago, I heard Papa say "Why are you naked? We have a guest." (The guest was an air conditioning guy. The naked person was, of course, you. Story of my life)

"Hey, Graves is ice skating in his teetee."-- this was another notable quote from Annie, regarding your behavior late one night. 

Your vocabulary cracks me up. The other day I told you and Annie to take a picture and y'all started "hugging", which was really more like wrestling on the floor. Then you said "No, No! Let's do a lovely hug". I asked you what you meant, assuming you meant a more gentle one. You said "one where you can see our faces" and flashed his flirty smile.

You also told me to "please wash my hair 'the natural way'" (meaning laying in the water like this, rather than dousing you with a cup). 

You've been talking about Williams Square some this month. This is a combination of our current street and the much frequented Union Square. I hope it never leaves you. 

I hear "Rude Girl!" way too often (this is your favorite insult to scream at AP when you're beside yourself angry)

Recently during Bible time, I asked you (because I thought you were paying no attention) what the angels did to Lot and you said "escorted them". I went back to see if that word was in the Scripture, but it wasn't. You love being brave with new words even if you're  not sure if you're going to be right and I love watching your vocabulary develop.

Lately, you have been thanking God for "breakable stuff" in your prayers. I haven't told you, but I'm thankful to actually have some left.

You are learning lots, everyday. A few weeks ago you wanted to know why the little peacock in a book you have didn't have a big, bright tail. Before I could answer AP said "Well, you KNOW the females are the ones who get surprised. The males are the ones who are so beautiful." The bird obsession has also manifested in her getting you to be the male bird and perform a courtship dance and you talking about finding "Podcast" (your toy dinosaur, OMG) a mate (which you didn't realize would need to be from Podcast's same species). I legitimately have the weirdest kids ever. Which is pretty perfect.

The other day at rest time Annie gathered up an armful of stuff, including an alphabet page she created this morning, and proceeded to y'alls room, because after two days of working with you on identifying the letters, she decided it was time to "teach you how to put the letters together". "Great determination of purpose", as Mick would say. You LOVE having her for a teacher. 

Annie also created an original tracing sheet for you. It reads "a baib (baby) ran awae frum its momma". He needs to get back to his momma dinosaur and it needs to not bump into the meat-eaters on either side of the path. A friend said she couldn't decide what was cuter-- that Annie made it for you or that you were indulging her in all this. I have to go with the latter. You are most defiantly not as compliant with me when I request you do a little school work! 

You favorite game is "bakery" and making pretend pastries (the other day we were talking about hobbies and you told me your "bestest hobby" is cooking with Papa). You like to put "pink maple syrup" on the pretend cookies you bake. 

There was a fly in the house the other day and you and Annie put out these half eaten sweet peppers to "attract" him so y'all could catch him and put him outside. Totally unaware they're not everybody's favorite food.

Anytime it let you choose your own outfit, you pick this whale number that belonged to your cousin. I'll probably call it quits after this Summer (or maybe we'll still do them for church from time to time at five, we'll see ) but I'm grateful Papa has NEVER given me grief about what I put you in. And that you still look like such a baby so I get away with a ton (people always guess you're  two and AP's four and I'm sure it's partly this get up I put you in). And that you've never asked to stop wearing "baby clothes" (perks of homeschooling but it probably also has to do with a solid half of the priests/pastors at churches we've visited and attended telling you they'd like your outfit for themselves; gotta love a good-humored clergyman).

The other night I caught you and Annie both sleeping in the same position. And it's the one that's Papa's favorite, too- he loves to hike his leg and sleep diagonally. Basically ensuring anyone else in the bed is miserable.

Your sweetness is one of the most special things about you. My favorite thing is when Papa's off and lets me sleep late and you come in and pat me so softly and say "Wake up, little Momma".

I really praised you one afternoon awhile back because you were so obedient and did a really great job cleaning up your messes all day long (okay, you were obedient for you and cleaned up messes well for you- but it was one your best days ever). I know positive reinforcement means so much to you but I take the time to offer it SO much more infrequently than I should. You smiled and I stood up to do something and you said "Momma, come down here" and got your little finger and beckoned me back down to your level- "YOU did a great job today. You clean up so many messes and always the dishes. I'm proud of you. And I just love you very, very much." WHEW. You're such a spitfire, but such an encourager. And you  know the power of words (which is one of my great goals for you and your sister). Just the best little guy ever, in my (obviously biased) opinion.

We adore you, sweet boy!

Momma (and Papa) 

P.S. Your sailboat jon jon is a 4T.

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