Monday, September 21, 2015


So, yesterday Peyton had this amazing party for me. It's four months after my actual bday (at which point our house was still totally upside down from the move back) so it was a huge surprise. I literally started crying. He made sure my sister and brother in law were in town and that my best friends could be there. And he had other friends send me letters from all over. It was just the sweetest thing!

Like, I was so very, very surprised. Which is funny because I sorta kinda found out about it several weeks ago. What happened is Peyton had fallen asleep and I heard his computer beep like someone had commented on a status on Facebook or something. Because I'm nosey (not suspicious) I looked at his computer. Well, it the lower right hand corner was a group message that said "surprise party" (a few weeks before that Mal had been given a surprise party and she asked me who I'd want to have invited to mine; Peyton took the list I created as a go-ahead to plan one). I used a lot of self control and didn't open it and I told Peyton about it right away. Well, he's sneaky and I'm dense so it really didn't matter. He basically just would joke about it ALL THE TIME and say things like "Oh, that's great you're mopping since your party is this weekend" and he even put it as an event like every four days on Google Calendars. 

The funniest thing about the whole party (and this is so me)-- we walked in and I immediately realized the mattress was gone. My first thought was that Minnie had left the door unlocked when she picked us up earlier and someone had stolen my mattress and clothes to consign at the Kids' Emporium. Peyton was like "Sweetie, you really haven't gotten used to being back in the 'burbs have you?". Cookie and Conrad had made up this story about needing to take back home after we visited for a few hours. They said they were going to have drinks with Cookie's BFF. I was like "drinks at four in the afternoon?" And Cookie told me that she didn't want to go to dinner with Leena because she wanted to eat sushi with my parents...which is very believable. 

Peyton even had a theme for the party- "true love is willing to share the rain while waiting for the sun to shine". Which actually has been the epitome of my friendships this year. One of my friends mentioned that she hoped the day helped me see how loved and appreciated I am. And gosh, did it! The umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, the notes, the friends who showed up in rain gear, the food Minnie and lots of other friends and in laws prepared- it all meant so much to me. Annie and I both had exhausted introvert cries last night, but I wouldn't trade this day for ANYTHING (and I'm sharing that last bit because a full ninety percent of the notes thanked me for my honesty and let's be real- you can have a people hangover from your best people, just like you can have a real one from your most favorite wine). I am grateful.

You know when I love my kitchen the most? When it's full of friends and friends' babies.

"Hey, stop doing those crazy eyes, Dude. I just said I needed a little Herrington playmate."

After the party was all over, we still went back over to my parents' for sushi. I have to say a word about Conrad. He drove his wife and dog-child a long way for a short stay, he missed a big chunk of a game that was important to him, and he told Cookie to please correct the B.S. story she told me about being homesick as an excuse for their trip because he didn't want me to think she was unhappy with him in Nashville. We love our brother/uncle so much and are so thankful for his sacrifices.

The party was truly a lot of fun. I told Peyton I thought we'd keep having the kids' joint birthday party just like we did before we left- basically just inviting whole families who are all of our friends. It's too much fun not to! But the main thing wasn't really the actual party, it was just knowing how many people love me and how deeply cared for I am. That means everything. That day, and this year, have shown me that over and over. 

So very thankful for all of you! 

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