Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekly Happenings #335 (August 24-30)-- The Beginning of the End (of Summer)

Monday was a nice day at home and I felt like I got a lot done. Peyton had to work in Philadelphia but he didn't leave until around ten thirty. I slept pretty late and then we had breakfast and talked, I made the beds, took a bath, got on the computer, and planned school. We did morning school, critical thinking, and math and then the kids had lunch.

Annie told me "dinosaur town is such a good town" and then explained that they have alarms that go off if someone is coming through who is a bad driver. Another day I may have to explain to her that big government isn't always good but for now she seems to be running things with a lot of wisdom.

I started some laundry, did dishes, and scrubbed the kitchen counters. The kids had rest time and I ate my lunch, visited with a friend, and uploaded some videos to vimeo and pictures to the blog. I read a few blogs and then Annie and I did English while Graves played in the kitchen with us.
Annie saw this tiny not great quality image of a bird in her English workbook and said "look! I think it's a black-capped chickadee" and then ran to look it up and see if she was right (pretty sure she was). I just love watching how she pursues her passions!

We all read our Five in a Row book and the kids cleaned up their room while I cleaned up some in the kitchen. They played Silly Sentences and I fixed their supper. While they ate, I swept in the bedrooms, halls, and bathrooms. Morgan called and I talked to her and finished uploading videos.

I heard a little voice say "I just wanted a bell pepper". I thought "that's strange they both said they were finished with supper and that sounded like it came from the den". Came in and found this. I was a little annoyed because one: eating on the couch and two: there was a cut up one in the fridge. But I can't I can't be too angry when he's devouring a bell pepper with such joy.

I read to and played with the kids, brushed their teeth, and got them settled and then I finished dishes, swept in the den and kitchen, and vacuumed the rug. I was so glad to be done with housework and I was feeling pretty rough. The headache I had had all day had gotten a lot worse. I fixed Peyton a couple of hot dogs and put up some laundry and then got on the computer. He got home and we talked and I read a few more blogs. We chatted and went to bed.

I got up on Tuesday, and still feeling under the weather, took my bath and got ready super fast because I was starting a new Bible study group that day. I made the bed and ate breakfast and got ready really quickly. I was running a little behind and I was nervous about driving myself, but I hopped in and took off. I hadn't even left our neighborhood when a light came on. I came back home and Peyton said the tires weren't holding air or something and he had been meaning to get new ones. We all loaded up and got donuts and Peyton dropped us off at the park and took the car in. One car woes!

Unsurprisingly, Annie was enamored with the nature themed bathroom at the park. Who needs Disney World when you're this excited about an animal mural in the bathroom? I have a feeling it'll be a regular attraction at park visits now.

We had a nice time for about an hour and then ran a few errands. We dropped off some more stuff at my parents' storage unit and then went and bought a wedding present. We came home and picked up and did dishes and had lunch and then had a very abbreviated rest time. Elizabeth and her kids came over and we had a nice little visit. We played outside a good bit and it was SO nice. Haley had texted me to see if we wanted to come over for dinner sort of spur of the moment. I love that sense of spontaneity so much about the Harkins and I truly want to be more like that. So, right after the cousins left, we got ready and headed over. Patrick had fixed a taco bar (I love simple meals like that) and we sat outside and ate. The kids played so well together, honestly without a single issue. It was AMAZING. We got home around nine thirty after we ran by the grocery store and Graves was asleep. Peyton sat up the tent in the yard and he and the kids got settled. I read a few blogs and finished a post and almost finished a book I was reading and then joined them pretty late.

It was really nice in a lot of ways, but the ground was pretty hard (Peyton has these camping pads but we didn't use them) and I was actually pretty cold most of the night. Not cold enough to get up and fix it, though, I guess. Anyway, around seven on Wednesday I came in and went back to sleep in the bed. Peyton and the kids fixed pancakes and then his dad picked him up to go to Granny's. I got up and straightened a bit, made the bed, and ate breakfast. I got on the computer, took my bath, and planned school and the day. And that all took FOREVER. Ann Peyton had some kind of awful morning and at one point had her hands around Graves's THROAT. It was terrible. We finally all got settled and did morning school and then had a snack. Then I did math and critical thinking with AP and tracing with Graves.

They had lunch after that. Then rest time. I ate my lunch, read some, and got on the computer. When rest time was over, they went outside for a bit and I organized some stuff from the storage unit- two little boxes of their special baby stuff (cards and hospital bracelets and strands of hair).
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, re: Annie's notes (understatement of the century with me and AP). I'm so glad Bump is in a place where she doesn't need any medication for her arthritis or any little blue pills for anxiety or even a pot of coffee to sustain her. But I still miss her most every day.

 Peyton and his dad got back around the time Graves pooped in the yard(?!?!) and then we came inside. I went through a box of old letters and then helped the kids clean up their room and we did some purging/organizing and then I finished organizing and putting up stuff from the storage unit. The kids had supper and Peyton went to the grocery store.

Hippie Husband made a grocery run. He's been using the bike trailer but it was like ten o'clock this time.

 They had a bath and I got on the computer and sent a message to a friend, started tidying up the house, and uploaded some pictures to the blog. I wrote down some quotes I had found and read some posts and we went to bed.

Thursday was a fun, busy day. I got up around nine (Peyton was up with the kids an hour earlier) and got a bath and straightened a bit. I didn't have breakfast and was half done with my make up when Carrie and her crew got here. We had a really nice visit- though it seemed like we talked a lot about some hard situations. I do think that's one of the best blessings of friendship- being able to talk through the hard stuff. Peyton did yardwork the whole time and Morgan stopped by to drop off some soccer gear for us to borrow. Carrie and her kids left and we hung out outside a bit and I practiced on my new bike. I rode around the neighborhood a bit and then came in and did dishes and folded a bit of laundry. We all got ready and drove to Clinton for a trial run and we stopped at Walgreens for a few things. We got a sno cone on the way back and then Peyton took the kids to the pool.
It was a nice treat after the drive!

I did this online book discussion which was really fun and then cooked supper. Peyton and the kids got home as I was finishing and we ate. Annie really wanted to do English so Peyton got Graves to bed and we did it.
Ten o'clock at night, after a FULL day, and we just finished up school. I had planned to let it go for the day cause perks of homeschooling, but this girl does not like it when plans change. She had heard me tell Peyton much earlier that we were going to do English and as I was clearing the supper dishes she requested we still do it. Who am I to turn down a tiny person with a huge thirst for knowledge?

I got on the computer and went to bed.

We had a good Friday. Peyton left early for work, the kids got up and played, and I got up shortly after. I got the kids breakfast and then got busy. I got the trash to the street, straightened, made beds, planned the day, got on the computer, and took my bath. I cleaned the kitchen up and then Graves helped me a bit with putting all my kitchen quotes on a bulletin board. He's finally at the stage where he can really be helpful in those sorts of endeavors (if he wants to be). We did morning school and the kids had lunch. I read some blogs and worked on a post and had my lunch. Peyton got home and we talked and I folded a ton of laundry. We all got ready and headed to my parents' house. We had a great visit and Minnie was feeling a lot better from her surgery a week before.

ferocious little creatures!

On the way home, we stopped at Target. We got the kids to bed and I finished the post and then we chatted and went to bed ourselves.

The kids got up on Saturday and I got up a little after them and fixed them breakfast. I straightened, planned school and the day, got on the computer, and made beds. I took my bath and then the kids had a snack and I started laundry and did dishes.

FYI, Shere Khan turned twenty five that day and had a teacup birthday party (complete with pin the tail on the monkey because he's a jungle animal).

Annie and I did morning school, math, and critical thinking and Graves traced they had lunch. They had rest time and I got on the computer and finished a post and ate something. I felt so unmotivated even to read and a little emotional and frazzled, to be honest. They got up and we did English and straightened their room. We read and Annie and played (Graves did not because he did not straighten). The kids had supper and I backed up pictures on the computer. They had a bath and I took pictures of my kitchen quote and some library books. They made a huge mess, I cleaned it up, there were some post bath battles, and then bedtime for them. I started supper and Peyton got home. I cried a bit. We ate, I took some more pictures of consignment finds and then cleaned up the kitchen. I got on the computer, packed bags for church, got out all our clothes, ironed my dress, and had a snack.

Sunday started incredibly early for me, of course. Peyton got up first and then I got up and got my bath. He dressed the kids and I fixed AP's hair. I had breakfast and I drove to Clinton. We dropped him off and I did my make up in the parking lot at his store and then headed to Northside. We ate some breakfast in the car and then I took the kids to the little playground at the church (someone let us in the kids' building) and then took them to Sunday school. I found a Sunday school class for myself and truly enjoyed it. The service started out a little rough and I took Graves out about twenty minutes into it. We talked and a sweet lady came out and told me about a room with speakers if I wanted to go but made sure I knew they were "not being a problem". So kind. She also grabbed some little matchbox cars someone had left and offered to let Graves play with them. I talked to him, but I'm pretty sure they were what did the trick (even though I had a big of things packed from home). We talked to a few more people, returned the cars, and left.

I drove back home without incident and the kids had a snack and watched their shows and then had lunch. I straightened, got on the computer, and started laundry. They had rest time and I read a few more blogs and took a short nap.
I think I've mentioned recently that consequences don't really phase Graves? During rest time he ate a bunch of soap on his own accord. To the best of my understanding he thought it would turn him "night glo" and to his credit it is bright green and I guess looks pretty enticing if I can get inside the mind of a mischievous four year old boy for a minute. I'm assuming this is why he also used his toothbrush to cover his hair in it, though the conversation didn't get that far. The silver lining to having a kid like this (besides the laugh track that's become the never ceasing playlist of our lives)? Not a word of protest when I turned him upside down in the sink and scrubbed his head with cold water. But he's a hard egg to crack, this one.

Also: he'd had privileges taken away multiple times this week for not cleaning up his room. Who cares? That Sunday I let him do it with a pair of tongs and he finished in ten minutes without me needing to keep on him the whole time.

The got a little time on the iPad (usually that happens at naptime but it wasn't charged) and I did dishes. We picked up their room and they had an early supper. We read, played pretend, and brushed teeth. Shockingly, we were ready early.

We had a great trip out to Clinton, but I stalled at a light on a hill and it just totally unnerved me. Peyton was really sweet and we all went and got Newks and then came home and got everyone to bed.

This nearly brings us up to the start of September!

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