Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weekly Happenings #336 (August 31- September 6)-- A Family Bike Ride and One Quarter of First Grade Down!

Peyton and the kids got up around eight on Monday and I slept until nine and then we all had breakfast. I straightened, made beds, took my bath, and planned school and the day. Peyton ran to the grocery store and Lowe's and I did morning school, critical thinking, and math with AP and Graves worked on some tracing. Peyton got home and Graves worked on a project with him and then we had lunch. Michal's wife, Sylvie, stopped by and we visited with her for a bit and then I worked on filling out some Junior League forms to reinstate and got some stuff ready to mail. I put up some dishes and the kids had rest time. Peyton and I planned out the week and then I worked on straightening and organizing in the study. Peyton played with the kids and then I uploaded some pictures. We packed some food for the kids and all got ready to head to the park once it got dark. That's a new favorite thing of Peyton and the kids'- going to the park at night. We had fun but were pretty tired on the way home. We gave the kids quick baths and brushed their teeth and got them to bed. I worked on finishing uploading, editing, organizing, and backing up pictures and started a post. I did my Bible study, ate something, and went to bed.

I woke up several times during the night and then was feeling SO awful early Tuesday morning. I had Bible study that morning and I really wanted to go but I didn't think I'd make it. I took some medicine around seven and went back to sleep. I got up around eight, looked for Peyton and took the trash to the street, and got in the tub, the kids started fighting, and I dealt with that. Peyton got home (he had gone to the grocery store on his bike) and I finished getting ready and ate something. The Bible study was great, and I enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces and meeting some new friends. And the driving there and back was pretty easy. I got home and got on the computer a bit, visited with the kids, and made our bed and collected laundry. Peyton and the kids had made brownies and read their Five in a Row book. Peyton went to lunch with a friend and I discovered some rotten potatoes. I tried to eat something but I felt terrible. I started dishes and AP and Graves got in a fight that took forever to sort out. They finally got settled and I did more dishes.
Summer is for...blues and yellows. One of my favorite little side table setups yet. I'll be a little sad to see it go in a few weeks. It's hard to imagine little pumpkins there, but it won't be long. Time moves so fast and I can't believe we've been back exactly four months. I'm sure I'll say this for years, but Brooklyn seems like yesterday and another lifetime all at the same time.

Peyton got home (I had been calling him but he didn't hear his phone) and we talked and then Sylvie stopped by again. We visited and AP still wasn't completely back to normal. She left and I fed the kids lunch and did more dishes. I still felt bad so I took a nap. Peyton got ready to go to a fundraiser for Haydn and the kids and I cleaned up their room. I fixed them supper and started some laundry. I dusted in the den and cleaned the kitchen counters and then we talked to my mom on the phone for a bit. We brushed teeth and read their books and Peyton got home. We played and they went to bed. I cooked a frozen lasagna and vacuumed and mopped in the den. Peyton ran and got me some Cokes and we ate supper. I did dishes and worked on a post for a long time. We chatted and went to bed.

Wednesday was so much fun. We all slept late and then Peyton and the kids got up and started working in the yard. I took a bath, made beds, started laundry, and then headed to meet Mal for lunch. We had Mexican and had some great conversation. After that, I ran by Hobby Lobby for some fabric and then to the post office to mail some things. I got home and Peyton left to hang out with his brother. The kids had rest time and I read blogs and worked on a post and  then I did our morning school stuff with them. Peyton got home and I started more laundry and did math with AP. Then we all rode our bikes to the Y. We swam a bit and rode back. We fed the kids dinner and got them to bed and then I got on the computer for a bit and then went to bed.

Thursday was another fun day. I slept super late. I think that bike ride DID ME IN. Peyton and Graves worked in the yard and AP spent some time by herself crafting. I got up and ran my bath water but Graves was ready to come in and have his. Peyton jumped in first and took a quick one and then Graves took one. I made beds and started laundry and straightened. When I went to run a fresh bath, the tub was GROSS. I washed it out, but I still couldn't deal with it, so I took a shower (who takes a bath when they're that dirty?!?). I scrubbed the shower curtain while I was in there. The kids picked up their room and then I fixed them lunch and did some dishes. Peyton read to them and I got on the computer and started working on my header and read a few blogs. Then we all played some.

As I watched the last back to school pictures roll in, I was so excited we met my goal and have finished a quarter of first grade in math and English. I love the flexibility of being able to start mid Summer- on days when I have a bad headache or when the kids are under the weather, we aren't obligated to anyone to push through or worry about the looming make up work. And if we want to camp or take a trip, we have the built in ability to just skip a week or so. It wasn't always fun in the Summer, but it feels great to start September with a full "term" under our belts.

Miss Literal said "that dog with the towel is not meeting, greeting, OR yakety-yaking. She's just off by herself. Why would they make her off by herself like that?!?"

We hung some stuff in the kids' room and then AP had a bath and we all got ready to go run some errands and then we were dropping the kids off with Peyton's parents and going out.
We finally finished AP's side of their room. I think it reflects her well, too- little whimsical prints with quotes that make me feel extra introspective and inspired, lots of storage space for dress up clothes and stuffed animals, magnetic strips for her art, and a non overt animal motif.

Master bedroom transformation is almost done! Peyton still needs to fix a dresser that busted in the move, I'm going to make a curtain for the play kitchen (which Annie has transformed into another home for toy animals/dinosaurs, just like her nightstand), and we have one more thing to hang in their bathroom. I'm really happy with it and they do so well with their shared space. 

We ran by Hobby Lobby again and to Indian Cycle to look for a bike helmet. We dropped the kids off, grabbed a light supper at Broadstreet, and headed to Fondren's First Thursday.
Annie told me "y'all go on too many dates". Girlfriend, this ain't Brookyn, you have grandparents who adore you, and to be honest, I know very few six year olds who get as many hours a day with both their parents as you do. Plus, we are able to love you (and each other!) better when we get a few hours away from you once in awhile.

Peyton Mad Men-ed his hair to go out and this little dude wanted in on the action. I know I'm biased, but I think he's the cutest thing ever.

One more of this handsome guy and HIS date, "Snuggly".

We had a lot of fun and hung out with Patrick and Haley and listening to a bunch of people (including Patrick) cover country songs in Duling Hall. We picked up the kids before ten and ran by the grocery store. We came home and got them to bed and we both went to bed shortly after that.

Peyton overslept and woke up like five minutes before he needed to leave for work on Friday. I helped him grab some clothes and then went back to sleep. Graves woke up a little later but went back to sleep in our bed. We all got up around nine thirty and I fixed the kids breakfast, got on the computer, made beds, and took my bath. I planned the day, texted with a couple of friends, and then we did morning school. The kids picked up their room and then I took out the trash in the study and both bathrooms, cleaned the bathrooms and dusted in the bedrooms, and Windexed all the mirrors. I actually cleaned the windows and windowsills in the den, too. I vacuumed the study, bedrooms and bathrooms and scrubbed the bathroom floors. The kids played outside while I did most of that and I talked to Mickey and Minnie both on the phone. I fixed Annie and Graves their lunch and then did dishes. I ate my lunch and they came in for rest time. I read blogs and worked on my header some more. Peyton got home and we talked and he chilled out a bit and then we headed over for beans really early. He was tired and Mickey had said he'd get them ready early for us. We got there, visited and played, ate, and then got ready to leave. We came home and got the kids to bed and I finished up my header and worked on a post and read a few blogs. I had a snack and went to bed.

The kids slept pretty late on Saturday. They ate breakfast and I got on the computer, planned school, talked to Ellis on the phone and texted with my mom, and straightened a bit. I did morning school with the kids and then math and critical thinking with AP.

Annie said thar since there's no papa bird for Early's babies, this squirel, Nuts, helps her with them when she leaves the nest. They call him "Papa Critter".

I fixed the kids lunch, talked to my dad on the phone, and did dishes. The kids had rest time and I read some blogs, worked on a post, and uploaded videos to YouTube. I ate my lunch and rested a bit and when rest time was over, I put the clean sheets on all the beds and the kids and I cleaned up their room. We read our Five in a Row book and then did English. I fixed them supper and they ate and I did dishes. When they finished, we brushed teeth, read, and played and then I popped them in the bath. I swept in the kitchen, vacuumed the rug in the den, did dishes, and put up some math manipulatives. I worked on a post and then helped them finish their bath and got them out. And it was before nine! Peyton got home and I finished the post and read some blogs. We ate supper and talked and then I got back on the computer, did my Bible study, got our church stuff ready, and went to bed.

We got up early on Sunday and Peyton and I got baths and got ready. He got the kids dressed and they had breakfast. I ate my breakfast and finished getting dressed. We dropped him off at work in Clinton and headed back home. We were visiting St. Peter's by the Lake again and it made sense to just come back home for a bit. I started a load of laundry, picked up around the house, made all our beds, and straightened the kids' room a bit. I did AP's hair and my make up and the kids got their stuff together and I did some dishes and even cut up some new potatoes to cook for lunch. We went to church and the kids did pretty good. We even stayed for the coffee hour after and visited. We came home and they watched their shows. I got on the computer a bit and cooked the potatoes and zucchini. They ate lunch and then had rest time and I ate my lunch, talked to a friend, read blogs, worked on a post, and took a short nap. They got up and we read, played, and read the Bible. I cooked scones and they ate and I folded some laundry, did dishes, and got their teeth brushed and them set for bed. We drove out to Clinton and picked up Peyton and headed home.

We got the kids to bed. Peyton and I ate and watched TV and I folded laundry and then did my Bible study. I finished a post and went to bed.

I'm only two WH posts behind. Woo-hoo!

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