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Weekly Happenings #337 (September 7-13)-- First Grade Official

[He fell asleep in the car!]

I slept pretty late on Monday. I had woken up in the night feeling so terrible and I still had a bad headache and a bit of a sore throat. Peyton took both kids to the grocery store. When they got back, I helped him put up groceries and we all watched a Wild Kratts. I ate breakfast and took my bath and Peyton went for a bike ride and I made the beds, straightened a bit, and collected and started laundry.

I wrote a friend a note to go with a wedding present and did morning school with the kids. Peyton got home and took a bath and ate lunch and I did critical thinking with AP and did the dishes.
Sometimes I fret, thinking about vocation and if I'm doing all I want to with this season of my life. But this particular day, and everyday, I am grateful for the work I have the honor of doing. The work that, as one of my all time favorite storytellers says, sets my hands- my soul- free. Despite not doing anything special, it was a great labor day!

Peyton fixed all us lunch and made cookies with the kids and I read some blogs and did part of my Bible study. I did math with AP and Peyton and Graves made some homemade salsa and cooked sweet potatoes. Peyton took the kids outside and I did some laundry and then he helped me hang some stuff around the house. We all had quesadillas for supper.

Peyton was going to take the kids camping in my parents' yard. I was still feeling so congested and the last time we camped in our yard I didn't sleep well at all. Anyway, Annie teared up thinking about the animals in their yard (my mom had seen a deer and a raccoon) even thought she LOVES wild animals. Then she realized I wasn't going and started sobbing. Everyone ended up staying home and we let the kids watch an extra show in their sleeping bags since Graves was pretty disappointed about not going. I read some blogs, wrote a post, did my Bible study and went to bed.
A fairly large villain (he hits just above my knee) moved into our house recently. It's hysterical because Graves loves him during the day but insists he stay in our room (or better still, the laundry room) at night. He is a little frightening, tbh.

And oh, look! A wild animal did, in fact, join them. Not sure how General snuck in but he sure does love to curl up with his favorite little boy ever. Graves loves that cat so much and I'm so glad because General thinks he's a dog and nobody in this house had any intention of signing up for a dog.

Tuesday was another good day. I got up and got ready for my Bible study. I was still feeling bad, but not as terribly. I took a quick bath, ate something, got dressed, and got ready and left. I had a nice time and when I got back I visited with Peyton and the kids and we all ate lunch. We got ready to go to a meeting with the attendance officer. It was a very quick meeting and we came back home after stopping at the library.
This girl is first grade official (and was quite proud of her cougar paw print sticker from the school office). 

When you're too loud for the library- the monkey grass outside is always a welcoming spot. Sigh.

 The kids had rest time and I read some blogs and started a post. They got up and we walked around outside and made a list of outside projects. We came in and Peyton went to the grocery store. The kids played in the backyard and I did dishes and started supper. He got home and we all ate and then he got the kids to bed. We watched several episodes of Parks and Rec and did the adult coloring book! I read some and got on the computer briefly and went to bed.

Peyton went on a bike ride Wednesday morning and I got up and got on the computer and made beds. The kids really wanted me to watch a Wild Kratts with them so I did and then I took my bath and planned school. Peyton got home and I did morning school with the kids and critical thinking with AP. I ate lunch and got ready and headed out for an interview for a subbing job. It went well and when I got home we ran a few errands- we delivered a wedding present and went to Lemuria to get Aubrey a birthday present. We got home and I did English with AP and Peyton and Graves went to the grocery store. They got home and we finished up and then I cooked supper. We all ate and then played a math game.
Family game of "corners". Peyton won, Annie came in second, I was last, and Graves was in his own world the entirety of the game. Incidentally, this ranking directly correlates with each person's level of competitiveness- Peyton kept strategizing and saying how much fun this was, AP was her typical intense self, I could not have forced myself to care less and still participate, and Graves was not about to give something like this one ounce of his mental energy. Either way, there are worse ways to do first grade than an after dinner game with your whole family. 

Peyton bathed the kids and got them to bed. We chatted and went to bed ourselves.

Peyton got up and got ready and headed to Granny's with his parents on Thursday. I got up, got on the computer quickly, made beds, took my bath and got ready, helped the kids get ready, and packed a lunch. We got ready to head to the Howies to play and I couldn't find where Peyton left the keys. I finally located a spare and we got going. Driving went really smoothly and we had a great visit. We left when Carrie and her big kids went to pick up Francie from school.
Update on driving: I've pretty much got the hang of it, but we did get stuck trying to reverse up a driveway on a slope after a play date with our BFFs. I called Peyton, whose at his grandmother'a today, and told him I was about to call Mickey to come fix the problem, as I was about three feet from a brick wall and getting really anxious. He suggested I just look for a "brick or something heavy" to put in front of the tires. Um, this is Northeast Jackson, not Brooklyn, Dummy and there's not crap laying around everywhere in the Howie's yard. I went out and checked and it turns out we had rolled down to a flat part and the front of the car was sitting on the ground. Peyton said gradually release the parking brake and floor the gas. It made a horrible sound but it worked. This girl is such an encourager and was all "you did it, Momma! We're in the street!"

Aside: the previous night she had told Peyton that he had taught me to drive the car, he could teach me to make pancakes. This lead to a conversation about all being good at different things and of course, she basically wanted to a list of things I do better than him. There were NOT ALOT and now I'm making my own:
1. I'm better at empathizing with head hurts
2. I'm better at dealing with emotional pain
3. I'm better at gently wiping bottoms until people are competent enough to do it on their own
4. I'm better at documenting childhoods
Pretty stellar skill sets, right here.

We got home and the kids had rest time. I worked on a post and read some blogs and uploaded and backed up phone pictures.
I know it's hard to read but the boy is saying "The squirrel is a rodent." Listen up potential suitors: if Annie says those three magic words, that's your go ahead to start talking about rodents.

When rest time was over, the kids had a snack and I did a bunch of dishes. We did our morning school stuff and almost had English finished when Peyton got home at six. Annie did critical thinking and Peyton took a quick bath and then he finished her English while I got the kids' supper ready. They ate and Peyton got them ready for bed while I did dishes and straightened. I read them their Bible story and then finished my post. I went to bed really early for me.
I've caught him sleeping in some weird positions, but this is a first. How is this possible?? He was snoring like a freight train.

Peyton worked on Friday and Graves had wound up in our bed and slept until nine. We got up and I got on the computer, planned the day, took the trash out and started laundry, talked to Peyton and Minnie, and ate breakfast. The kids watched their shows and ate breakfast and I made the beds took a bath. I wrote a check and put it the mailbox and then we did morning school and AP's critical thinking. We did English and then the kids had lunch. I put up dishes and all our school stuff and changed over the laundry and then they had rest time. I started a blog post and read some and then rested a little and ironed mine and AP's clothes for the night and did dishes.

Peyton got home and Annie and I left for Aubrey's birthday party. I was going to stay and help Carrie and Minnie was going to come pick up the boys for beans. We got over there and honestly, I had a great time at the party, too. Carrie and I even got to visit some! After the party, we joined Peyton and Graves. We visited a bit and then came home.
Annie had a blast at her BFF's birthday party, but she ate half a cupcake and told me "I think that's about enough of that...gotta save room for sausage".

We got the kids to bed and I finished a post and went to bed myself.

The kids got up around nine on Saturday. They played and then watched their shows and I got on the computer, planned the day and planned school, and made beds. We all had breakfast and then I took my bath. We did morning school and I did critical thinking and math with AP. They played a bit and then cleaned up their room.

I emptied all the trash cans and took out the trash, straightened, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted in the bedrooms and study, and Windexed the windows and cleaned the windowsills and blinds in our room. I put up our school stuff and fixed the kids lunch. While they ate I vacuumed in the bedrooms and study and did the suction tools in hard to reach spots. I put up dishes, deep cleaned the counters in the kitchen, and washed more dishes. We read and they had rest time and I ate lunch, rested, started a post, and read a few blogs.

After rest time, we did English. It took longer than I thought it would but I had told AP that she and Graves could eat supper in the backyard. I got it ready and dusted in the den and talked to Mal about some printer issues she was having. The kids ate and I tried to set up our printer so she could come print something. I couldn't find the cord and then it was out of ink. I played with the kids and then read to them and got them in the tub. I vacuumed in the den and kitchen and even did under the couch cushions. Peyton got home and I helped the kids finish their bath and then mopped in the kitchen and did some more dishes. Peyton and I ate supper and watched TV and I folded laundry. I put up laundry, got on the computer briefly, got stuff ready for the next day, and went to bed.

We got up super early on Sunday and chatted and then I went back to bed. Then I got up, well, still early and got ready for church. We got the kids ready and then we headed to Clinton and dropped Peyton off. The kids ate in the car and I did my make up and then  we headed to Northside and spent a little time on the playground before Sunday school. I really enjoyed Sunday school and the kids did GREAT in church.

Flannery quotes/Annie's notes-- not a bad way to start a Sunday. (Aside: that's actually an affirmation of faith- her first written one- "we believe in God".)

We came home and they watched their shows and I sort of straightened a bit (made our bed and hung up our clothes) and ate my lunch. I fixed them lunch and sent an email and a couple of Facebook messages. They had rest time and I mostly read blogs and rested myself. They cleaned up their room and I straightened the house and started laundry. I fixed them supper and they ate outside again. I did dishes and then brushed their teeth. Annie wanted to read something and Graves was being sort of wild and we ended up leaving later than I meant to. We made it and picked up Peyton and Graves was asleep by the time we got there. We came home and got AP to bed and ate supper. Peyton fell asleep really quickly and I read some blogs and did my Bible study.

It was a great week. And y'all, I'm finally ONE week behind. Unbelievable.

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