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Weekly Happenings Post #333 (August 10-16)-- First Week of Peyton's New Schedule

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I realized immediately once I started typing this up that this was our first week of Peyton's new schedule. I keep meaning to post about it specifically, because it's been a BIG change for us, but we're adjusting to it and it's been really fun to have him around more.

I woke up after Peyton on Monday and the kids got up around that time. He got ready and his dad came over and they took some stuff to my parents' storage unit and went to Sam's. The kids had breakfast and watched their shows and I straightened their room, made beds, and took my bath. I had breakfast and got on the computer and then planned school. I did morning school with the kids, started laundry and put up dishes, and did critical thinking with AP. Peyton and his dad got back and we put up groceries. My head was hurting so bad but we got ready and I practiced driving. We went over to my parent's house and picked up something. We visited a bit and then came home. I was feeling awful so Peyton took the kids swimming and I took a bath and then a nap. I kept waking up but I finally felt better. We all ate supper and then they went to bed. I got on the computer and read some and had a bowl of cereal and went to bed late.
Camp out in the den- what a way to end a day! 

Peyton was off on Tuesday and I woke up a bit after him. He ran up to the Y to register the kids for soccer and blastball and I picked up laundry and made beds and straightened a bit in the kids' room. I got on the computer and took my bath and Peyton got home. My dad came over to help us plan a project for the sunroom and he was here for awhile. After he left, Peyton took Graves outside to do some projects and I did English and critical thinking with AP. We had lunch and Peyton and Graves left to get haircuts. I got on the computer briefly and then did math with AP. They got home and we all played and talked and I folded some laundry.
Before (doing his best Joker face)...

...and after (doing just one of his regular mischievous Bud faces). Haircut was past due!

Peyton took AP swimming (Graves refused to get out of the pool the day before so he had to stay home). I did more laundry, put up dishes, did dishes, and straightened. Graves helped me pick up toys and then we read together until Peyton and Annie got home. When they got home, we fed the kids supper and I talked to Ellis on the phone. Peyton gave Graves a bath and then we all went and practiced driving for an hour. The kids both fell asleep in the car. We picked up some groceries and came home. Peyton and I talked and we ended up having a big argument. He went to bed and I read a bunch and fell asleep. I woke up and had a snack and got on the computer and then went back to bed.

Peyton left early to go to Granny's house with his dad on Wednesday. Annie couldn't find Steggy and then Graves woke up. I helped them start their shows (I had to find new batteries for the remote and it took me forever to find them and get them in) and then I laid back down. I actually felt good physically (I had had some awful headaches or dizziness) for the first time in several days but I was still upset from the night before. I just wanted some time with my thoughts. I dozed off and on and I felt better after I sorted through things in my head a bit. I got up and sent a friend a FB message, went through my email and reader, and started a post. I also talked to a friend a bit.

I guess the extra rest did me a lot of good because I got busy. I took my bath, put up dishes, and did morning school with the kids. We did our Five in a Row book, too and then I did some critical thinking with AP. They played and I sent a Facebook message I've been meaning to send for weeks, sent an email I've been meaning to send for months, and drafted two others to finish later. I texted a friend and texted Mickey and then fixed the kids lunch and washed dishes. I worked on a blog post and then they had rest time and I read some blogs and ate my lunch. Peyton got home and he and Graves worked outside some more and I did Math and English with AP (I wasn't planning to do both, but we were on a roll!).
a little driveway driving

I did a few things around the house and then Mal got here and picked me up and we went walking on a path near our house. When we got back, we talked in the car some and we saw Peyton and the kids walk up from the park (waaay past dark). I went inside and Peyton had AP in the tub and had brushed their teeth. They fell asleep pretty fast and Peyton and I had a pizza and talked. I read some blogs, wrote a post, and went to bed.

We got up sort of late on Thursday. Peyton fixed breakfast and then a friend came over to pick up some cloth diapers. I got my bath and the kids watched a movie while Peyton ran a couple of errands. I got on the computer, put up dishes, started laundry, and swept the whole kitchen. Peyton got home and I washed dishes and then I did morning school with the kids while they ate lunch and Peyton cleaned out the inside of his car and cleaned it. We all got ready and headed to the Country Club to meet some friends who were in town. My friend Ashby from Baltimore and her husband and boys were here and we had the best time catching up. Her mom got there and insisted we stay and eat dinner and visit with her. We did and Ashby and her husband left for a date.

We got home and were all tired, but Peyton washed the outside of his car and the kids helped. I did some laundry and worked on getting the laundry room organized a bit more (I thought it was done, but I decided I wanted the lego box put up not on top of the dryer and I wanted to deflate a beach ball and move around my box of Summer things). It did look a lot more neat. Peyton bathed the kids and I put up dishes and washed some more and then we all practiced driving. Peyton ran in to Kroger and got me some Cokes and AP got so upset because she didn't get to go in. She cried all the way home. Peyton took Graves in but she didn't want to go in and I told her if she'd calm down she could ride around while I practiced by myself for the first time. We ended up getting really brave and going back to Kroger. I was so proud of myself despite the car dying a few times and driving all the way home with the parking break up.

Annie ate a piece of candy and talked to Peyton for awhile and then went to bed. I sort of straightened and then got on the computer. I wrote a post and started another one and went to bed.

The kids got up around nine on Friday and played and I dozed for a bit until Graves needed help in the bathroom. We had breakfast and I started some laundry and made the bed and tidied the kids' room. They played some more and I sent a couple of emails, uploaded pictures to the computer from my phone, went through my reader, and took some pictures of things I wanted to sell.

Hey guys, someone was calming down in her closet. Serious stuff.

In case you missed the video in the last WH post, this is Steggy's protective building in case there's a meteor (different from a meat-eater, Annie explained, but it seems this could be helpful with those, too). Because "We do NOT want Steggy to go extinct!".

 I got in the tub while they watched their shows and then we had lunch and I did dishes and uploaded and organized pictures from my big camera. They had rest time and I read some blogs and finished a post. Peyton got home and we talked and then all got ready to go to my parents'. I drove over there and did pretty well. We had a wonderful, wonderful visit and came home and I worked on rearranging Annie's room to accommodate the cradle my mom had painted. We got the kids to bed (well, Graves was asleep but Annie had been helping me arrange her room). Peyton and I chatted and then I had a snack and got on the computer and went to bed.

The kids got up and played on Saturday and I fixed them breakfast. I made the beds and collected laundry and unpacked some stuff from my parents' house. I got on the computer, planned school and the day and some of the next week, and took my bath. It was about noon when I finished all that.
He tells us often that he wants to have "a hundred thousand babies". But truly I think his number one career ambition is to be a papa. I will never, ever understand anyone who would discourage something as beautiful as this. Even if you believe strongly in gender roles, I can't understand any harm that could come from it. I was so thankful for the countless times Peyton rocked our babies and I certainly don't think it made him any less of a man. I will continue to praise Graves's nurturing spirit whenever and wherever I see it.

We were going to do school but the kids were hungry for a snack and having a snack made no sense so I just fixed lunch. They ate and I dusted and swept in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and study and then polished the floors in the bedrooms and study. I did a few dishes and then we did morning school stuff, critical thinking, and math. The kids had rest time and I ate lunch and got on the computer. Graves was SO cranky and I felt like I couldn't get anything done. I read a bit and then Annie and I did English and Graves joined us. We read our Five in a Row book and then they picked up toys and had supper and I put up dishes and did a few other things. We read some more and played pretend and Peyton got home. I brushed their teeth and threw them in the tub. I cleaned up the kitchen and swept and then finished their bath. They went to bed and I got on the computer and read some more. Peyton watched a movie. I went to bed and the kids ended up joining us. I didn't sleep great.

Peyton was off on Sunday and we got up and got ready and headed to church at St. Peters-by-the-Lake.
pre-church dance party

We had a nice time and stayed for coffee hour. We came home and I got the kids lunch and Peyton got ready to go for a bike ride. I cleaned up and did dishes while they ate. I let the kids watch their shows and I got on the computer. I read some blogs and then they had rest time and I took a nap myself. Peyton got home and we all got ready to go to Minda's ordination service. It was absolutely beautiful and there was a lovely reception afterwards.
Annie in a cardigan at the reception celebrating her godmother's ordination (we adore and are so proud of our sweet Minda!). This has been me at every function for most of my life- always winding up in someone else's oversized sweater or "wearing" some sort of blanket from someone's car, most often in the past decade it's been the four times too large coat of Peyton's suit. As an aside her brother had to pee on the side of the road on the way home from CLINTON (less than half an hour). We did the thing where you open two doors to form a stall beside the highway. Basically, these folks are recreating my childhood and it's just delightful.

We came home and put the kids right to bed. Peyton and I talked and then I got on the computer, read some, and did my Bible study.
sort of funny when they make their dinos talk like us

So apparently, this past week was our FOURTH week on the new schedule?!? That blows my mind. I can't believe it's been a full month. I'm planning to write a bit about it tomorrow since I allude to it so much on here. As I said, it's been a big change, but overall, a good one.

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