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Weekly Happenings Post #334 (August 17-23)-- Sister Saturday!

This particular week was a mostly ordinary one, but we did get a visit from Cookie and Conrad and that always makes me ecstatic! They were really only here for one full day, but we made the most of it!

Monday was a sweet, fun day. I got up and got my bath and made beds and picked up toys/laundry and Peyton cooked breakfast. I ate and did some dishes and checked the computer and then Elizabeth and Simeon and Michel got here and we got on the road to Granny's. We had a delightful visit and were getting ready to leave and the tornado sirens went off. We ended up waiting for about an hour and then getting back on the road. We made a stop for Elizabeth to get some chicken seed and didn't get home until almost seven. On the way home, I talked to Daddy because Minnie had gone to the hospital and was having gall bladder surgery the next day. We fed the kids supper, read to them, and got them to bed. Peyton got Newks for us and we watched SVU. I read some blogs, started a post, and read a bit in a new book. I went to bed and apparently Peyton stayed up until five in the morning. What??

We got up later than I meant to on Tuesday (I slept horribly- probably a combination of Peyton turning the air up and someone being beside me banging on keys and watching loud tv). Anyway, I got up and took a bath and we headed to a consignment sale. Peyton and the kids waited in the car and I got in and out pretty quickly. After that, we practiced driving a bit and stopped by Peyton's parents' house but they weren't home.We came home and the kids watched their shows and I got on the computer and then started filling out this form to sub at St. Andrew's. It took a long time.
Graves found the Gerber Baby on his church underwear and he got so excited and said "oh, I found my child!". Guess Avocado had a lost sibling we didn't know about 

I finally finished that and Peyton took the kids to play in the creek behind our house.

 I straightened, started laundry, planned school, and practiced driving by myself. I returned a hair dryer to TJ Mazz and talked to Mickey and then I drove down Lakeland a good ways. I came back and stopped and ate at Subway.
Obviously, with our new lifestyle we try to do less of this, but after doing some intensive Lakeland Drive driving by myself, I decided a "treat yo' self" moment, a la Tom and Donna, was in order. (And yes, I realize a meatball sub is an unconventional treat for a thirty year old suburban mom of two.) It's actually the fist time I've "dined in" at a fast food type place in awhile and it was sort of surreal to realize I didn't need a code off my receipt to unlock the bathroom (which is how folks in the city keep the homeless population from using their bathrooms as temporary hotel rooms.)  I hope I always remember things like that. I think I will; it's such a part of me. Incidentally, I'm glad I took a pause, regrouped, and had a glorious no kids in the background phone visit with a friend. Because right after this I accidentally wound up at a light on a really steep hill. I tuned on my flashers and it took me about six green lights worth of tries but no one even honked, several people smile-waved, and I DID IT!

I got home and did some math with AP and then Peyton read to them a bit.
Sweet, precious Minnie unexpectedly had her gallbladder removed that day and was having another (minor) surgery the next but when she called that night she assured me she was "still thinking about" how to make some house projects work for me. Bless her heart!

Peyton went to sleep early and I fixed the kids supper and dusted/polished furniture in the den and cleaned the kitchen counters. Then read to them a long time. We played pretend and I got them to bed.
He asks me almost nightly "Momma, will you please tuck me in my pillowcase?" but usually he ends up out of it before he falls asleep. These kids are ridiculous!

 I wrote a post and read a few blogs. Then I did a ton of dishes and then vacuumed in the den and kitchen and mopped the kitchen and polished the floors in the den. I watched TV and ate supper and folded a bunch of laundry. I went to bed late.

Carrie and her kiddos were coming over on Wednesday and we were also having some turbines installed. The guy got here to work on that at eight. Peyton talked to him and I took a bath and dried my hair. I picked up some toys and made our bed and then cleaned the bathrooms. I did my make up and put up and washed dishes. I helped Graves get dressed and fixed AP's hair and then I got on the computer for a few minutes while the kids watched their shows. Carrie and her crew got here and we had a great visit. The kids played outside most of the time and did a little coloring.

Bud and his very best friend. Boy friendships are so different and Graves sometimes has a hard time in social situations (which surprised us so much because he really does seem, in a lot of ways, to be our more extroverted child). But these two have really formed their own little friendship lately, after years of playing side by side. So, so sweet to watch!

They left and Annie and Graves had rest time and I read some blogs and wrote a post. Peyton put together a bike trailer her ordered and took the kids around the block.

Peyton got a trailer for his bike to go to the Y and the grocery store and close places. I guess it's sort of like a second vehicle and Annie keeps saying it reminds her of a Coney Island ride! 

 I started laundry and straightened and organized some. They got home and got ready to go to the pool. I stayed home and really worked on getting stuff set up on our calendar. When they got home, I fixed them a snack, got them ready for bed, and read to them. I drove the car to Kroger to get some Cokes and decided to tackle the same hill from the day before. I did it on the FIRST try! I came home and read some, got on the computer, and did my Bible study. I had supper and went to bed.
Such a little lady even in her sleep. And gosh, those legs are long!

We got up on Thursday and I had to hustle to get ready. Peyton's mom came over to watch the kids and we left for a financial planning meeting. It went well and afterwards we stopped at Newks really quickly. We got home and visited with Peyton's mom a bit and then she left.

FYI: on Saturday and Sunday we were having "regler" supper. Asked for clarification and Annie said "um, like NOT cooked stuff". Guess that has been the norm most of her life.

So fascinating when your kid demonstrates this sucking/pumping mechanism with refried beans. Or not. Gag 

Peyton did some Five In a Row with the kids and I straightened a bit. He took the kids swimming and I planned meals and made a grocery list. I read some blogs and they got home. The kids watched their shows and Peyton and I really worked on our room. We took a bunch of stuff to the attic that we had cleaned out of other places and then I went through a huge box of things that needed fixing. I actually glued and taped most everything.
AP was DISTRAUGHT when she realized we had gotten rid of a bunch of her (falling apart) dress up shoes. I don't usually do that without telling her, but we purged a lot when we got home. I'm thankful she's so creative and that I already had my hot glue gun out. She requested some cardboard, traced her foot to make sure it was the right size, used the big adults only scissors for the first time ever after a papa lecture about how she *could* cut her finger off but it was her decision if she wanted to try them, and gave me directions on how to glue the pieces together. No fingers were lost but Graves did burn himself in the approximately two seconds I had my head turned.

Modeling her masterpiece. Pretty good for a piece of cardboard!

The kids had super and we got them to bed. I did dishes and got on the computer and wrote a post and went to bed.

Friday was a fun day. We got up and I took a bath, straightened and collected laundry, and made beds. We all had breakfast and the kids watched their shows. I got on the computer for a bit. Then Morgan and her kids came over to play. We had so much fun and ate lunch and then they went home and we straightened up quickly and had rest time. I got on the computer and Peyton got home and we got ready to go to my parents'. Annie had a BIG melt down about not wanting Graves to bring two sets of "pajammies" (we finally determined that she didn't want to bring two sets but didn't want him to, either- my new favorite way to describe her is to say that she's very consumed with "justice", ha!). Anyway, we worked it out and on the way to my parents' we stopped at a consignment sale. We headed over there and visited, ate supper, and had baths. Graves fell asleep on the way home and we put him to bed. Annie was still up and Peyton wanted to work on cleaning up the carport some more. Annie stayed up and helped us and we finished around ten thirty. I got on the computer and did a few things- sent a couple of emails, ordered a gift, and updated the calendar with a few things. I packed a lunch for Peyton and read a few blogs and went to bed pretty late.

Going to the bathroom and I almost tripped on this peanut. Bless his heart, he wanders without his baby gate. Also? Took him to our bed cause babies don't keep. 

The kids slept late on Saturday AND played some. Cookie and Conrad were in town and we were SO excited about seeing them. I fixed them breakfast and laid back down. I had a headache for the first time in a week (that's a long stretch for me). It's been overcast and sort of rainy but I guess it was all one front or something because I had been doing great. Anyway, I fixed them breakfast and took some medicine and laid down.
Morning has broken! Annie, her namesake papa, and her Mickey get up ready for the day and ready to read, learn a language, and study Scripture, respectively. Bud and I wake up hangry, annoyed at the world, and some mornings not without a few tears. We redeem the time in the evenings, though! I have no problem homeschooling someone at seven pm or cleaning baseboards at midnight. Hmm, could be why I'm not a morning person....

They watched their shows and I got on the computer and made our bed. I took my bath and Cookie got here sooner than I had thought she would.

This is Graves's new catch phrase- "I don't mind". He says it all the time (for example, I say "it's rest time, go to your room" and he says "I don't mind"). It is so indicative of exactly who he is. And I know I've said it before but praise God! We have enough people with Big! Opinions! In this house. Of course where it does bite us in the butt is with discipline because, with almost any consequence, you guessed it...he doesn't mind.

I finished drying my hair and got the kids to quickly gather their stuff. We headed over to my parents' and had the best time. Cookie fixed us grilled cheeses for lunch and then we visited all afternoon. We got sushi for supper and Peyton had gone in an hour early so he could get off an hour early and he joined us around seven thirty. We stayed until about ten and came home and put the kids right to bed. I got on the computer a bit and then went to bed myself- with the house a huge mess.

I got up shortly after the kids on Sunday and fixed them breakfast and then laid back down. They ate and then watched their shows and I made the bed, started laundry, and got on the computer.

Entryway rugs make great royal robes for tiny kings, apparently.

I took my bath and ate breakfast. I folded a load of laundry and went through clothes from both consignment sales I had been to. I took the clothes off the hangers, removed the tags, and started washing them. I put up dishes, folded another load, and washed dishes.

Most time consuming sinkfull of dishes (although nowhere near the biggest) since we've been home. Could be because AP thought she heard a tornado warning and preceded to move everything including her and her brother's night stands and lamps into the hall, Graves had a middle of the kitchen teetee accident, and then I had to figure out the most developmentally appropriate way to explain an Amber Alert to Annie (fortunately she eventually fixated on Googleing what a brown Altima looked like). It's so much fun to be on the other side of every hard conversation I forced Minnie to have all those years. Or not. But I can hope I'm raising a very engaged and empowered little person. (Also: be warned friends- I narrowly diverted the risk that, along with Santa and sex, the little homeschool chick might tell your kids about pedophiles. But I dunno if I can do it much longer.)

The kids had lunch and then rest time and I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and did more laundry. They got up and we cleaned up their room and then had supper and read and played pretend. I got them in the tub and started a post. I let them play, made sure they got clean, and got them out. I finished the post and Peyton got home. We ate and watched a movie and talked some.

I've actually been down with a bad cold this week and haven't been paying much attention to the this space. And just when I was feeling so caught up! Oh well. I'm going to do AP and Graves's letters and then get back at these.

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