Tuesday, October 20, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Alone in the Car

It's been months since I started learning to drive standard and today was the first day I really felt relaxed and enjoyed my solitary drive. I never thought I'd miss driving when we lived in Brooklyn (because I sort of hate it and if Peyton, or anyone with a license, is in the car I let them drive). 

But there were certain things I missed. I missed solo trips and I missed listening to music in the car (of course, people do it on the train, but I usually had the kids with me and it just wouldn't have worked).

I enjoyed it so much this morning. The warm sun coming through the windows making it the perfect temperature without the heat or air. The Sultans cd Peyton had left in there from a previous trip. The time alone with my thoughts. And most shockingly, the physical sensation of shifting without concentrating too much on it. 

It was an unexpectedly lovely trip. 

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