Wednesday, October 14, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Humanity

A friend texted me something this morning that came from a deep place. Something about hurt and denial and sacrifice. Something that I needed to hear. He asked me to pray for him about something and it was the permission I needed to ask him to pray for me about something else (why is it so hard for me to ask that of my friends).

The girl working at the ice cream place tonight called me "Darlin'", helped me figure out exactly what I wanted which was a combination of two things, and told me to let her know how I liked it.

Another friend held my hand tonight as we talked about something and I told her about the hope I have for the think that is the absolute darkest thing in my life right now, the darkest thing in my life ever.

Humanity, I think, is the greatest ordinary wonder of them all.

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