Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Soft Quilts and Cold Breezes

I didn't get to my post yesterday. I didn't get to much of anything yesterday. I was fighting day two of a two day weather headache and by six that evening it was winning. The whole day had been a downward spiral and it kept getting worse.

I feed the kids Raman noodles while I laid outside on the chaise lounge with a cold pack on my head and put them bed at 7:30. They were great sports.

I laid on the couch for two hours after that until Peyton got home, willing myself to go to sleep, but it was one of those times where the pain overpowered my tiredness.

Peyton got home and opened ever window in the room. I snuggled further under my favorite quilt and buried my face in the fabric, enjoying its smell and the coolness coming from the windows.

Sleep finally came and it was the best I've had in weeks, maybe months.

The rain came in the night and the front passed through and I woke up feeling the relief I had earnestly prayed for the night before.

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