Friday, October 23, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Swinging Bridge

What a fun whirlwind trip! 

We left yesterday morning, drove up the beautiful Natchez Trace, meet my aunt and uncle for lunch and enjoyed a bit of Main Street in New Albany, drove by my grandmother's old house and laughed out loud thinking of her, then checked into our cabin at Tishomingo State Park and, with just enough daylight left, went on a gorgeous two mile hike including this swinging bridge we all loved. We ate a frozen pizza and enjoyed the cottage with no Internet and no neighbors to have to alter our night party routine for (I told Peyton that was a huge benefit to a hotel and Annie said "or an apartment!"). 

This morning we got up and drove to Oxford to meet our friends who were in town from Chicago. We ate a wonderful lunch at Ajax and spent a little time on the square and headed home around four thirty. 

I'm glad I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday on the couch because we have two soccer games, a birthday party, and dinner with Mickey and Minnie tomorrow while Peyton is at work and he picked up several shifts this coming week. 

Grateful for little adventures and ordinary wonder. The smell of a forest in the Fall, the sound of Graves's feet as he ran through the fallen leaves, and the perfect coolness of early evening. And all the uninterrupted time with my best people and some other special folks we don't see nearly enough. 

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