Wednesday, October 7, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Taking Care of Our Fragile Selves

In order to notice the wonder, I think we have to examine our pace and our priorities and I think we have to take care of our fragile selves.

This is obviously going to look vastly different for different people.

But I do think if we're honest with ourselves, we are, each and every one of us, fragile. I also think we all have a certain pace where we do well and honor the margins and boundaries we need to. And we all have priorities, whether we like what they currently look like are not.

This year, I've tried to be especially careful in these areas- setting my own pace, prioritizing what I think is most important, and caring for myself well.

The other morning I took a walk by myself and I noticed so many ordinary little wonders, but I wouldn't have if I hadn't put myself in that spot (physically, mentally, and emotionally). I would have missed them.

I am determined to keep positioning myself in a place where I can notice God's good gifts.

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