Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Toast

This past month, due to Babykins #3, I have been so much more in tune to (or more accurately, held captive by) the smells around me. They've had a powerful, powerful effect. And some have not been so delightful.

One of my very favorites was my single breakfast item for two straight weeks- lightly buttered toast. I'd wake up (often throw up), make my way as quickly as possible to the kitchen, grab a knife, the butter, and bread, and prepare it. Then I'd continue to the laundry room where our toaster oven resides, pop it in, and attend to something else for a couple of minutes.

When I returned, and the toasty air greeted me, I felt a little bit of peace come over me and a confidence I just might make it through the day.

I have a feeling I'll always associate that smell with October and with this sweet new life.

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