Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Days of Wonder: Summer Creek Days

I've actually had these pictures loaded up in a draft since before I even started this series, but they just fit so perfectly within it. They're from back in the Summer when it still seemed hot enough to fry bacon on the sidewalk. Today it's cold and rainy and these days seem so far away. So it's good to think back on them.

Peyton took these one afternoon when he took the children exploring in the creek behind our house (or more accurately the drainage ditch behind our house). To me, they seem magical and like the stuff childhood is made of.

I'm glad for the way they explore. The way she leads him (mostly) with gentleness and the way he follows unafraid. 

He looks like a wild animal here, The General. And so do they all, really.

A boy, a superhero, and a cat. 

When he closes his eyes mid embrace like this, it's a reminder to me to love the way he does- fiercely, and without fear. 

Instructing the class, per usual. Apparently, there was also a bit of profane graffiti that Peyton was able to steer them away from. Brooklyn taught me a lot. One of those things being that profane graffiti is really not something worth me doing much fussing over. 

Well, it's a good thing you wore your pajama shorts, I guess. It's very, very hard for him to be in the presence of something that could make him dirty and not actually become dirty himself. 

This may be my favorite. That little drop of mud combined with the "thinker tongue", I can tell something is going on behind those eyes. I don't think I'll ever stop thanking God for giving me a little boy even though I never knew I wanted it and even though it sort of undid me at first. 

And now we've gone to painting with the mud. 

The end of a wonderful adventure. 

And just in case you wanted the video footage. 

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