Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Goals and Happenings

It's not really my favorite header or background, but it does feel so warm and Fall-ish and perfect. I was originally thinking of doing something more overtly Halloween (not goblins or anything, but orange and black and such). I'm so glad I didn't. This feels much better.

September was really fun, but a lot busier than I realized it would be. I subbed a couple of times, the kids started their Fall sports, and we're just keeping busy with school. In addition, I've done quite a bit of "fun" things lately-- just spending time with friends and such. So that feels good. But I'm not sure I accomplished near what I meant to!

I'm really excited about what October has to offer:
- I hope we'll make a trip to the State Fair, which is coming up soon. It's no Coney Island, but I think the kids will really enjoy it.
- Right now, my schedule is clear as far as subbing, but I hope I can add in a few days.
- The kids' soccer season is short (honestly, I think I prefer it that way) and will be over by mid November, so this is the big month for it!
- We're planning to camp some more- we're probably even going to take a trip down to Granny's this week and camp there one night.
- I feel like November gets a little crazy, so I think I want to plan some Fall activities to do this month.
- Peyton's been working with the kids a bit on a science curriculum he's mostly developing as he goes along and I'm sure that will continue. Annie is about to finish up Level C in her English curriculum and then we'll start the second half of first grade (I haven't decided if we are going to keep on tugging along or if we'll take a nice break and start back after Christmas).

This is such a nice time of year and I'm excited about the crisp days ahead.

Here were September's goals:
1. Make use of the three books on my nightstand, daily if possible:
    - Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
    - The Mockingbird Devotional: Good News for Today (and Every Day)- Ethan Richardson, Sean              Norris
    - The Book of Common Prayer
I did absolutely terrible with this. I think unless I make it into a routine (i.e. do it at a certain time), it's not gong to to happen. This one is going back on the list.

2. Pray for Peyton and the children daily- with boldness, authenticity, and faith. I was somewhat more conscious of it, but not as consistent as I'd like. Back on the list, as well. (Family)

3. Reestablish pattern of emailing with my close friend/mentor. I did this and it reminded me of how thankful I am for this friendship and how much healthier I am when I put energy into it. (Relationships)

4. Exercise three times a week. Well, this did not happen and it's *not* going back on the list. I want to make it a priority, but to be honest, other things are just more important to me right now. Since I'm walking once a week, I'd really only have to add two other days and I actually went for a short walk one morning by myself the other day to try to get rid of a headache. Also, there was an incident with the bike I was using and Peyton's working on fixing up another old one for me, but it's going to be awhile. (Health)

5. Use my sewing machine and make a curtain for the play kitchen in the children's room. I did this! We haven't gotten them hung up yet, but I finished the project and I had SO much fun doing it. (Education/Edification)

6. VERY carefully finish out the children's Fall wardrobes. I did this and I was feeling really good about it until I realized that I inadvertently sent two (thankfully pretty inexpensive things) to Brooklyn that I ordered off eBay. (Finances)

7. Finally finish purging in the sunroom, laundry room, and kitchen (Simplicity). We've done most of the sunroom and laundry room (there's still a bit left to do in both) but not the kitchen cabinets. Ugh.

8. Write post on gratitude/thankfulness. I did this and it felt so good.

9. Finish hanging stuff and decorating in the kids' room, our room, the bathrooms, and the laundry room. Once the play kitchen curtain is hung, this will be done! (Additional Goal)

10. Show up, engaged and not frazzled, at various appointments. I was very happy with how all my appointments and subbing jobs went this month. (Additional Goal)

11. Catch up on the blog. Well, I'm closer than I've been. I wrote several posts I've been meaning to for awhile, I'm only a couple of weeks behind on my Weekly Happenings and Weekly Smorgasbord posts and I do have the kids' letters to write. When I put it that way, it still sounds like a lot. I am proud of myself for keeping up with my normal end of the month/first of the month stuff and starting the 31 Day Challenge. Oh well, my 31 Days topic is easy and low (time) commitment, mostly. (Additional Goal). 

12. Get take out and have a "stay in" date night on the couch with one of our favorite shows. We didn't do this. I actually ate out with several friends, though, so it made sense not to. But then, randomly we decided to get pizza last night, just for us. (Fun Goal)

And now, October's goals:
1. Make use of the three books on my nightstand, daily if possible:
    - Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
    - The Mockingbird Devotional: Good News for Today (and Every Day)- Ethan Richardson, Sean              Norris
    - The Book of Common Prayer

2. Pray for Peyton and the children daily- with boldness, authenticity, and faith. As with the above, I think finding a more consistent time will help with this. (Family)

3. Write a few handwritten notes. One thing Peyton did for my suprise party was have people send letters to me to my parents' house. It was so, so special. And it reminded me that a goal for this year is to write them. (Relationships)

4. Establish patterns of silence and stillness in my day. This seems to go right along with the first two and I think it will be a great time to start working on it. (Health)

5. Work towards incorporating extra, additional things into our curriculum (science, preschool type activities for Graves, more read aloud time, memory work, ect.). I think we're at a good place to add more in. (Education/Edification)

6. Press pause for the month on all unnecessary spending. I'm mostly doing this already, but I have spent some money on the kids' clothes and I have a few things I want for the house (I've been using my subbing money for this kind of thing in addition to our agreed on budget). This month, I want to just pause for a bit. (Finances)

7. Begin going through the attic and purging, as I need to do my closet change-over and decorate for Fall anyway. I hope to get those last few rooms (laundry room, sunroom, and kitchen) finished as well. (Simplicity)

8. Notice Ordinary Wonder all around me. (Joy/Gr attitude)

9. Start and finish a book of poetry. I mentioned this in my What I'm Into post last week. (Additional Goal)

10. Settle myself back into the Junior League. I reinstated and so now it's time to go to meetings, pic a placement and volunteer at Mistletoe. (Additional Goal)

11. Go to the Mississippi State Fair. (Fun Goal)

12. Pick a new show to watch with Peyton. We meant to do this this Summer but we didn't get to it. I'm trying to decide if we want silly or serious. (Fun Goal)

Here's to October, a month of chilly days and smokey nights. May we lean into the autumn colors, smells, and sounds and embrace the wonder all around us, making room for satisfying smallness. 

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