Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Days of Ordinary Wonder: Warmth at a Cold Picnic

Today at Northside there was a picnic to celebrate the church's birthday. So many people celebrating something we're such newcomers to. 

It was chilly outside and overcast, but it was delightful. 

It felt like Fall, but honestly its worst version of itself. I think it felt ten degrees colder because the sun wasn't out. The wind blew and the kids shivered.

But they were mostly all smiles and so was I. We got to know people better and hear a little bit more of their stories. We ate delicious food. Annie played with some kids that were a little older than herself and Graves got to visit with a new baby friend, Eleanor. 

Graves fell asleep on the way home, slept all afternoon (so unlike him) and then kept talking about the "picnic party". 

I think I was as tired as he was. Relationships are work and getting to know people can be draining. But I'm reminding myself about how I feel best when relationships reside very near the top of my priority list. 

It's a good feeling when I look forward to seeing people week after week, to getting to know them better. And it feels especially good when grins and hugs are enough to brighten up a dreary day. 

It's not home yet, but there's a lot to a smile, an embrace, a story slowly beginning to be a shared one. 

Sundays are getting better. I feel tired, but also grateful. 

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