Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekly Happenings #338 (September 14-20)-- The Big Surprise!

Peyton got up super early on Monday and went for a bike ride. He got home and the kids got up and I slept until nine. I got up and we all had breakfast and then I planned the day and school and took my bath and made beds. Peyton went to the grocery store and the kids watched their shows. I started laundry and put up dishes and uploaded some pictures and Peyton got home. He took the kids swimming and I worked on a sewing project.

They got home and had rest time and I finished up and read blogs and had lunch. When rest time was over, I did some school work with AP and Peyton and Graves worked in the yard. When we finished, I did a sink full of dishes and wiped down the counters because a pharmacy friend of Peyton's was coming over. After I finished, I straightened a bit and got dressed and then started working on dinner. Jay got here and she and Peyton and the kids visited while I fixed a salad, cooked fish, cute up avocados and made salsa for the fish, and cooked corn. Peyton had made some salsa and we snacked on that and then ate supper. After dinner we visited a bit. It was a really nice night! As soon as Jay left, we got the kids to bed. We did a bunch of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and Peyton ordered some books off Amazon. I got on the computer for a bit and then we chatted and went to bed.

Tuesday was a fun day. I got up and hustled to get ready for my Bible study. I left a bit late, but they ended up starting late (and had food, so wonderful!). It was a great hour and I came home and made the bed and folded some laundry. I got on the computer and ate lunch and Peyton ran an errand on his bike and then we headed out to do a few other errands- we ran to the mall to get a clear retainer for my nose and also did a test drive to find the school I'd be subbing at on Thursday. Peyton got irate because we got turned around so many times but it was a great chance to explain to Annie that he's actually not perfect. We came home and had rest time (Graves ended up having a snack in his room). I read blogs, uploaded phone pictures, and started a post. Peyton and Graves worked outside and I did school with AP. I did some more laundry and got ready to go walk with Mal. I actually walked over to the park (after Peyton convinced me that it was a little silly to drive) and we had the best walk/visit. She dropped me off at home and we immediately loaded up and headed to my parents' house to camp. Peyton got the tent set up and the kids visited with my parents and then I heated up some leftovers for supper. They went down to the tent and I ate and worked on a blog post. I read a few blogs and then joined them. I do wish we had brought some extra padding, but overall I slept really well. It was cool, but not cold at all and the waves sounded so beautiful. I went to sleep so happy.

Peyton and AP woke up at sunrise on Wednesday, Graves slept a little later, and I woke up around eight thirty.

We visited some more with Mickey and Minnie, had breakfast, and I took a quick bath. We came home and relaxed a bit. I got on the computer, planned school, collected and started laundry, and straightened.
Wolf attack! Just a typical day with Papa (and Graves is completely naked in the backpack, FYI). Also, he may be taking his role as preschool teacher at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs a little too seriously because I overheard him asking "Where's my friend Momma?"

Peyton and Graves went with his mom to Sam's and AP and I knocked out two math lessons and an English one. I did dishes, changed over laundry, and ate my lunch, too.

Once again, Sweetie's been watching too much Doomsday Preppers. DeeDee took him to Sam's and he came home with forty eight bars of soap, approximately nine pounds of cocktail nuts, and various other multiples of bulk items. The real treasure, not pictured, are the two GALLON jars of Vlasic pickles (to add to the one already in the fridge from his last trip). Or maybe he heard that the pool's future is in the air again and he's trying to recreate the concession stand in our house. OMG.

The guys got home and the kids watched their shows and Peyton and I got the groceries put up and worked on organizing the laundry room and sunroom. Graves had rest time and Peyton took Annie with him to Gateway and the library since she hadn't gotten to grocery shop. I got on the computer and read some blogs and started a book. Peyton and AP got home and Peyton gave the kids baths while I put up dishes and straightened the house and then he left for a drug company dinner at Shapley's.

They decided right after their baths they wanted to go outside. Whatever. They played and I got a lot done- I folded a load of clothes and got them mostly put up, texted with a friend, did dishes, sent a Facebook message to another friend, and cleaned out the top two shelves and the cheese drawer in the fridge. The second shelf was a bigger chore than I anticipated- something had spilled and gotten sort of stuck between the glass and the plastic and I ended up needing to take it out and wash it (I had just been taking the stuff out and wiping it down). The kids ate supper during all this and then I played with them outside and we came in and read and I helped them brush teeth and get to bed. I turned on a podcast and started working on my sewing project. I worked on it a long while and was finishing up as Peyton got home. We talked and then I got on the computer for a bit. I put pictures on Facebook and wrote a post. I ate supper and got out my clothes for the next day and went to bed.

I was in another room and I heard him say "Anyone specific or not really?". Sometimes, I can get him to have entire conversations with me in his sleep.

I got up and got ready and Peyton cooked breakfast and fixed my lunch because I was subbing that day.
Mr. Mom packed me this great looking sandwich for lunch. In a lot of ways, he's a much better housewife than I am.

 I left and got to the school early and got to visit with the headmaster a bit. I really liked him. I got there around ten, so it wasn't even a full day. I had one class, lunch, and then two more classes. Two of the classes had a lot of work/tests to do, but it one class I got to do a good bit of instruction and that was fun.

I got home around four and changed clothes, ate something, and got stuff together.
This was the first thing I saw when I got home.

Also, while I was gone Graves booby trapped the house and AP ate an obscene amount of boiled peanuts.

We all took Graves to his first blastball practice. Annie and I did an English lesson while we waited.
Well, he's basically grown.

We got home and fed and bathed the kids and got them to bed. We made a trip to the attic and Peyton ran to the grocery store and I did a TON of dishes. I got on the computer and put some pictures on Facebook and then ate supper and went to bed with a headache.

Peyton was working, but the kids and I slept pretty late on Friday. They had breakfast and I put up groceries from the night before and made our bed. I got on the computer and took my bath and planned the day while the kids watched their shows. While they cleaned up their room, I got almost their whole closet changed over for Fall! I fixed their lunch and while they ate and then I changed over their shoes. They had rest time and I had lunch and got on the computer. Peyton got home and I put laundry in the dryer, swept in the kids' room, and put up and washed dishes.
He's the best little fella.

Then we headed over to my parents' to see Cookie and Conrad. We got there right before they did. We had a great time visiting and stayed really late.
Throwback to five years ago and the two prettiest girls I know.

Cookie and Annie- five years later. They've added a husband and a brother, respectively. They've become a nurse and learned to read, respectively. They've left the security of home for Nashville and Brooklyn, respectively. They both inspire me and make me proud. Two of my favorite people in all the world!

We left around ten forty five (we used to leave almost that late all the time!) and both kids fell asleep in the car. Annie woke back up and took awhile to get settled down. I got on the computer briefly, ate a snack, and went to bed.

Peyton got up early for work on Saturday and we chatted and then I went back to sleep. The kids got up at nine and I fixed them breakfast and laid back down. They watched their shows and I got on the computer, made the bed, and ate my breakfast. I took my bath and Annie had a meltdown. I brought Graves in the laundry room with me to iron my shirt so she could have some time to herself. We all got ready and I talked to Mal a bit and sorted some clothes to consign. Cookie texted me to see what time we'd be ready. I had thought it would be after lunch, but she and Minnie had finished their errands early. I got the kids and myself ready and Minnie and Cookie got here. We had a good time visiting with Cookie and Conrad, watching football, eating lunch. Annie got to show Cookie a WildKratts episode, too! Cookie and Conrad said they were going to meet a friend for drinks and then Peyton was going to bring us back over for supper when he got off at seven. We loaded up and headed back to our house. SURPRISE! Peyton had planned a big party and I was shocked out of my mind.

I had the best time and people stayed until around six or six thirty. Peyton had his parents' truck (with no carseats) so he had to go get his car. The kids played in the yard and I started to clean up the laundry room where Peyton had tossed a bunch of piles, laundry, dishes, and oh, a mattress. He got home and we packed up some food to take to Cookie and left a huge mess. We ate sushi with my parents and the Reynauds and watched Ole Miss play. I bathed the kids and got them ready for bed. Annie cried about something all the way home and something else once we got here. Bud fell asleep in the car. I put some pictures on IG and then worked on the kitchen for over an hour. I still didn't finish but I got a lot of dishes scrubbed. I went to bed late.

Graves threw up in the middle of the night but the kids both slept really late on Sunday. We all ate breakfast and I got on the computer and took my bath while they watched their shows. I put up a lot of the clean, dry dishes and Cookie and Conrad came over and picked up her keys that they had left. The kids had lunch and rest time. I texted with some friends, ate my lunch, got on the computer, and took a short nap myself. We cleaned up their room and then they played outside. I did more dishes and ironed some stuff (some to consign, some stuff of ours that just needed ironing) and then fixed the kids supper. They ate and we played outside and then I got them ready for bed and read to them. Peyton got home and we ate and talked and planned our week. I tagged my clothes for the consignment sale and listened to a podcast. I wrote a post and planned the week a little more and then put sheets on our bed and went to bed.

Whew, what a wonderful week!

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