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Weekly Happenings #339 (September 21-27)-- Starting Soccer

This was our first week of soccer for Annie (Graves had started blastball the previous week). Annie is on a little U8 team and Graves is playing with other three and four year olds. It's SUPER laid back. They are both playing at the Y that's just a couple of miles from our house and the seasons are really short, but that means more practices/games than I was expected. Because of the car situation, we're just skipping the Saturday games and it hasn't been a really big deal since it's so low key. 

We got up and all got ready on Monday and took some clothes to drop off at a consignment sale. We ran by the grocery store on the way home, but they didn't have what I needed. When we got home, Peyton left to go campaign with Haydn and the kids watched their shows. They actually took a break in the middle and had lunch. I ate lunch and planned school and did a few things and then they had rest time. I started a post and read some blogs and talked to Mal. After rest time, I did English with Annie. Peyton got home while we were doing it and he helped me with Graves some. We all went outside for a bit and then I got ready to go have supper with my sister in law, Elizabeth. Annie had a meltdown just as I was leaving. Elizabeth and I just went to Newks but we had the best time and talked and talked. I ran by Kroger on the way home and got a few things. When I got home, Peyton and I talked and then he went to bed. I worked on a post, read some blogs, and went to bed myself.

Tuesday was a great day. I got up and got ready and left to go work the morning at Mother's Day Out (my old job!). I had so, so much fun. Sweet, snuggly babies and wonderful, precious women. I miss it! I got home and Peyton and the kids had done a lot- they had cleaned up their room and done dishes, the kids had had baths, and Peyton had even done some school with them. Peyton and I talked and he left for a bike ride and the kids watched their shows and then had rest time. I uploaded some pictures and organized them and then read blogs some. I folded some laundry and did math with Annie. She was having a hard time and we ended up doing it outside. I folded more laundry and Peyton went to the library. I got ready and headed out to walk with Mallory. We walked for a long time and got home around ten. I finished a post and ate supper and went to bed pretty early.
What's more fun than eating leftover Funfetti cake at ten pm? Getting paid to hang out with the friend who made it (and a bunch of awfully cute one year olds) for three hours that morning was pretty amazing. [Additional sidenote: Peyton got the expensive toilet paper as "an act of hospitality" for the party. He'd been fussing about me using too much at a time. So glad those warm fuzzies didn't last too long. I wouldn't know who I was married to. (He knew it wasn't Graves because he still needs assistance and he knew it wasn't AP because he's taught her to use about half a sheet and she lectures anyone who "wastes" it.)]

Wednesday was a fun day for me. I got up, got ready, and made the bed and Carrie picked me up for our favorite consignment sale. We had a great time discussing with each other and then we got Mexican for lunch. She dropped me off and the kids had rest time. I read some blogs and straightened a bit and did some laundry. I looked for a bike on the computer and a guy came over to fix something with our air conditioner. We got ready and all took AP to soccer.
Our serious little soccer player.

Special shout out to Mary Milton Roberts, who is sharing her soccer stuff with us while she takes a season off soccer to campaign.

Annie's team's soccer coach wasn't able to coach anymore. There were only five of them so they put them on other Y teams. But for the first night, this guy coached the team. High five, Papa!

When we got home, we fed and bathed the kids and I put fresh sheets on all our beds. I had washed our bedspread from when Graves got sick over the weekend and so I washed all our sheets, too. I straightened some and then got on the computer. We ate and watched TV and went to bed.
record ridiculousness even for our crazies 

I slept late on Thursday and then went for a walk by myself. Peyton and I talked, I did my morning computer check in, and then took a bath and ate breakfast. Peyton got ready to go meet his brother for lunch and I watched the kids' shows with them and folded laundry. Peyton got home and we all had lunch and then the kids had rest time.
Graves had been trying to catch this bug flying around in our house for hours. I couldn't catch him either. Peyton finally got home and caught him. Graves named him "hard catch".

I got on the computer for a bit and wrote a post and started another one and then talked to Peyton some more. Graves had blastball that evening and I was planning on just him and Peyton going and me and AP staying home and doing school. She did NOT want to do that. She also didn't want to just go with the guys so I could clean the house. We all ended up going at the VERY last minute. My one condition was that we work on school and she did a pretty good job staying focused, but not as well as she did at the practice the week before. We got home and the kids ate supper outside and I washed a TON of dishes we had let build up. Peyton bathed Graves and I took Annie to Target with me. We got home and she went right to bed. I got busy and vacuumed and mopped in the den and kitchen. I got on the computer and ate supper and went to bed.
Certainly raising a reader isn't my highest parental goal, but I'd be lying if I said there was just a ton between it and the top of the list (and I'll be honest and say I have mixed feelings on how much importance I give it).

Peyton worked on Friday and Graves got up super early and then fell back asleep with me. He still woke up earlier than usual. We snuggled a bit and then he started trying to sit on my head and such. He AP ate breakfast and played a bit and then they watched their shows. I checked my email and reader and then worked on a few posts. I love when I can squeeze than in early. The kids did play dough and I took my bath and dried my hair and planned the day a bit. I made the kids' beds and worked on my kitchen quote. They cleaned up their room and I started laundry. Graves had been begging me to get these (I thought too small) jammies from the attic for several days so I went up there and dug them out. We were about to go outside and I realized I couldn't find a house key. We spent twenty minutes looking for them and another ten trying to open a window, per Peyton's suggestion.

I was pretty frustrated but we all went out the front and they did play a long time. I cleaned the bathroom floors, emptied all the trashcans in the study and bathroom, and scrubbed the counters, toilets, and tubs. The kids kept blowing this whistle to get me to come outside and it got more and more frequent and more and more irritating. Especially because they'd climb over/through the fence and into the carport and I'd have to get them back in the backyard before I could go back in (they know not to do that if an adult isn't out there). I fixed them lunch and they ate while I read outside for awhile. We came in and read library books and then they had rest time. Graves had THE hardest time. It was awful. I ate lunch and got on the computer. Peyton got home and I put up some dishes and changed over the laundry and we got ready to go to my parents' house. We had a great visit and came home and put the kids to bed. I started some more laundry, did dishes, did my Bible study, and made a basic outline for school for the next week. I got on the computer and read some blogs and finished a post.

Peyton and I got up early on Saturday and chatted and then he got ready for work. The kids got up way earlier than usual. They watched their shows and Graves took about fifteen minutes to pick out his, so I got an extra hour of rest in. They had breakfast and I made our bed, made their beds, and finished changing over their dresser for Fall. I got on the computer, talked to Peyton, ate my breakfast, and took a bath. I tidied around the house some, looked for a missing soccer clean, and put up a bunch of clean dishes and started laundry.
When you brother is already getting to be too much at ten AM on a Saturday ("naptime is starting graves go"). 

I dusted in the den, study, and bedrooms and then fixed the kids lunch. While they ate I vacuumed and then mopped in the bedrooms and study. They had rest time and I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and rested a bit.

I did math with AP. They had wanted to use the iPad during rest time, but it wasn't charged. It worked out well because AP had a thirty minute break before we started English. Graves quickly lost interest and wanted to do play dough. I planned a bit more for what I wanted to get done that night and the next day and then folded laundry. We did English and then I read them some library books and a Bible story. They went outside to play and I got their supper ready, did dishes, and changed over laundry. I went outside and read and texted with some friends and they ate supper. We played for a bit and then they came in and took their bath. I took pictures of all our recent library books and talked to Peyton on the phone. I finished up the kids' bath and then Peyton got home. We watched Parks and Rec and ate supper. I got on the computer and then put up groceries, did dishes, changed over laundry one last time, and got everything ready (clothes laid out, breakfast packed, stuff for the kids to play with during church) for church the next day. I went to bed later than I usually do on Saturdays.

We got up early on Sunday and all got ready and we actually left earlier than usual. AND I had breakfast! We got gas on the way and dropped Peyton off. We ended up eating breakfast in the car at Walgreens instead of the church parking lot for some reason and we went in to use the bathroom before heading to church. We got there and I dropped the kids off at Sunday school and went to my class. They did pretty well in church and both fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It don't matter how loud The Boss is singing you through your Sunday, six thirty in the morning is too damn early. Springsteen sermons ("where the eyes with the will to see?"/"where the hearts that run over with mercy?")

We came in and I took their monthly pictures and they had a snack. They watched their shows and then had lunch and rest time. I made the bed, ate my lunch, and got on the computer and then I took a nap during almost all of their rest time. I got up and we cleaned up their room and then they ate supper and I straightened the house and collected laundry. I put up dishes and washed some and then we headed to go pick up Peyton. We got home and put the kids to bed. I got on the computer and went to bed myself.

I've mentioned it a bit, but I've been kind of under the weather. Hopefully, the next WH post will be up sometime soon!

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