Saturday, October 31, 2015

What I Learned in October

Per usual, I'm linking up with Emily and sharing what I learned this month! 

1. Summer is for sockless Chucks, chalking, annnnd starting all over again at the beginning....

2. The Junior League of Jackson is the sixth largest Junior League in the WORLD and it's getting more and more diverse- they even let chicks with facial piercings in ;) I had no idea it was one of the biggest in the world and my mind was blown! I've had so many conversations over the years with people who think it's a pretentious, elitist organization full of affluent, tone-deaf women. And honestly, I understand where the stereotype comes from. I really do. But that has never, ever been my experience. My experience has been being part of a group of women who are so dedicated to working their tails off for a better Jackson. Peyton actually teased me after I told him I teared up at the first meeting I went to after we moved back because I used to always cry over things at the meetings before we moved.

3. Related, one and four children in Jackson go to bed hungry every night. This is staggering. I knew food insecurity was a huge problem for our city and state, but I had no idea that 25% aren't eating enough supper to feel full as they fall asleep. I'm actually tearing up now.

4. Ordinary Wonder is all around us.

5. Pace, priorities, self-care, and perhaps most importantly the Gospel making noticing the wonder possible for me.

6. These are near the top of the list of the Things I Can Eat:

7. I do not do pregnancy well and it seems to get worse each time and I'm finally at a place where I can say that openly. I'm not one hundred percent sure this is our last child, but I'm fairly confident this is our last one we'll come by this way. I didn't say much about this the first two times because I know other women have much more intense struggles than morning sickness/fatigue/back aches and also, it's kinda par for the course. But it's also been a lot my pride and me not wanting to look like I need help or can't do it all. Same tired trope of wanting to prove something. Reminding myself over and over that my worth doesn't lie within these confines.

8. Polar bears are not actually white. "Each hair shaft is pigment-free and transparent with a hollow core that scatters and reflects visible light, much like what happens with ice and snow." Who knew?

9. Tishomingo State Park is not only beautiful, it is (according to my biology inclined friend) the most biodiverse area in Mississippi.

10. The older I get the more I consider myself an introvert, but my mental space becomes dark when I don't spend enough time with my support system. I become sad and distant and anxious and my life feels overwhelmingly frightening.

Whew. That felt really good, actually. I thought I just mainly made it through a month of human growing, but apparently I actually learned a couple of things!

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