Friday, November 20, 2015

Babykins #3-- Eleven Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 11 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 is over 1.5 inches long. He or she is almost fully formed and is about to start doing things like making his or her hands into fists! Babykins #3 is about the size of a fig!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Apparently, this is the week last time when I thought I really started to show a tiny bit. I think it became more obvious earlier this time. I have no idea what I weigh and I rescheduled my doctor's appointment that was supposed to be this week, so I'll find out in a couple of weeks. 
Maternity Clothes: No, but I'm mostly loving leggings.
Gender: Again, we're probably going to wait until the big day to find out.
Movement: not yet
Sleep: Gosh, it's been ROUGH, but it's mostly because I'm so congested.
What I miss: I still mostly miss my energy. Also, I hate that I feel like there's a lot that's really day to day right now. Some days I feel okay and some days I feel downright awful, and it's really hard to predict. Also, there's a lot of food that I can eat some days and others it ends up coming right back up. I really should just be grateful for the good days when I feel alright and can eat most of the things I love, though.
Cravings: Bagel Bites. I may eat nine every day for lunch until next April ;)
Symptoms: I'm still having a lot of morning sickness, but it is getting better; there's the a big lack of energy; and I have an awful sinus infection. I get them around this time (or usually earlier, I think it came later because the cool weather didn't come until recently) but they always seem so much worse when I'm pregnant. 
Best Moment This Week: We talked to the kids some about possible name ideas. They both had STRONG opinions. I'm not going to share Annie's preferences yet because they are actual contenders, but Graves is still dead set on naming the baby Avocado (which he pronounces with a long "a" at the beginning).
What I Am Looking Forward To: I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving next week- enjoying good food and spending time with our family
Comparison to Graves:

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