Saturday, November 28, 2015

Letter to (Four Year and Six Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

I'll start this letter the same way I started Annie's most recent one- I'm way behind so most of this stuff is from mid September to mid October. Anyway...

You started blastball and that was really fun. You were mostly distracted and at one point in a game stopped to eat some grass. Overall, though I think you enjoyed it and it was a good first team sport experience.

You also dressed up as Cugu and won the costume contest at the special Saturday Halloween story time at the library that Annie desperately wanted to go to (and I desperately did not). I actually feel a little bad because I overheard a mom who seemed upset her niece didn't win and was saying they didn't understand the rules. And here we were in our Old Navy clearance costume from four years ago and I had to make myself take you guys and Annie had to push you forward to claim your prize. And it was actually a really good one, not just more candy and stickers- you got several new books, one of those magna doodle things attached to a book, and a $10 gift card to Subway! 

One day awhile back I had subbed and when I got home you and Annie were in a cooler full of water in the front yard. Also, while I was gone you booby trapped the house and AP ate an obscene amount of boiled peanuts.

Obviously, on September 11th I'm always going to think about how special New York is to us. Reflecting on it this year, I thought about how often I tell people that if you don't retain a single memory, I have absolute confidence it irrevocably changed your worldview for the better. And it will be with us forever!

You've been trying so hard to ride a bike (with training wheels). You and Annie are the cutest and the sweetest. Somebody else's kids be the most athletic and the most coordinated. But it's been so much fun to see you really concentrate and devote yourself to something.

One afternoon we found you lying beside your bike on the ground in the driveway. "Are you tired bud?" Papa asked you " NO! I'm just doing that thing you said when you're frustrated." The day before Papa had totally botched repurposing our play kitchen. He says it was an easy job that he didn't think through enough. So at the point where he really tore a part of the kitchen up, he had just laid on the floor to chill out and think. He later explained to you why he didn't want to talk then. It stuck with you! 

One night after a long day, I found you asleep with a toothbrush in your mouth. Record ridiculousness even for our crazies!

It's actually hysterical to watch you sleep. One night you got in our bed and feel asleep. I cam in there and you had your hand over papa's mouth and your foot in his armpit. Neither of you cared (or was aware).

You hardly ever take naps anymore, but lots of Sundays on the way home from church you take a car nap. t don't matter how loud The Boss is singing you through your Sunday, six thirty in the morning is too damn early.

The other day, after about the millionth time of you constructing an enlarged version of a particular part of the male anatomy, Annie said "Who knows what Graves will make with play dough next? He's *such* a creator". Our resident sculptor maybe spent too much time at The Met. Haha! 

You love bugs and awhile back you kept trying to catch this bug flying around the house for hours. I couldn't catch him either. Papa finally got home and caught him and you named him "hard catch". Mickey also found a praying mantis for you and you brought her home and we kept him for a week or so before releasing her. You named her (we think it was a female) Green Snap. 

You actually got a new insect book awhile back and Annie was reading it to you one night and you started arguing about something. She goes "Ugh, GRAVES. These people know more about it than you do".

Y'alls relationship is so sweet and also so funny. Lately, she's been spending lots of time reading to you in bed at night and she's usually happy to read your favorite books over and over. 

However, it's not ALL sunshine and rainbows. Awhile when you were already getting to be too much at ten AM on a Saturday she made a sign for you that said "naptime is starting graves go".

I love the humorous parts, but also the sweet and protective parts of y'alls relationship- and it's gotten to be very reciprocal. One afternoon you were doing a trick on the swingset and I was inside cleaning. Annie called me and when I said "Oh I think he's fine" she said "Taking care of the house is not NEAR as important as taking care of Graves" and then put her arms around you tightly and snatched you back into the playhouse herself. Later that same day you told me "please don't speak to my friend in such a rude voice". Your friend was Annie and the voice was more stern than rude, in my opinion.

Before it got cool (and hot again) you were a little pair of gingham shorts for the last time for the season. You've had them FOREVER. You wore them a bit towards the end of the Summer you were two (rolled once at the waist)- that Summer you had one other pair and otherwise wore jon jons. Then You wore them again last Summer when your closet was about half and half. And they were a staple again this Summer, in a closet mostly full of separates. Shockingly, they don't look crazy short and we may get another Summer in them. But we may not. So, when I found them during the changeover, I insisted he wear them one last time. The weirdest things make me sentimental. (Also: I love that they look cute with Saltwaters, Crocs, "mountain climbing shoes" (knock of Keens), Converse, New Balances, and now some three sizes too big light up Star Wars shoes we discovered in the attic).

This seems like sort of an abrupt place to end, talking about gingham shorts. Just know we love you more than we could every begin to explain and that you are such a little lightbulb in our family. 

Momma and Papa

P.S. Your little raglan shirt is a 3T and your cargo shorts are a 2T. You're wearing "big boy" clothes, but I'm thankful you're still my little boy (although, you have started being able to wear quite a few 4T things!). 

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