Saturday, November 21, 2015

SD Is Thankful (Days 11-20)

Here's the most recent batch of thankfuls:

* Day 11- so thankful for the one who scrambles eggs for my children on her birthday
* Day 15- My Sunday is your Friday =)
* Day 17- really, really grateful for my side jobs and my full time one
* Day 18- He didn't complain one time, either
* Day 19- Sometimes (lots of times) you can be the most thankful admidst pain. I still miss church in New York so much and sometimes that's still a very deep hurt. And today we had that hard conversation (about Peyton's beliefs) with sweet Stan. It's a conversation that has gotten easier but one I doubt I will ever have without tears welling up. And yet, I had a really strong sense of peace this afternoon and was really grateful. And the Newks pizza Peyton bought me afterwards wasn't bad either.
* Day 20- I have a really bad cold and being up so much on Tuesday night with the bad weather left me exhausted. I would have had a really hard time physically if I had had any more work days and I would have had a really hard time emotionally/mentally facing the reality of more solo parenting days. Wednesday and Thursday and Friday afternoon were such a gift!

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