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Weekly Happenings #340 (September 28-October 4)-- First Blastball Game, A Little Subbing, A Little Campaigning, and A LITTLE BABY ON BOARD!!!

Since I took some separate pictures to announce the new baby, I hadn't planned to really include the news in a family picture. And I definitely had no intentions of including the actual pregnancy test. But Graves (who is VERY adamant that this is his baby) carried it around for a couple of days until I finally took it to the outside trash can. Ha!

Also, one reason I got so behind on these again was because I got to this point in my Weekly Happenings and wasn't quite ready to go public with the news, but there was no way to not include the picture in the post and no way not share the news if I included the picture. You'll see but even without the picture it became real obvious real fast that I was down for the count for awhile, so I'm pretty sure the posts themselves would have given it away!

Monday was a fun day, but not what I expected. I had totally forgotten that Peyton had told Haydn we'd walk Laurelwood with him that day. We got up and all got ready and headed out. We walked from about ten until one and then came home and ate lunch.
Our whole family had fun campaigning with our buddy Haydn in Laurelwood today. We even brought Green Snap (the mantis, who has since been released) along in the wagon.

While we were out walking, Annie met a friend that lives just around the corner, is close to her age, and is homeschooled. I wish I had a picture of the way her face lit up when her new friend mentioned, before she did, that she was homeschooled. She was SO excited to tell her that she was too. What I do have a picture of is her name- she ran in to get supplies so she could make this for AP to take home. She said she was going to write her family members' names and leave it in the mailbox and then discussed sleepover plans with Annie. It's amazing how trusting and innocent they are- how easily they will give themselves to another person. Because I am not one to only post sunshine-y things, later that night we had a different sort of new friend interaction. Annie and another little girl who had a sibling playing in Graves's game kicked a ball together for a bit and then, I think, the other little girl just wanted to play by herself. So she told Annie to just stand in a spot and wait. And wait. We told her later that sometimes people just don't feel like playing, just like she doesn't always want to play with Graves. She told us she didn't think the girl didn't want to play with her, that was just part of the game. She wasn't embarrassed, she just doesn't get that yet. Soon enough, she will. And while there's a balance, I do hope she will ere on the side of trusting people. I mostly have, and with a few exceptions, I'm grateful I've been able to.

Haydn left and the kids played outside. I finished a post and read some blogs and then Annie and I did English while Peyton and Graves worked on Graves's bike. English took FOREVER. By the time we got done, it was time to get ready for Graves's blastball game. We all got ready and headed to it. It sprinkled a lot during the game, but it was fun.
Graves's first game. The entire rest of the team was on the other end of the field. He also sat down and ate some grass at one point. I will say that he comes by his inattentiveness naturally.

We ran by the grocery store and Target on the way home. The kids ate supper and took a bath and Buzz came over to let Peyton borrow his bike. I did a bunch of dishes and cleaned up the house. The kids finished their shows from that morning and went to bed. I got on the computer and had supper and ran to the store for something I had forgotten. I did my Bible study and went to bed.

I got up and got ready and headed to Bible study on Tuesday. It was good and I stayed a bit after to visit. I came home and Peyton got ready for a bike ride. I straightened around the house and started washing our bedspread (Graves had a nosebleed on it the previous morning) and then did math with Annie. Graves was SO cranky and unlike himself and Annie got upset, too. I really lost my temper and felt terrible. I apologized and prayed with Annie (who I had been particularly mean to) and then we finished math and I fixed them lunch. They had rest time and I got on the computer and uploaded pictures to the blog and backed up phone pictures. Peyton got home and we had our lunch and then he got ready to go help a friend patch some dry wall. The kids and I cleaned up their room and then cooked chicken spaghetti.

[I took a video of Graves in his shirt to send to Cookie and Conrad as our way to tell them. Annie, of course, wanted to make one, too. Notice she moves past her new sibling and right along to introducing animals pretty quickly. Ha!]

Annie and I did English and then we read while the casserole cooled. They ate and Peyton got home. We headed over to my parents' for a quick visit and stopped at his parents' house, too (to tell them our exciting news about the new addition!). We got home and put the kids to bed and I had such a bad headache, I took some medicine and went right to bed, too.

I felt sort of rough all day on Wednesday. Peyton let me sleep late and then he and Graves went to pick up the clothes I hadn't sold and the money I had made from a consignment sale. I straightened some and did math with AP. They got home and we visited and ate lunch and then Peyton took the kids outside. I started a post and then took a nap. I went outside with them after awhile. We hung out and then got ready for AP's soccer practice. She was having a rough time. Peyton took both kids and I stayed home and cooked some tomato soup. I got on the computer and texted with a few friends. Everyone got home and we ate and then the kids had baths. I cleaned up the kitchen and straightened the den and then Peyton and I watched Parks and Rec and I folded a bunch of laundry. AP and Peyton camped out in the yard and I worked on a post and then went to bed.

I got up super early on Thursday to go sub again at St. Augustine. I had two classes (they are long classes) and they were precious. I got done at lunch and came home after I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things Peyton had texted me about. We all had lunch and then the kids had rest time. I rested a bit myself and got on he computer and then collected laundry, put up dishes, and straightened. I went through some magazines for Peyton to take with him for a donation thing and he got ready to go meet Daniel at Fondren's First Thursday. The kids played outside while I started supper and then they came in and I read to them while it was cooking.
Annie noticed that the great frigate bird is listed as two different sizes in her bird and ocean animals books. Sometimes she's oblivious to the most obvious things, but she's very observant about what SHE cares about.

We all three ate and I got them to bed. I did some dishes and got on the computer.

I let them keep their light on and Annie read to Graves in his bed for an hour.

Peyton got home and we talked and then I finished uploading and editing pictures and wrote a post. Also, when you can't find your husband anywhere at one in the morning, before you panic, check the hammock. Thinking he may move to the backyard. Nomadic sleeper, for sure. 

Friday was a nice, calm day at home. We didn't do any school work but I did get a good bit done around the house. Peyton went to work early and the kids got up around eight thirty. I fixed them breakfast and laid back down. They played for a bit and then I got up and had my breakfast, got on the computer, and took my bath while they watched their shows. I needed to text about four people about various things, so I did that and started laundry and then the kids and I worked on cleaning up their room. We got some books and paper crafts better organized and they picked up toys. I put up dry dishes and washed some more and then I vacuumed in the den and kitchen. I mopped in the kitchen and then the kids had lunch. They had rest time and I had my lunch and talked to Ellis on the phone. I got on the computer and finished one post and started another. Then I rested for awhile myself. The kids got up and I did the lunch dishes and folded a huge load of laundry. Peyton was getting home late so I had time for all that, plus I planned to do math with AP. Peyton drove up about forty five minutes earlier than he had said, just as I was getting the math out. We still did it while he took Graves in another room. After that, we got ready and headed to my parents'. My mom had had her third (and final) minor surgery in the last couple of months, so she wasn't there. We had a great time seeing Mickey, though! We left pretty late and Graves fell asleep in the car. We got AP to bed and I got on the computer. I talked to Mal and finished a post and was up too late.

Peyton and I woke up and chatted on Saturday morning and then he got ready for work. I went back to sleep. The kids slept REALLY late (like almost ten) and then I still stayed in bed a bit while they played. I fixed Graves an English muffin and awhile later Annie wanted Raman noodles, so I fixed them both that for lunch. I got on the computer and realized that I had sent two eBay things to our Brooklyn address. It wasn't anything huge, but I got so stressed out over it. I messaged both sellers and talked to Peyton and then started looking for replacement items. I was late getting in the tub and Graves wanted to watch this dragon movie he's been watching on repeat for days. I turned on the wrong one and it ended up being a bit mature for a preschooler (nothing horrible, just more violence than I'm comfortable with). They watched it for like twenty minutes before telling me it was the wrong one. I got in the bath and then had my own lunch. They played and I straightened, collected laundry, dusted in the bedrooms, and scrubbed the kitchen counters. They went outside and I vacuumed in all the bedrooms and bathrooms, took out trash from the bathroom and study cans, and polished all the wood floors. I scrubbed the bathroom floors and then it was rest time. The kids rested and I worked on a blog post and my October blog design. They got up and had a snack and then I did English with AP. We finished that and then they ate supper and I finished cleaning the bathrooms. I read to them and we played and then they took a bath. I got on the computer for a bit and helped them finish up and get dressed for bed. Peyton got home and picked up some coupons and a giftcard to Mellow Mushroom. He left and got groceries and picked up pizzas for me and him. We ate and watched SVU and then I made pasta salad to take to the church picnic, cleaned up the kitchen, and got our clothes/bags/breakfast ready for the next day. I went to bed.

I will do a lot of things for the sake of Voluntary Simplicity. What I will not do is sleep on sheets that look like they've been slashed by a knife. Seven and a half years was a good run.

We all got up early and got ready and headed out on Sunday. We dropped Peyton off, ate breakfast in the Walgreens parking lot, went in to use the potties, and then headed to Northside for Sunday school, church, and a picnic to celebrate the church's anniversary. Sunday school was great, I loved the sermon, and even though it was super chilly the picnic was a blast. We stopped by Walgreens again to see if Peyton wanted some leftover ribs and then headed home. Graves fell asleep in the car and actually transferred. What?!? He slept most of the afternoon and then he and AP watched a show.
tiny man

I got on the computer and took a nap. We all got up and they had supper and we picked up Peyton. I got them to bed and we went to bed pretty soon after that.

I'm kind of bummed I'm so behind again, but now that October is over and I'm not doing the 31 Days thing, I'm planning to catch back up with these super quick!

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