Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekly Happenings #341 (October 5-11)-- Bike Riding and Halloween at the Library

Monday was a good, but tiring day. We all got up and hurried to get ready and Morgan came over with John Stuart and we finished walking our neighborhood. We spent about three hours doing it, I think and then they ate lunch with us.
Finished up Laurelwood! 

Morgan left and the kids had rest time. I got on the computer and then Peyton and I took a bunch of stuff to the attic. He and the kids got ready for Graves's blast ball game and I stayed home to clean up the house. The kids had worked on their room, but I finished straightening it, put fresh sheets on our bed, and straightened in our room, the den, and study. I collected laundry and talked to Minnie on the phone. Peyton and the kids got home and they ate supper while I did dishes. Peyton ran to get a few groceries and the kids took a bath. I finished up in the kitchen and started laundry. I got the kids out of the tub and ate my supper. I got on the computer and finished two posts and then did my Bible study.

I realized that I had ordered two (thankfully pretty inexpensive things) and inadvertently sent both to Brooklyn. Ugh. I was so frustrated with myself. They were literally sitting at the co-op, I'm sure. 

I had a snack and went to bed.

I got up on Tuesday and got ready and went to Bible study. It was great. After it was over, I sat in the car and made a list for the day and texted/FB messaged a few people. I ran to Target for a few things and then came home. I visited with Peyton and the kids, changed clothes, and looked over Annie's English and math and made a phone call. They had rest time and I read some blogs, had lunch, and talked to Mal. Peyton went for a bike ride. I rested a bit and then Peyton got home. I did English with AP and Peyton and Graves worked on a few projects. Then Annie and I did math. It took forever and she was so frustrated. We finally finished and I folded some laundry, put up dishes, and washed more dishes. We went over to my parents' a bit to look through some old clothes of my dad's that Minnie had said Peyton might want. We came home and the kids ate Nabs in the car and Graves fell asleep before he even finished his package. I straightened a little and got on the computer. I worked on figuring out my placement for Junior League and sent some emails and read blogs and wrote a post and went to bed.
Hand in the mouth. Foot in the armpit. Neither one of them cared (or was aware).

Wednesday was a weird day. I got up and got ready and left to get my hair cut. After that, I ran by a friend's house to pick up some things and then I came home. I got on the computer and was planning the day and Peyton announced he wanted us to leave to visit his grandmother at his parents' house in FIFTEEN! MINUTES! I hurried to get ready and threw a little fit about being hungry. We picked up a burger on the way. We got there and had a good visit but I started getting a headache. We came home and I felt so tired and overwhelmed and Peyton told me to just rest a bit. The kids played outside and I rested and then Peyton got them ready for soccer.

"Are you tired bud?" Peyton asked him " NO! I'm just doing that thing you said when you're frustrated." The day before Peyton had totally botched repurposing our play kitchen. He says it  was an easy job that he didn't think through enough. So at the point where he really tore a part of the kitchen up, he had just laid on the floor to chill out and think. He later explained to Graves why he didn't want to talk then. It stuck with him! 

I was less tired but my headache was worse. I got up and did a little around the house. I scrubbed the kitchen counters, and switched out some Summer-ish platters for more Fall ones. I collected laundry and got on the computer and laid back down. Peyton and the kids got home and they ate supper and then he had promised them they could go on a nature walk- so they left again. I got up and made myself supper and did all the dishes. I ate and watched an SVU. The kids got home and I visited with them and then went to bed around ten.

I worked at MDO on Thursday. I got up and got ready and was feeling better and mostly on time and then I couldn't find the car keys. I finally got on my way and was about ten minutes late. It was a good morning and I had a great time again. I stayed and talked to Darlene for nearly an hour afterwards. I got home and had something to eat and straightened a bit and then the kids had rest time and Peyton went for a bike ride. I wrote two posts and took a nap. Peyton got home and I did English with Annie (it was a lot) and then cleaned up the kitchen, scrubbed the microwave, and did some laundry. Peyton read to the kids and brushed their teeth and I read them a Bible story. I got on the computer a bit and Peyton fixed me something to eat and then I went to bed around ten again.

Then I got up and threw it all up. Ugh.

I had intended to accomplish a lot on Friday. Well, no. That didn't happen. But it was an alright day. We got up sort of late and Peyton went for a bike ride around nine. I took a bath and the kids watched their shows and then I read some and did my morning devotion stuff that I haven't done in forever. I got on the computer. Annie did play dough and Graves rode his bike in the driveway and I did dishes. The termite guy got here and then Peyton got home. Annie and I did math and she did okay at first and then started having a hard time again. We decided to finish it up later. We all had lunch and the kids had rest time. I did some laundry and got on the computer and took a nap. Annie finished her math after rest time and we kind of straightened and then went to my parents' house.
Annie apparently now loves to "stage" and pose for photographs.

We had a really lovely visit and came home and got the kids to bed. I worked on a couple of posts and then we chatted. I had a snack and finished up some computer stuff and went to bed.

I set my alarm and woke up Annie so we could go to a special Saturday Halloween story time at the library on Saturday. We got up and I got my bath and she got dressed. I woke up Graves after that and they ate breakfast while I finished getting ready. I couldn't find anything to wear with it being cooler and ended up in leggings and a rain jacket. Ha! We left and walked to the library.

So Cugu won the costume contest at the special Saturday Halloween story time at the library that Annie desperately wanted to go to (and I desperately did not). I actually feel a little bad because I overheard a mom who seemed upset her niece didn't win and was saying they didn't understand the rules. And here we are in our Old Navy clearance costume from four years ago and I had to make myself take them and Annie had to push him forward to claim his prize. I'm glad we did, though- Annie acted like it was the best thing ever and had the most fun dancing and is still wanting to discuss the funny parts in the stories.

Also, Annie insisted on wearing my twenty five year old Indian dress. Ragamuffins.

When we got home, they watched their shows. I got on the computer and did my morning stuff. Ate something else, read some and did my devotion, and got down a couple of things in the laundry room. I fixed them a snack Annie and I did math and it took a long time again (and we didn't even do the whole thing) but she had a much better attitude. Graves rode his bike the whole time. After that, I let the kids outside for twenty minutes and I folded laundry. Then they had lunch and I dusted in all the bedrooms, vacuumed the bedrooms and bathrooms, and scrubbed the bathroom floors. They had rest time and I got on the computer and ate my lunch and took a short nap.

We got up and they played in the yard a bit while I prepped some school stuff and collected for the study and bathrooms. I cleaned the bathrooms and then we did English. It was really fun and Annie had a good time and Graves got to participate a bit. I fixed the kids supper and made up their beds with fresh sheets while they ate. We read, played, and brushed teeth and then I popped them in the tub. I ironed, took some pictures of consignment buys, and washed dishes. I finished up their bath and Peyton got home. We ate supper and I ironed our church clothes and got on the computer. I got everything ready for the next morning and went to bed.

Sunday was so hard. Peyton's parents are actually letting us borrow a car for a bit. I really don't want to use it much and get used to having two vehicles again, but it really helped that day. Anyway, Peyton took that car to work and I got up a little later and got ready and got the kids ready and we headed to church in Clinton. I threw up before we left and felt sick again in Sunday school. We made it through church and dropped Peyton's coat he had left in the car off and then came home. We HUSTLED and ate lunch and got ready for a birthday party at the Y. The kids had a blast swimming and I'm glad we could go, but I came home and crashed. I collected laundry and unpacked all our bags from church and swimming and then laid down while the kids watched their shows. I didn't get up until after they had rest time. At one point, I felt this sharp pain in my lower abdomen and I was sure either something was wrong with the baby, my appendix was about to burst, or I had a kidney stone. Honestly, I dry heaved a bit later and it hurt SO bad, so I think those muscles are just hurt from all the getting sick. GROSS.

I got up and ate something and the kids played a bit and I straightened and did dishes and then fixed them  supper.
Annie just asked me of I knew what was Peace Bear's favorite part of church. Passing the peace, of course. Wonder if he spent a few of his formative years as a Methodist/Episcopalian.

They ate and I got them ready for bed and we read and played. Peyton got home and I wrote a post and planned school for the next day and went to bed.

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