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Weekly Happenings #342 (October 12-18)-- Annie's First Soccer Games and a Health Scare with Bud

I slept a little later than the kids and Peyton on Monday and then got up and had breakfast and took my bath. I got on the computer and planned the day quickly. Peyton got ready to go work in Vicksburg and I started math with AP.
I talk a lot on here about Annie's reading because it's been amazing to watch one of my great joys become one of her great joys. But I don't want anyone to think it's all sunshine. And honestly, in two years when I'm doing this again with Graves, I want to look at Timehop and remind myself it wasn't. So...math has been horrible lately. So many tears. Such stubbornness. I love the program we use and how it's very hands on, uses few worksheets, and has a focus on understanding rather than rote; but it's time intensive and doesn't come as easily for her as some other things. So we're indulging in the Perks of Homeschooling and doing it in our cheetah jams in the peddle car. Which is hopelessly inefficient when dealing with the abacus, but more efficient than the alternative. 

Once we finished the kids played in the driveway and I put up dishes and folded laundry. They came in and I put up the laundry and we did morning school. They collected leaves outside and had lunch and I did dishes and then we all had rest time. I slept for most of it again and then had a snack, got on the computer, and puked. I could tell things were going downhill.

I tried to iron some leaves between wax paper and for some reason, that was a fail. The kids went outside and I fixed them supper. They ate and I just laid on a chaise lounge for two hours. About the time we were getting ready to go inside, Annie announced that Steggie was lost. We looked for her for like half an hour and then came in. I flossed the kids' teeth and let them brush them themselves. They went to bed at 7:30 (well, went to their room) and I tried to. They were really good sports. Peyton got home a couple of hours later and I finally fell asleep.

I had several things on Tuesday so I was so glad I felt some better. I did decide to miss Bible study. I hadn't done my homework and I just wanted a low key morning with Peyton and the kids after he had worked long shifts for three days. We snuggled and played and then I got on the computer. We all had breakfast and I took my bath and got ready. Peyton and the kids left and I finished getting ready and left for my junior league meeting.
Later I was cleaning up the house and I found this. Our small students have such a sweet papa/science teacher, who took them on one of many nature hikes, complete with binoculars and colored pencils for sketching.

 It was a really good one and so informative. We talked about food insecurity and it made me emotional. After that, I ran my the bank, a travel agency to get some brochures for a project for AP, and the grocery store for some snacks that I thought I could eat. I came home and just relaxed and talked to Peyton and the kids and then we went over to my parents' for a bit since they were going to be out of town that weekend.
Ready for her first soccer game! (Photobomb by Busy Bud/Blurry Brother)

Mick, on why he shaves, even on vacation: "I've got an awful looking beard. It's gray and red and brown. It looks like Yassar Arafat". Glad he didn't forget to bring your razor to Highlands. Wouldn't want the world's most handsome sixty seven year old to go down this road. HBD, Daddy! We love you and cherish your humor (it's probably one of the main reasons Cookie and I (and you and momma) survived our teen years and that we emerged as somewhat well adjusted and self-aware individuals).

We got home and Peyton and the kids got ready for Annie's soccer game. I was hanging out with Mal (not walking- I just didn't feel up for it) but I had time to get a snack, get on the computer, and straighten around the house. The kids and Peyton got home right before Mal got here and we went and got ice cream and just talked. It was SO nice and it had been too long. When I got home, the kids were asleep and I got on the computer a bit and then watched TV with Peyton and folded laundry.

Peyton insisted she didn't get sweaty enough to need a bath and I was out of the house again tonight, so....asleep in her jersey, mid book.

Wednesday was a good, calm day at home. I slept a bit later than the kids and Peyton and then got my bath and breakfast. Peyton went for a bike ride and I got on the computer and got school stuff ready. Annie and I did math and it took a long time even though I split the lesson. We did morning school and Peyton got home. I did dishes and scrubbed most of the counters while the kids had lunch and then I ate my lunch and got on the computer. I took a short nap and got up and did English with AP and started laundry. Peyton and the kids left for soccer.

 I straightened a bunch, cleaned out the fridge door and scrubbed it and the rest of the counters, dusted in the den, and changed over laundry.  I vacuumed in then den and kitchen and was mopping in the kitchen when they got back. Peyton bathed the kids and I finished mopping and polished the wood floors. We went to bed SUPER early (like before nine, OMG).

Thursday was a fun, sort of busy day. Peyton and the kids got up and made masks out of construction paper and then I went in the attic to get some extra hangers and ended up bringing down all the Halloween decorations. I got my bath and got dressed, started a blog post, and ate breakfast. Then we all headed to Dr. Denney's for the kids' check ups. They had great appointments (we do need to go back for weight checks in a few months) and then we headed to Chik Fil A. We all ate and the kids played and then we ran by two different places looking for a bike helmet for AP.

We came home and the kids watched their shows and had rest time. I got on the computer and read blogs, wrote a post, and got on Facebook. I got Annie to do some of her math and I did dishes. Then we all got ready to go to her soccer game in Richland. The game was really fun and I was glad to watch her play.
They had their yearly check ups today and no surprise, our babies are amazing (like didn't blink at the shots amazing), but...we're back to every few month weight checks. I had sort of forgotten just HOW tiny they are. Peyton said it would be obvious at Annie's soccer game. Um, yep. [All the other parents call her the MVP because she's such a spaz and skips all over the place and has her head in the clouds and her coach is constantly yelling "ANN PEYTON, stay on your man". Red team = the best team.]

A few more shots and video op the game from my big camera (the last picture is my fave):

We ran by the grocery store on the way home and I went in. Annie finished her math in the car and then we picked up a pizza and came home and ate. We got the kids to bed. Peyton and I stayed up too late doing stuff on the computer. Well, right after midnight Graves started having some bad tummy issues. Not just gross bad, scary bad. We were up for hours and ended up calling Cookie, Peyton's mom, and Darlene to see if we should take him to the ER. [I don't want to go into the details because it's just way TMI and I wouldn't want it to embarrass him later.] We finally got him settled and went to bed ourselves around three. Annie was up most of that time, too, some of it crying because we had to cancel our company for the next night.

Peyton had to be at work at seven on Friday and Graves woke up sick again right after he left. I cleaned him up and got him back to bed and both kids slept until past ten! I got up and straightened, collected laundry, started laundry, and took my bath. I got on the computer and ate breakfast and a little while later threw up breakfast. I changed over the laundry, fed the kids lunch, and laid down. I slept through naptime until Peyton got home. He helped me with them some and I was sick some more. He took AP to the park to meet our friend that had been supposed to come for dinner. Graves watched a movie and I slept some more. Peyton and AP got home and he got the kids to bed.

We watched a show and fell asleep early.

The kids were up pretty early on Saturday but they played for awhile and I just laid in bed and listened to them. Peyton had gotten them some breakfast on his way out and I got up and fed the cat and got out some paper they wanted to craft with. I put some things on the calendar and tried to buy Mistletoe tickets. They started their shows and I had breakfast, took my bath, and dried my hair. I made the bed and prepped some stuff for school. I really wanted to finish a Weekly Happenings post I had meant to do the day before, so I worked on that. The kids' shows were over, though, and they kept coming and needing things. It took way longer than I mean for it to.We did morning school after that and then I did dishes while the kids ate lunch. They had rest time and I got on the computer and ate my lunch and took a nap. After that, I finished the dishes while Annie did her critical thinking and she and Graves had a snack. We did English and then went outside. They played a bit and then I did math with Annie. I fixed them supper and they ate outside and came in for a bath. While they were in the tub, I put all this stuff Graves had pulled out of his drawers up. I got them out and Peyton got home. I finished getting the kids to bed and we ate supper and went to sleep.

We missed church on Sunday since Graves had been sick and the kids got up around the time Peyton left. They played for about an hour and then I got up and got them breakfast. I wrote a post, read some blogs, and ate my breakfast. Graves spilled his milk so I cleaned that up and then they watched their shows and I got my bath. We all straightened some and then I fixed the kids lunch. They ate and I did some dishes and looked at kitchen chair cushions online. I collected laundry and started a load. The kids had rest time and I read a few blogs, worked on backing up some pictures, and rested. When rest time was over, I cleaned some mold out of the washing machine, put on more laundry, finished the dishes, and started baking some chicken and then we headed outside. I read for about an hour while they played and then I fixed them supper. I washed off some Halloween dishes, shredded the chicken, and scrubbed my kitchen blackboard. I folded some laundry and then the kids came in and we read and brushed teeth and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and finished backing up pictures and then I started cooking butter beans, poppyseed chicken, and roasted broccoli. I wrote a post and did a few things and then I ate supper (Peyton and I had a miscommunication and he went over to see his brother and got home really late). I did my Bible study and went to bed.

I'm realizing how much I was struggling with being sick a few weeks ago, but how much I was still pushing myself. That hasn't really been the case lately. Peyton's been working extra and I've been subbing and I just have not been as productive. But that's okay. There's a lot of grace for off days and these are a good reminder that I CAN get things done and I'll be back to that again at some point.

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