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Weekly Happenings Post #343 (October 19-25)-- Trip to North Mississippi

This was a really fun week. The first part was normal and low key, but we took a little whirlwind trip up to North Mississippi on Thursday/Friday. Peyton's friend Katie was in town from Chicago and whenever she's in the South really, we try to see her =) It turned out we also got to catch up with my aunt and uncle and visit a Tishomingo State Park, which was beautiful!

Just for a summary we left on Thursday morning, drove up the beautiful Natchez Trace and listened to some interesting podcasts, meet my aunt and uncle for lunch and enjoyed a bit of Main Street in New Albany, drove by my grandmother's old house and laughed out loud thinking of her, then checked into our cabin at Tishomingo State Park and, with just enough daylight left, went on a gorgeous two mile hike including this swinging bridge we all loved. We ate a frozen pizza and enjoyed the cottage with no Internet and no neighbors to have to alter our night party routine for (I told Peyton that was a huge benefit to a hotel and Annie said "or an apartment!"). Then on Friday, we got up and drove to Oxford to meet our friends who were in town from Chicago. We ate a wonderful lunch at Ajax and spent a little time on the square and headed home around four thirty.

Peyton and the kids got up on Monday and I slept later and then we all had breakfast. I took my bath and the kids cleaned up their room and then I made the beds and did a bunch of dishes. I got ready and headed to my first OB appointment. It went really well. When I got home, I had lunch and did more dishes and then got on the computer while the kids had rest time and Peyton ran an errand. I took a nap and then we all got ready for Graves's blastball game. Minnie met us there and we had a great time. We came home and relaxed and I read some blogs and then Mallory picked me up and we drove around and got some French fries. She dropped me off and I wrote a couple of posts and uploaded a bunch of pictures and went to bed.

I was really congested on Tuesday but I got up and got going and headed to Bible study. It was good and I was feeling pretty good all morning.

Random sidenote: I read awhile back that 4% of cars sold in the United States today are standard transmission. Not as many statistics anger me these days, but this one does. Teasing. I'm owning this. This was actually the first day (after months!) that I actually relaxed and enjoyed being alone in a warm car with good music. I never thought I'd miss driving in BK, but I did miss that feeling. Glad I'm finally confident enough for it to show back up!

I got home and Peyton and I did things around the house and I visited with the kids. He got ready to go work an extra shift and the kids had lunch. Then they had rest time and I had lunch. I listened to a podcast and started a post. I took a nap and when it was time to get up I felt TERRIBLE. I was dizzy and had a headache and it was awful. I laid down a bit longer and then got the kids a snack. I quickly turned it into super and they watched a movie. I finished the post and we all got settled for bed at like eight.

Wednesday was also kind of rough. I got up after Peyton and the kids and took my bath, but I still felt so terrible. Peyton was going to visit his grandmother, who is in a nursing home here right now, and I gave both kids baths. They each watched a show while the other one took their bath. I got them ready because Peyton was going to take them to this "Homeschool Day" at a bounce place near our house. I fixed them something to eat and then laid back down. After they left, I ate something and watched a show, but I basically laid around the whole time. They got home and we visited and they cleaned their room a bit and then I helped AP get ready for soccer. Peyton took them and I ate some more and laid on the couch. I started some laundry and neatened up a bit and then started a blog post. They got home and ate supper and Peyton ran an errand and ran by the Deckard's house. It took longer than he planned and I helped the kids pack for our trip to North Mississippi and then ate and folded laundry while I watched a show. Peyton got home and we talked and I folded more laundry. I worked on some posts and went to bed.

We got up and got ready and got on the road to North Mississippi before ten on Thursday. We stopped once and made it to New Albany by around one thirty to have lunch with Allen and Gracie. We went to Tallahatchie Gourmet and it was delicious. We walked around a bit after that and then drove by Bump's old house. Then we headed to Tishomingo and got checked into our cabin. We unloaded and I changed clothes and then we went for a little two mile hike.

We came back to the cabin and had frozen pizza and played until about ten and then went to bed.

When you bite through your lip on vacation but your papa conveniently brought along a whole bottle of ice. 

We got up and had breakfast and packed everything back up and then got back on the road on Friday. We headed to Oxford and had a good trip but once we got there the traffic was HORRIBLE. We drove around and finally found a spot and met Katie and Andrew for lunch at Ajax. Oh my gosh, more amazing food! We walked around the square with them a bit and then by ourselves a bit and then got on the road to come home. We stopped once and both kids took turns napping. When we got back into town we stopped at Target for a birthday present and then I wanted some ice cream so badly so we stopped at Baskin Robbins. We came home and I unpacked everything. I finished a couple of posts and the kids both had a hard night. We finally all got to bed after midnight and then I was up and down a lot because I got the stomach bug they had had at the beginning of the week.

I cancelled all our plans for the day and the kids thankfully slept pretty late on Saturday. They got up and played and I slept a little more. I actually managed to have a really productive day for being so sick the night before. I got up and got on the computer, had breakfast, made the bed, and took my bath. The kids played some and then had lunch and I put up dishes, scrubbed the counters, and washed some dishes. I took out all the trash and swept some and got the garbage can from the street. I folded a bunch of laundry and dusted everywhere (including the windowsills and blinds) but the kids' room and then they had rest time. I ate lunch, got on the computer, and took a nap. When I got up, they played and I scrubbed the bathtubs, toilets, and sinks and Windexed in the bathrooms. The cleaned up toys and I helped some and then I fixed them supper. I dusted in their room and vacuumed in the bedrooms, study, and bathrooms (I even hit the baseboards). I scrubbed the bathroom floors and took a break to read to them and help them brush and floss. I popped them in the tub, had a little snack, and got busy in the den and kitchen. I vacuumed the edges that I have to do with suction tools, took off the couch cushions and vacuumed it, and then vacuumed the edges in the kitchen, then I did the whole kitchen and the hardwoods in the den. I mopped/polished the wood floors with the microfiber mop and then vacuumed the rug. I got the kids scrubbed up and then mopped the kitchen and got them out. Well, I got Graves out. I told Annie to finish up and started draining the tub. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up ten minutes later with her still in the tub screaming about being cold. I helped them finish. I had planned to write a short post and fold some laundry and watch TV. Peyton got home, though, and we talked and I ate two baked potatoes and fell asleep. Graves got in our bed in the middle of the night and teeteed in it. I stripped it and put blankets on it but I didn't sleep well.

The kids slept late and then watched their shows. I got up really late and fixed their breakfast and mine and then took a bath and started laundry. I got on the computer and texted with Minnie a bit. They played and I started laundry and then I fixed them lunch and they had rest time. I got on the computer and ate my lunch and when they got up we cleaned up their room. I hung up a bunch of laundry and then we watched Life of Birds and I folded some more and did dishes and cooked some zucchini. I may have overdone it because I wasn't feeling great.

Morning sickness + a weather headache + the stomach bug (while Peyton works) = another early supper, an estimated bedtime by seven, and an evening full of Planet Earth (hey, at least their excess of screen time consists of large portions of a five hundred and eighty minute long BBC bird docu 

And bless Minnie and Mickey's hearts. They tried their best. But of our FOUR carseats, two were in Clinton with P and two were at Tony's where Minnie's POS luxury vehicle has been living for awhile. I'll take a Mazda or a Buick, thanks. 

The kids ate supper and I did more laundry and then I got them to bed. Peyton got home and we watched a movie and then I wrote a post and planned school.

It was a weird week, but our trip was so much fun and so special. I can't wait to take more like it! Next up- we'll be moving forward into November!

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